Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Do you know who you are? 

Are your beliefs about yourself preventing you from achieving your goals? 

Everything in life is determined by your perception of the world around you, and the way in which you perceive-view yourself.

You have the ability to achieve anything you want in life, but first you need to believe it is possible. 

You can spend your time and energy complaining, while looking for excuses and reasons as to why you cannot do something that you want to do. 

Or, you can start by seeing yourself as you want to be, believe it, and then go after it.

2016 is right around the corner, take a few moments to reflect; Take a pen and sheet of paper, and write down, specific as you can be, who are you now. 

Then, take a separate sheet of paper and write down what kind of a person you aspire to be. 

Think of the qualities and positive traits you admire in others; Who would you like to become in the year 2016? 

If you commit to being your best, the victories will surely follow. 

“The best inspiration is not to outdo others, but to outdo ourselves.” -Anonymous

The everlasting victories, the ones that build long-lived confidence, are the triumphs where you impress yourself rather than others. 

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Love & Blessing 
Yours Estee ❤️

Sunday, December 27, 2015


The Future Depends On How You Live In the NOW

You can have the intention to be happy in the future, but let's be honest for a moment; You cannot be there until you get there. 

If you want to create happiness for yourself and others, go for it! 

Don't be afraid to aim high, in fact, why not reach for the stars and enjoy the ride to the top??

If you ever catch yourself saying, 'but' or 'because', it may be an attached belief system that no longer serves you. In short, don't believe everything you say to yourself! 

Accept that throughout life's journey, everyone experiences some bumps on the road, and it's ok; That's what builds character. 

Think about it; When all is "quiet" nothing happens, stagnation, right? However, notice what happens when we go through difficulty, suddenly change is made possible. A lot of good comes out of It; struggle contributes to our growth and expansion of the mind. 

So instead of giving up or losing hope, you must stay on track faithfully, and pave the way to your unique path. 

You never know, good can show up in unexpected times and places...

* The more you treat others with kindness, love, and compassion, spreading goodness in every direction you go, the closer you'll get to the Light of God. 

* surround yourself with people who love you simply for being you, but who also never stop challenging you in order to bring out your best. 

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Love & Blessings
Yours Estee ❤️

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Do you ever feel as though you are being pulled in two different directions? 

Does it seem there is a battle going on inside of you? 

No wonder you're feeling this way ... We are constantly being controlled by two opposing forces - two voices in our head. 

One represents the dark side, our ego - It is loud, righteous, always urging us to react to external situations and act on a whim. 

The other is the Light - our spirit whispering faintly to us; It is barely heard, reminding us softly what's right and enlightening and sometimes it comes in flash of inspiration. 

We must learn to intently listen, in order to distinguish between these two voices; they are the determining factors of our thoughts and behavior.

In fact these voices rule our lives, for the good or bad. 

So what can we do to overcome this battling voices? 

Listen to everything; The secret to uncovering blessings in the midst of chaos, is knowing that what seems to be chaotic is actually a blessing in disguise. 

There is a hidden potential for growth during an attempt to escape the temporary situation of darkness/disorder in your life. 

When faced with the choice of which voice to listen to, focus on the Light, and silence the darkness within, for the Light will always guide you to the right path; the illuminated path of God.

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Love & Blessings 
Yours Estee ❤️

Thursday, December 17, 2015


The following process is designed to allow you to open yourself to possibilities that you may have not considered before; opportunities awaiting you in suspended animation. 

Do your best to keep an open mind, let your imagination run freely, and stay curious and excited  to what awaits you ...

Enjoy the journey within the layers of your consciousness; "I am an eternal being, loving, creative and capable of living my life to its fullest potential". 

I need to find myself in order to recover my truth, ensuring self love and appreciation; Finding my purpose will lead me to true happiness and freedom. 

Maybe I don't fully know what I came here to do but I intend to never stop searching for the truth of who I am. 

I lead a balanced, calm, and peaceful life; I am authentic and genuine.

I free myself from fear and doubt; I know I can create anything with the power of my mind. 

I have the confidence, tenacity,  and inner strength to live my truth.

I know my time here is limited, that is why I have to live my life doing what I love to do. It's not always easy for me, but I realize that it's all there to serve me. 

Every experience is there to benefit: Challenging me, assisting my growth, while supporting my development - overcoming difficulties enables me to mature. 

