Monday, September 14, 2015


You've been wishing for things to change for some time now; You want things to be different, but for some reason nothing is changing.

You become frustrated, discouraged, sad and for the umpteenth time, you feel defeated, and finally, you "abandon your own campaign". 

Until now, you were successful in distracting yourself from what's bothering you; Repressing what you come to believe you have not the power to deal with. 

Deep downs inside, you know that anyone who is seeking to perpetrate change, will probably continue to just hope. 

You know that it is you who must take action in order to actually change the reality of your life.

You need a different dimension of consciousness, you must adapt yourself to thinking "outside the box", otherwise the desired change will not come.

Just for a moment, stop everything and focus on what you want to experience. Not who you are today, but who you want to become.
Extend all of you so you can allow new ideas to reach your consciousness. That's the only way you can  maximize this moment, the only way you can go on and move forward.

Allow time to stand still, so you can focus on who you really want to be; Beyond that, nothing exists.

Do not concern yourself with what once was, give yourself the possibility to sail away with your thoughts, beyond time, beyond the confines of your mind.

Ask yourself; Who do I want to be?

Reach a new understanding, a new enlightenment, one that is outside of any recognition of what is known and familiar to you.

Allow yourself to start all over again, because you can!

You can decide that this is not how you want to go on living your life, you can choose a new life now. Right now!