Thursday, April 30, 2015


Challenges are lessons - Divinely designed for your growth and expansion. 

Stay determined and filled with hope so that you can stay on the path that will promote you and contribute to your well being, as well as personal development.

Stay strong in dealing with "a passing storm": a temporary disorder that appears every now and then.

Pump encouragement from knowing, "What doesn't grow, eventually shrivels up and withers away .."

Put an emphasis on your strengths not on your weaknesses, it will lift you up and invigorate you. 

Choose to flourish and rise above the horizon, beyond the limitations of your mind  ...

Feel free to be who you are - an  omnipotent being. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I Have No Problems Just Challenges

Which do you think is better; to live a full life, to dream and to fulfill your truest desires, or to live a mediocre life because you're too afraid to take the necessary risks? 

Be Careful of What You Look At

If you search for what is wrong, you'll always find it. 

If you focus on the good and the positive, at the end you'll get there. 
Connect To Your Inner Harmony and Natural Tranquility

When you're able to detach yourself from harmful thoughts and feelings, you allow a different reality to come into place. 

Allow yourself to experience your full range of emotions and then choose what you want to feel.

Move out of your own way and create a space of neutrality and non-judgment toward yourself and others.

Remove what no longer serves you and let go of the "viruses" that caused the disharmony within you. 

Redesign your reality - believe in yourself and know that you are worthy and deserving of a better life. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015


What is happiness? Where does it come from?

Happiness is a state of consciousness. It's a feeling we can create within - just like sadness or any other feeling.

Happiness is not a destination we need to get to, but rather it's  knowing that we have the ability to make a conscious choice to be happy at any given moment. 

We came here to learn how to make ourselves happy, autonomously. 

We gain the most empowering awareness when we finally understand that our personal level of happiness is not dependent on anything or anyone external to us. 

This realization alone has the power to free us from any limiting beliefs about happiness, as it pertains  to ourselves and the world around us.

So how do I make myself happy?

Very simple: I thank God that I'm still breathing!

As long as I'm around, I still have the opportunity to live happily. There's only one stipulation; I need to create it myself - that's TRUE HAPPINESS! 

Friday, April 24, 2015


Recognize the True Value of Your Time

Don't make the mistake of procrastinating, only to regret it when it's already too late. 

Be sure you know what you want and what is most important to you. 

Organize your thoughts and write them down on paper - it will give you a better idea as to what your priorities are.

Make it a habit to be accountable for your time and the manner in which you make use of it. 

Understand that any actions you decide to do on a daily basis, become materialized only because you are the one who causes them to happen!

Learning the important skill of time management will increase your energy levels as well as your ability to be more productive and efficient = greater success in your life. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


What Will You Do To Tip The Scale?

If you were to place seeds representing chaos, darkness, pain, and suffering on one side of a balance and on the other side, seeds symbolizing unlimited fulfillment, joy, happiness, and the removal of all pain, how many seeds would it take to tip the scale one way or the other? 

The answer is ONE. 

Each and every one of has the power to change the world. 

Question: What Can You Do To Make the World A Better Place?

Answer: Any act of random kindness can influence the world for the better. 

No more excuses...

Monday, April 20, 2015


A Person Can Only Change When He Chooses To.  

Even when things are bad and difficult, do not complain, do not blame, and do not curse. 

It is an opportunity for you to open your heart, mind, and eyes to see what you have not yet perceived. 

Only then can a change can be made possible.

Commit To Being Your Best, the Victories Will Follow.

You can achieve anything you want in life, but first you need to believe it's possible. 

See yourself as you want to be, believe it, paint the picture in your mind's eye, feel the feelings as if you're already there and then 
do everything in your power in order to bring your vision to life. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

I Open Myself ..

Allow yourself to be empowered by your internal guidance. 

Go into your heart and ask: 
Am I following my true path in life? Am I at least stepping on to that road right now? 

And FEEL the answer coming through your body. 

The message is there, within you, waiting to be discovered ✨✨✨

Friday, April 17, 2015


Life involves hard work and dedication. Not only in order to achieve my desired outcome, but also so I can choose 

Life cannot be measured by just "black" or "white" - there are many shades in between ...

