Tuesday, December 2, 2014


We are complicated beings living in a simple world. 

If for a moment, we went back in time to our origins, to the very beginning of mankind, how would we view life?

We are the only intelligent animal that walks this earth.

What would we hold most dear to our hearts?

Would our welfare and  concern for others be a priority?

Would we care most about safety, shelter, nourishment, and overall well being - basics - and all else would be "gravy"?

Would we want more "things", work and live our lives to accumulate more possessions?

Is it "stuff" that we want most or is it really all about love? 

We came to this world empty handed, and someday, we will return to the ground with nothing in our hands.

Why is it so difficult for us to remind ourselves what is most valuable? 

It's just easier to suffer from temporary amnesia ...

If we were to dissect what drives us, why we do what we do, bottom line, it would be to give and receive LOVE, to experience as much love as we can 💗