Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Can you change what happened in the past? No. It's long gone. 

Can you change what happens in the future? No. It hasn't happened yet. 

What is the one thing you can change? This moment, right now! 

In every moment you have an opportunity to make a decision, and to commit to it - after all, it is your life we are talking about. 

The Whole World Is On Your Side As Long As You Accept and Believe In Yourself.

As long as you know what YOU want, have a clear plan in mind, and you believe in yourself, nothing can ever stop you.

Take the initiative - the solutions are all within you. 

If you wish for things to be different you must view matters from an alternate perspective - assign a new mental representation to things that matter to you most. 

You need to create thoughts and ideas that empower you, give you strength, and the ability to reconstruct your life the way you envision it should be. 

Stay Strong, In the End You’ll Stand up Tall.