Sunday, December 28, 2014


What would your life look like if the concept of failure did not exist?

What if instead of thinking you have failed, you believed that something better is on its way to you?

Who would you become?

Would you wake up each morning with a big smile on your face? 

Would you turn each day to a "small success" no matter what occurs in your life? 

Life is what YOU choose it to be: you can see it as waste of your time, saying to yourself, "what's the point"? Or would you see everyday as a wonder in the making?

Life is a journey full of opportunities and experiences, all of which were perfectly designed for our growth and enlightenment.

There is no one "out to get us", there isn't anyone to blame.

Abundance beauty and blessings are there in plentitude and equality. 

There's no scarcity. That's the illusion your mind is trying to "sell to you."

It all depends upon the "lenses" YOU choose to look through.

What will you do, now that you've realized life in itself is a gift that needs to be cherished dearly?

You are a creator and there's no better time than now to fully accept that you are here to imagine, invent and create.

To love yourself and others unconditionally.

To breath life into your ideas, to form relationships that will contribute not only to the lives of others, but also to your own growth as an individual.

And the list goes on ...

We all represent an expression of Godliness, it's time we begin to act like the God we are. 

Like an artist facing a blank canvas, begin to create your life the way you envision it to be, NOW!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Thank you to all of my friends and family, for the unconditional love and support throughout my journey 😊

Holidays can be stressful  and overwhelming, yet family unity and warmth, makes it all worthwhile. 

I hope you enjoy this gift of peace and relaxation.

May the joy prevail in your hearts and homes this blessed holiday season.

Unwrap your gift with love from me ❤️


Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Lack of consciousness leads to an unknown outcome.

When consciousness is dormant, people "walk around" without distinction - they do not understand they are not aware of the silent world flowing within and around them. 

When senses are calm, we reach incomprehensible heights and depths.

All of us here on earth, are a part of something so immense and majestical ...

Like tiny particles, fireflies glowing in a magical Cave.

So many millions of people - a part of something so amazingly great.

The universe - this world is so wonderful and mighty.

Where did all this come from? Who enabled such a wondrous creation?

Once we understand that the mere acceptance of the world in its essence, with the good, bad and everything in between, in a balanced manner without prejudice or judgment that is invariably based on our own complexities, life would be experienced as a blissful journey ~

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Does God need our prayers, does He need our worshiping?

What happens when we talk to God? (Universe, nature...)

Do you think God really cares if we pray or not?

Do you believe that by praying for your benefit or for others welfare, something can actually change?

Prayer is the language we use to communicate with our inner divinity - it is how we establish a better relationship with ourselves.

Once we connect within, then we find God/universe/love .. 

We gain clarity, and guidance on what we desire most.

Prayer is a ritual that enables us to focus in, discern, and ponder-what is it that we value most, what is important to us.

Prayer comforts and assures us - it gives strength to continue forward, feeling whole and at peace. 

Prayer connects us within - it gives us hope as well as the power to heal.

The real purpose of prayer is to help us change, in order to create more of what we desire ~

Sunday, December 14, 2014


I wrote this for my daughter at age 16 and now she is with her offspring ❤️

It's a timeless piece for our daughters and our daughters daughters, 
and so on ...

Hey girl, wipe your tears away ...

The world is not that as bad as it may seem at times. 

You are so sensitive, such a sweet soul - rare like a foreign bird.

Throughout life, you'll be encountered by a variety of events, emotions, and feelings.

You are yet to experience; many successes, and some failed attempts that may appear as mistakes. 

You will soon learn my dear child; what does not break you, will make you far stronger in the long run.

Learn from everything you come across; ask as many questions as you can.

Seek for the answer within - the more you ask, the more you will reveal. 

Become alert and at peace - learn to be patient - trust that things are working in your favor. 

Become curious, let your imagination fly free -expect nothing and welcome it all. 

Find the balance between the ground you walk on, and the sky you look upon. 

Take responsibility for what is yours, and let go of what isn't. 

Don't ever lose hope - smile - it will help you cope.

Most importantly; always count your blessings - focus on all the good and positive in your life ❤️

Friday, December 12, 2014


How can I reach a state of completeness with  others?

To be complete, is to be at peace with who I am and to accept others as they are, without trying to change them. 

To feel that together we can help each other overcome our difficulties, instead of looking for who to blame.

Completeness is to take responsibility for myself, for what I think, feel and do.

Every time I'm in a state of compromise - I gave up too much, they took too much - and each side says this about the other, it means I'm left feeling like a "loser".

When everyone feels the whole is more important than the individual parts, only then can peace exist.

Peace is when all parties feel like they have won.

Otherwise, it is a kind of cease-fire in order to get organized for the next 
battle ~

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Tune into the whispers 
of your heart ❤️


Whether we realize it or not, we're all connected together; each one of us represents a link in an adjoining, immense energetic network. 

The competitiveness, and the overwhelming feelings of separation we feel at times, comes from our mind, our ego trying to protect us from the unknown. 