When I improve, everyone benefits; I am doing my part to contribute to the enhancement of life on this planet.

I have full faith that as long as I live my life authentically, from a place of love, sharing my gifts and talents, I won't have the need for external approval. 

I am setting free the part in me that wants to live fully, I am open to any messages coming to me ... 

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Love & Blessings
Estee ❤️

Thursday, December 10, 2015


When a problem suddenly arises in our lives, what do we do? Often times, we look for someone or something external to cling to, hoping that will get us out of the situation. 

What happens to us is not because of other people, it's because of us; No one can take us out of the problem, except for ourselves. We are the decision makers, even if it may not always be apparent to us.  

Everything that occurs in life has a meaning and a purpose, there are no random experiences. The goal is to learn from it all; To grow and raise the level of our awareness.

So instead of asking indignantly; 'Why is this happening to me'? Maybe it's better to ask, 'What's the lesson or insight I need to learn so I can transcend and rise above this difficulty?

We need to search for ways to help ourselves through constant striving to produce the best out of ourselves.

This work/craftsmanship  (depending on the eye of the beholder) is a part of our continuous journey. There are  no rest periods; In every passing moment, we must invest our maximum effort, with faith and a clean heart. 

Every experience is an opportunity to further our learning or insight; Its sole purpose is to make us rise above our nature, chasing us away from the comfortable and familiar, in order to let go of the old and make room for the new and improved. 

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Love & Blessings
Yours Estee ❤️

Saturday, December 5, 2015


If you believed there was something exceptional waiting to happen to you everyday, who would you become? 

What if you believed that your very existence is a miracle?

Open your mind to the endless possibilities ...

If you wish to follow your heart's deepest desires, whatever they may be, you need to know which obstacles you need to overcome in order for them to come to fruition. 

Then, once you know what you're facing, you'll be able to bring it to life.

Tune in inwardly, soak in and absorb the stream of information flowing to you; it will lead to your goals. 

If you want to successfully execute your goals, 
that is a great start in itself; you must realize that setting goals isn't enough, you must also actively manage them. 

Recognize the signals telling you that you may be deviating from your goal. 

Ask yourself; What can I do in order to address my obstacles?

Am I unconsciously obstructing myself? 

Are there any habits from the past that are keeping me from reaching my goals? 

What else is possible for me that I'm not able to see clearly right now? 

Don't be afraid to dream big! You can create something new and unique, even if it makes you a little uncomfortable. 

When you train yourself to look at what other opportunities are available to you, your brain will gather the information you need and will lead you towards your intentional goals. 

Give yourself permission to become larger than life, and dream big... that is the only way you will achieve greatness. 

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Love & Blessings
Yours Estee ❤️

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Why do we feel emptiness at times? Could it be because we lack the insight that we were born with, which gives us the ability, to create our reality? 

If there is limitless abundance and the Light of God is omnipresent, why don't we sense it?

The world was created with the intention to provide us with everything in which we need, but there is a missing component; We must have the "vessel" in order to receive it. 

Our mission is firstly to take charge of our life, realizing we are the masters of our own fate. 

We must invite the Light to be with us until we feel it in every fiber of our being; Every action and word we speak must be carried out from a place of love, purpose, and cooperation with the Light. 

There is no scarcity; We are in charge of how much light will dwell within us; It all depends on our choices which are manifested in our thoughts, words and actions. 

When we come from a place of love we are making room for the Light.

As long as there is full congruence between our words and deeds, there is nothing we cannot achieve! 

All the pieces to the puzzle of life exist in our world, all we need to do, is add our own piece to complete the puzzle.

The discovery of our purpose in life is something that only we can decipher. We must do our part to fulfill our mission; reinforced by a deep inner knowing that this Light is there, helping us at all times. 

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Love & Blessings
Yours Estee ❤️

Friday, November 27, 2015


"What can I tell you .. It's very difficult .." Said Ruth (factious). "I know I need a change", she continued in her troubled voice, "but somehow I can not bring myself to do anything about it."

In my line of work as a life coach, I often come across similar cases as to that of Ruth. She is not alone ...

There are many women, who "wake up" one day and decide "that's it, enough already!"

They've kept themselves busy all day long with matters concerning the family and the household, and suddenly realize they do not even know who they really are, and what they want out of life beyond the family nest.

