Sunday, April 26, 2015


What is happiness? Where does it come from?

Happiness is a state of consciousness. It's a feeling we can create within - just like sadness or any other feeling.

Happiness is not a destination we need to get to, but rather it's  knowing that we have the ability to make a conscious choice to be happy at any given moment. 

We came here to learn how to make ourselves happy, autonomously. 

We gain the most empowering awareness when we finally understand that our personal level of happiness is not dependent on anything or anyone external to us. 

This realization alone has the power to free us from any limiting beliefs about happiness, as it pertains  to ourselves and the world around us.

So how do I make myself happy?

Very simple: I thank God that I'm still breathing!

As long as I'm around, I still have the opportunity to live happily. There's only one stipulation; I need to create it myself - that's TRUE HAPPINESS!