I cannot experience something and right away give it a label just so I can fit it "nicely" into a box - I must give it some thought.

I must not become close minded or accept things arbitrarily, but rather allow myself to be open, which will enable me to see more sides of every aspect of life.

Life demands flexibility, period. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Being Truthful Is the Key to One’s Success in All Realms of Life

To be truthful means to firstly be honest with myself and what I feel. 

If I'm sincere with myself, I am at peace. In my daily conduct I know when all is well or when it is uncomfortable for me, as well as when am I experiencing difficulty. 

I know when I should say "yes", and when I feel it's right, I also have enough courage to say "no". 

I quiet down my internal noise, learn how to listen to myself, and slowly become more conscious and aware of my surroundings. 

What does being truthful mean to you?

Monday, April 13, 2015


As you think about your exercise regimen, and how you can attain your optimum fitness, consider for a moment your personal degree of happiness. 

How happy are you really? What can you do in order to make yourself a happier and a more fulfilled individual? 

Are you feeding your mind and spirit as well as nourishing your body? 

Are you listening to your body? How much happier will be if you paid more attention to the sounds of your heart instead of the voices of others? 

Perhaps you should try it 
sometimes .. it may greatly influence your overall state of being, as well as promote your creative abilities. 

How do you experience happiness? 

Invest some thought on how you can create a nurturing environment that will contribute to your advancement and well-being, today. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Together We Can Help Heal the World

The root cause of all pain is selfishness and a lack of ability to demonstrate human dignity to one another. 

It may seem as a lofty idea at first, but in fact it's very practical. 

Think about it; if we would all take care of others before we look after our own interest, would there be hunger, hate, crimes, and wars in the world? 

Use Your Hands to Heal, Not To Point Fingers

Our job is not to judge others or to figure out if someone deserves something. 

Our job is to lift the fallen, to restore the broken, and to heal the hurting.

Think of the effort you invest in order to change yourself for the better as a gift of love you are endowing to the world in order to help it heal. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Stay Inspired and Recreate Your World

You can view life as difficult or challenging. You can complain or take action in order to change your circumstances. 

You can expect people and circumstances to change, or you can make changes yourself. 

You can be reactive and uncontrollable or, by contrast, proactive and enable yourself to create the reality you want. 

The choice is always yours to make. Why not create inspirational moments for yourself, every day? Time for action! Don't sit still, create your own spark

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Replace hatred for no reason with unconditional love. 

If we focus on the positive, the valuable, that which is pleasing; and love one another for no reason at all, imagine what a magnificent world this would be. 

The Future Depends On How You Live In the NOW

You can have the intention to be happy and loving person in the future, but you cannot be there until you get there.

Love Is All You Need

Make your number one value in life the intent to give and receive love. 

Offer the equivalent amount of love you wish to receive. 

If you were to consider love as your first priority, paradise wouldn't be a place you would be striving to arrive at - it would be your natural environment.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


"A pure mind is always full of love—selfless love for all others, full of compassion for the failings and sufferings of others, full of joy at their success and happiness, full of equanimity in the face of any situation." - 

S. N. Goenka

May the glory of this time of year, bring peace and happiness to you and those you hold most dear.

May this joyous holiday, renew your spirit and refresh your soul. 

May it be a new beginning of greater prosperity and abundance, success, everlasting love and happiness. 

Easter and Passover are the time to remember our many blessings: 
give thanks to all the goodness and beauty in your life.

The SECERT of life is to remain constantly aware ... Of everything.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Can you change what happened in the past? No. It's long gone. 

Can you change what happens in the future? No. It hasn't happened yet. 

What is the one thing you can change? This moment, right now! 

In every moment you have an opportunity to make a decision, and to commit to it - after all, it is your life we are talking about. 

The Whole World Is On Your Side As Long As You Accept and Believe In Yourself.

As long as you know what YOU want, have a clear plan in mind, and you believe in yourself, nothing can ever stop you.

Take the initiative - the solutions are all within you. 

If you wish for things to be different you must view matters from an alternate perspective - assign a new mental representation to things that matter to you most. 

You need to create thoughts and ideas that empower you, give you strength, and the ability to reconstruct your life the way you envision it should be. 

Stay Strong, In the End You’ll Stand up Tall.