Friday, December 5, 2014



Seek the truth - be yourself - allow flow and creativity to set you free.

Give voice to the parts of self in hiding - find roads not yet traveled - explore varied options.

Let go - forgive yourself and others - see events and choices from the past as opportunities to grow and create today.

Accept what is and embrace what could be - see possibility everywhere.

Listen in and connect to your inner voice - let silence and reflection give you strength and guidance.

Embrace your own doubts and difficult emotions - attune, love, and overcome.

Allow yourself the honor of humility and compassion - acknowledge the big picture - the parts about you and others, and the world around you, that you may not be fully aware of.

Let purpose lead the way - create strength in doing - take action whenever possible.

Be proactive - instead of reacting to external occurrences, create the circumstances you wish to unfold.

Focus on your strengths and the strength of those around you - promote and help to improve. 

Look for the latent messages in the communication - the meaning beneath.  

Be the support system that you would like to have - encourage, elevate and empower - do what it takes to help others be at their best.

Find life fascinating ~