Monday, August 28, 2017

"The Future Is A New Experience You Can Create At Any Moment."

The past only exists if you keep it alive in your mind. 

Leave the darkness of past events behind, where they belong. They are beneficial when used as a reference to make necessary changes. Focus your energy on creating the person you wish to become. 

It begins with the choices you make NOW. 

It's as simple as that; Live in the past or live TODAY, this moment, creating your new desires one by one. 

You have no control over past events. Therefore, stop wasting your time and energy mulling it over. This practice will not serve you in becoming more imaginative, creative or innovative. 

The future is built upon personal choices in the present. It will come to fruition through thinking, feeling and imagining what is still possible. 

Life time growth is essential for a greater future. 

By approaching the past with this mindset, you will create an insatiable desire for more enjoyable experiences.

Much love 
Estee 💟

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Love One Another Even When It's Inconvenient; That Is True Love.

The quality of a relationship is contingent upon the desire and willingness to invest time and effort.

If you're placing the sole responsibility on your loved one for improvement, without doing your part, the relationship will deteriorate.

In order for a relationship to strengthen and grow, both parties must commit to working together, for the common goal. 

What if you make the first move? 

Don't hesitate. Open your heart, listen intently and show that you care. 

Sometimes your opinions will differ, but the focus should always be on what is most important; loving each other all of the time. 

Follow These Suggestions:

* Give thanks for all of the experiences you've shared together. 

* Share with each other all aspects of life, speak candidly and listen with your heart.

* Tell one another what you need and do your best to provide. 

* Be present. Make eye contact. Show kindness. 

This will open the line of communication, promoting empathy and closeness with the one that you love. 

Remember, love is a choice you must make everyday.  

With love 
Estee 💟

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"Before You Speak, Consider How Far Reaching The Affect Of Your Words Will Travel ..."

Words produce a powerful 
surge of energy within and around us. Once we open our mouths to speak, we cannot retract our words. 

It's easy to forget this truth, especially when we're in the midst of chaos, pain and anguish. 

Why do we say and do things we later regret??

We feel compelled to retaliate when we perceive a situation to be threatening and often act upon an impulse. 

For example, if your friend or a loved one lashed out on you for no obvious reason, is that an excuse to pay them back "accordingly"? 
Do you have to be unkind and disrespectful? 

Granted, we should not resort to rudeness, but we're human - everyone makes mistakes. 

If we can remember that, chances are we'll be more forgiving and less vengeful. 

Our very essence depends upon what we create at any moment, and words are an integral part of creating. 

Next time when someone is "stepping on your toes", pause for a moment. Before you rush to speak your mind, ponder the result you're trying to get. 

You may decide that it's "payback time", but how will that benefit you or them? 
Are you adding Light and goodness to the world? 

We have the ability to recognize when we're in a place of darkness, (negative energy). We can pull ourselves out of any situation, with the power of our thoughts and words.

With love 
Estee 💟

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"It Is A Great Virtue To Be Tolerant Of Others In Spite Of Their Actions Whether Good Or Evil."

What appears to us as truth,  is subjective to our own interpretation. It's what we see! How can we know for sure it's the right representation of what is real? 

What if our judgment has been clouded by our belief system and misconceived vision of reality? What if we are wrong? 

The fact is, no one is able to see the whole picture.

Observing an event and assuming it is a wrongful act may be a lack of understanding caused by distorted thinking. As a result, we tend to take on the role of the judge, jury and executioner. 

We are oblivious to the possibility that there's another aspect of reality that we have not considered properly. 

We are not to judge and reprimand anyone by displaying cruelty. 

To be cruel means to be neglectful as it is against our nature and purpose. We are called to provide a system of support, sharing, caring, elevating, uplifting and being there for one another. 

By maintaining self regulation transcending beyond external experiences, we create a positive affect not only on our selves but the world around us. 

With love 
Estee 💟

Friday, April 7, 2017

10 Suggestions To Optimize Your Day

10 Suggestions To Optimize Your Day  

Life isn’t easy, but getting the most out of it solely depends on us.
Sometimes it seems like when one difficult concern is behind us, there’s another right around the corner; so we are faced with another struggle unexpected.
Mistakes happen. Ups and downs will  be a part of our journey.
It’s better to accept the situations, 
rather than fight them.
Nevertheless, how can we live better today than yesterday?
The following ten suggestions helped me become more effective and live life more peacefully and rewarding. Perhaps they will help you, too.
1 - Responsibility. We can only be responsible for our actions. We must adapt to the circumstances in life, and not vice versa.
2 - Challenges. We will always have challenges. The question is how to deal with them effectively with as little damage to ourselves and our environment.
3 - Forgiveness. We shouldn’t be too harsh on ourselves (or others) – forgiveness begins at home. A mistake remains a mistake if we do nothing to correct it.
4- Liberation. It is important to release and let go of mistakes - to express regret, ask for forgiveness and show willingness to correct ourselves the next time.
5 – Rumination. The constant obsession with the past causes us harm, so continue building a bright future by looking ahead.
6 - Humanity. We're all humans. It is important to be in control, speak up when necessary, remain silent in the appropriate times and move forward.
7 - Proportion. Nothing is the "end of the world" - unless we decide it to be.
8 – The Future. There’s always tomorrow. There is always another chance to correct a miscommunication or error. We need to allow it to happen.
9 - Respect. Don’t underestimate the feelings of someone who's been hurt. Express remorse, walk in their shoes and feel what they feel. Every human being deserves basic respect.
10 - And finally - Ambition. Accept the fact that part of our work in life is to never stop aspiring to be the absolute best we can be.