As we learn to feel in our hearts, remembrance will surface up, allowing knowing - the profound faith, that you are where you need to be, at all times, finally come to light.

Fear less, hope more; 

Whine less, breath more; 

Talk less, listen more; 

Hate less, love more; 

And all good things will be satisfied when the time is right ~

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The Power of being

When we're calm and peaceful, we "see" ourselves, the content and nature in us - we derive most from the power of simply being.

Each of us is unique, a spirit acting according to its specific content therein, designed to bring forth a positive outcome. 

The world we live in, contains a gamut of experiences - lessons, which we are asked to learn from and transcend beyond.

There are those who rebel, they are not accepting, and forcefully  push away whatever is in their way.

They fail to realize that this is another chapter, that the universe has created for them. To teach them.

There are those who encounter difficult circumstances, yet despite the suffering soar to new heights.

They keep their sanity and move forward, on the way to the next lesson needed to be learned.

Everything around, all that surrounds us, bears value, and should be regarded as a milestone.

Once we gain the understanding and the willingness to learn, our journey becomes an adventure, encompassing a feed of messages ...

Sometimes they wound the soul, sometimes caressing - finally, they imbue the spirit of life to which we aspire to.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Can we be the masters of our own thought pattern? 

It may sound far fetched, but it is possible. 

You gain control over your thoughts, when you  recognize, but you do not identify with them. 

When the mind creates negative thoughts such as anger, hatred, frustration, etc, you can consciously choose NOT to cooperate with these thoughts. 

That is how you achieve control of your mind = freedom!

How can you attain liberty in order to create your own reality?

Firstly, by realizing you cannot control your initial thoughts of lust, jealousy, anger, and so on.

However, you can be the observer and master of your thought process.

Once you notice the direction your mind is taking you, just say to yourself: I choose not to go down this path - I am not going to allow this thought to hold me hostage - I will not bring harm upon myself. 

You can either go along with your anger - allow it to fester inside - or mark it as "self destruct", and choose not to let it lead the way. 

In any event, thinking too much can be detrimental  - it is up to YOU to break it off - it is in your own hands. 

Bottom line - when you identify a thought as toxic, you have the right and duty to control it by yourself ~

Friday, December 5, 2014



Seek the truth - be yourself - allow flow and creativity to set you free.

Give voice to the parts of self in hiding - find roads not yet traveled - explore varied options.

Let go - forgive yourself and others - see events and choices from the past as opportunities to grow and create today.

Accept what is and embrace what could be - see possibility everywhere.

Listen in and connect to your inner voice - let silence and reflection give you strength and guidance.

Embrace your own doubts and difficult emotions - attune, love, and overcome.

Allow yourself the honor of humility and compassion - acknowledge the big picture - the parts about you and others, and the world around you, that you may not be fully aware of.

Let purpose lead the way - create strength in doing - take action whenever possible.

Be proactive - instead of reacting to external occurrences, create the circumstances you wish to unfold.

Focus on your strengths and the strength of those around you - promote and help to improve. 

Look for the latent messages in the communication - the meaning beneath.  

Be the support system that you would like to have - encourage, elevate and empower - do what it takes to help others be at their best.

Find life fascinating ~

Thursday, December 4, 2014


At some point in our childhood, some of us have neglected, or suppressed parts of our personality that were not allowed to be shown. 

Maybe we abandoned the wild child, the messy one or, the one who talks too much. 

Maybe our creativity was toned down, because our parents did not think it would be useful for us in the long run. 

Whatever the case may be, we must acknowledge our parents good intent, in thinking they were pointing us in the right direction. 

It's time we give it some thought ...

There's a great sense of freedom, that comes when allowing ourselves to be who we truly are. 

It's time to gather up all the parts of ourselves that we've ignored or made forbidden.

What was once "true", maybe holding us back from experiencing true joy and freedom, and becoming who we truly are deep inside ~

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


We are complicated beings living in a simple world. 

If for a moment, we went back in time to our origins, to the very beginning of mankind, how would we view life?

We are the only intelligent animal that walks this earth.

What would we hold most dear to our hearts?

Would our welfare and  concern for others be a priority?

Would we care most about safety, shelter, nourishment, and overall well being - basics - and all else would be "gravy"?

Would we want more "things", work and live our lives to accumulate more possessions?

Is it "stuff" that we want most or is it really all about love? 

We came to this world empty handed, and someday, we will return to the ground with nothing in our hands.

Why is it so difficult for us to remind ourselves what is most valuable? 

It's just easier to suffer from temporary amnesia ...

If we were to dissect what drives us, why we do what we do, bottom line, it would be to give and receive LOVE, to experience as much love as we can 💗

Monday, December 1, 2014


A person who wants to be a leader worthy of being observed, must then watch nature closely and learn the rules, so that eventually he could give expression to these laws manifesting first inside him, and then projecting them on the people around him.

Before you speak, LISTEN 

Before you react, THINK 

Before you criticize, WAIT
Before you pray, FORGIVE 

Before you give up, REMEMBER 

And don't forget to always come from a place of LOVE 💜