Much love 
Estee 💟

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Secret To A Successful Relationship - Part 2

Transforming Relationships From A Crisis Situation, Into A Loving and Long Lasting Success. 

Part 2 

Continuing; 7 Winning Tips to improve your relationship

Tip # 1;
A) initiate a conversation with your husband so that you can express your feelings and what ails you. Not to complain; "You don't  ... you're not..  but rather begin every sentence with; "I feel ....

B) Don't suppress emotions. If you do not talk about your feelings, in the end, you'll explode and say or do things you may regret. Anger does not diminish the measure of love, it's ok to be angry with those you love. In fact, we get hurt the most from those we love, because we care for them the most. 

Tip # 2;
Create a process to solve problems without being angry. Each partner takes five minutes to express their feelings. Take a break of 15-20 minutes to contemplate the others position and how each can best deal with the problem. Then come back to the table for another ten minutes to discuss things, knowing that it is alright if the problem isn't resolved immediately.

Tip # 3;
Do not hoard anger. When your partner comes to talk to you about something that's bothering him, do not use this time as an opportunity to raise issues from the past and use them against his claim. Instead, deal with the issues he raises, and if you have unresolved feelings from problems in the past, talk about them another time.

Tip # 4;
Do not allow yourself to be dragged into arguments. Remember, negative attention is still attention. If your spouse is trying to drag you into an argument, choose consciously not to go there. People like to argue because it gives them a temporary feeling of strength and satisfaction. Avoid being sucked into their need for attention.

Tip # 5;
Make your spouse a king. Give up the need to control. Give him respect and show him that his opinion is important. Be sensitive to your partner's desires.
Always check with him; Is it okay if we go to David and Michelle tonight? What do you think about ...?

Tip # 6: Even when he makes a mistake, behaves disrespectfully or is insensitive, do not be tempted to react on impulse. Nothing good can come out of that.

A peaceful household is the bearer for abundance and blessing. Let this be your motto.

Tip # 7;
If you are not satisfied with the existing reality, decide to do things differently. You can always change your strategy.

Albert Einstein said, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result." 
Understand that change must come from you.

Much love 
Estee 💟

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Secret To A Successful Relationship - Part 1

Transforming Relationships From A Crisis Situation, Into A Loving and Long Lasting Success. 

Part 1

Do you find that your relationship status is not particularly bright? Do you feel that you have reached a dead end in marriage because the partnership has ceased? Do you feel lonely and unhappy... Do these feelings sound familiar?

Do you find yourself blaming your partner for what is happening in your relationship?

As long as you remain in the blame/complain mode, you'll stay stuck in place, as you continue to waste precious energy unproductively. If you want to move forward and achieve a better quality of life, you must look at things from a different angle; from an unfamiliar point of view. It may not be easy, but there is no other choice. It is the only way to gain clarity of mind so you can reconsider and act appropriately.

"When we can not change the situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."
Victor Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning.

Truth: It is rare to find a pair that does not run into some bumps along the road during the marriage, we all have ups and downs. This is normal.

Truth: As long as you want (everything starts with a desire) to improve the situation before it is too late, there is still hope! Think about what you could gain along the way ...

"Change your perspective and transcend beyond life's imperfections."

Acknowledge your situation, understand the limitations, do what's in your power to make improvements and proceed forward.

Once you recognize and understand the source of the problems in the relationship, you'll be able to handle them more effectively, ultimately decreasing their frequency. 

When we enter a relationship we do not always have enough understanding of what to do together and how to behave towards each other, in order to build a loving, supportive relationship. 

We tend to "operate automatically", according to what we have absorbed from the environment and based on what we've learned from our parents. The problem is that what we've learned from our parents and grandparents, is not necessarily a winning recipe for creating the successful relationship we have always dreamed of. 

Each one of us enters the relationship dynamic with his/her emotional freight, expectations, values ​​and belief system which are often unmatched to that of our significant other. It is no surprise that when the honeymoon phase comes to an end, problems begin to emerge.

However, when a couple has a basic understanding of the personality structure of one another, as well as what they want to achieve together as a couple, there is no power on earth that can separate them.

The most well known couple dated back in history is Adam and Eve.
We can learn a lot from this biblical story; Adam complained to the Creator, having experienced Eve's seducing and urging to eat from the fruits of the tree of knowledge; "The woman you put here with me--she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it."

What we learn from this, is that we tend to blame one another for what's broken in the relationship, rather than examining what our responsibility is, in addition to how we improve the situation.

First, you must identify what your true desire is. If you want to improve the situation and build a relationship where you can grow together, love, and support each other, that in itself is a wonderful start.

Secondly, make a list of what you want to receive and what you're willing to give to the relationship. Identify the existing limitations, your ability to take action, and actively work in favor of upgrading relations.

As long as you and your spouse have a common desire to improve, there is more that can be done. 

For example, Naomi becomes hurt and angry when she feels that her husband does not give her his full attention. She claims that he is never fully present and is constantly troubled by innumerable issues. She doesn't communicate to him what's really bothering her and as a result, ends up feeling beaten down and frustrated. 

What is preventing her from having an open and honest conversation with her husband? The culprit is often the ego.
"Why do I have to tell him that he does not give me enough attention? He needs to figure this out on his own!"

Let me ask you a question, do you think your man is a mind reader? Well, he's not!
In his understanding, he may be giving you more than enough. This is when trouble begins. Lack of communication.

To be Continued ... 

Much love 
Estee 💟