It's not that caring for themselves, does not matter, but it's just that it wasn't exactly "staring" in their list of priorities.

Most of their time and energy is invested in taking care of their families; they then reach a point, which usually comes after the children have grown, that it's no longer enough; They feel that they want more out of life.

The conflict arises thereafter: on one hand, they say, "the time has come for me to realize myself, I fulfilled my "civic duty" .. And on the other hand, they do not want to feel guilt and shame as they assert confidently, "it's my time now."

What many do not realize, is that it does not have to be one or the other, they can have both; The name of the game is balance!

Naturally, God willing, our children reach adolescents and "everyone turns to their business", isn't that so?

In order to avoid a situation in which we women feel emptiness, uselessness, we should continue doing, and it doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be family related. 

It's ok if it's just us! Because bottom line when we're ok, or better, everyone around us benefits, isn't that so? 

We all want to realize our wants and needs; To feel fulfilled. It's ok if being a parent isn't enough any more. 

Actually, it's completely natural. It's called being a part of the constant flow - the different phases in life - we change as we go. 

Enough talking, what can you put into actuality right now? 

But before we begin, firstly, we must possess an inner knowing that it's never too late!

Take yourself on a date! No one deserves this more than you do! 

1) Ask yourself; What is important to me? What do I still want to achieve in life? What do I value most other than loving and caring for family and loved ones? 

What else is out there for me to still do? What am I good at? What are my best attributes? What dreams do I want to bring into actuality? What gift can I bring to the world that will have an impact beyond my personal benefit? 

2) Learn to manage your time effectively: Be clear about what you need to accomplish each day. That is, if you value progress, moving forward. 

3) Make a list of what you do on a daily basis, and how much time you spend doing it. You may find that you spend valuable time on things that otherwise would contribute to your progress. 

4) Create a realistic action plan, one that will not interfere with your daily duties.

5) Time for action; Take a course, apply to a university, send out resume, create a business, and so on.

No one wants to reach their  "golden years", feeling like they have missed out on life; Do yourself a favor and for once, take care of YOU! 

Thank you for visiting, if you have any question or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time. 

Wishing you a great weekend, 

Love & Blessings, 
Yours Estee ❤️

Monday, November 23, 2015


I got up this morning and decided to be happy! why you ask? All it takes is a mere decision!

A wise man once said, "Nothing can bring you happiness but yourself." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The true meaning of happiness does not depend on the quantity of material assets accumulated over a lifetime. why?

Because in the end, we all reach the "last station'', just as we came into the world, stark naked.

When was the last time you asked yourself, what has to happen in order for me to be happy? What conditions need to be met in order to feel satisfied?

What is stopping me from being able to feel happy right now?

The truth is that happiness is not dependent on any situation or external circumstance; But rather, a choice we have to do every day, no matter what is happening around us.

Happiness and joy are emotions we must create within us; from a place of self-love and self-worth, gratitude for possessing precious opportunity - the GIFT of LIFE!

Happiness comes when we experience the feeling of love and are able to unselfishly share it with others.

Love and happiness are not something we can buy in the local supermarket or the Internet; Rather, we create these feelings in ourselves, when we realize what is really important in life.

What good is a fancy car parked outside of your home, if there is no one sitting next to you on the passenger side?

What value does money and property or a seaside villa, if at the end of the day, we go to bed alone?

It requires a change in consciousness; Only then can our hearts be opened to the truth.

We are happy when we realize that the greatest joy is when we have someone to share our life experiences with; By virtue of their presence in our lives.

Happiness is experienced in maintaining healthy and loving relationships with those we love and appreciate; not taking anything for granted!

The rest is just a poor imitation of the real thing!

People come in and out of our lives, situations change in an instant, but happiness is a choice we can make right here and NOW!

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Wishing you a blessed week,
Love & Blessings
Estee ❤️

Thursday, November 19, 2015


If you believe there is a Devine being, a Creator to the world we live in; a force running things behind the scenes, then you must also believe that things don't just happen for no reason.

Although we cannot see it or be completely aware of it, there is an everlasting flow going on around us which we often refer to as Life. 

At times we feel as if this force is pulling us in one direction, and other times towards the opposite route. It may seem as if we are puppets on wires, unable to control our destiny.

What if we wholeheartedly believed that the path which we travel on is subjected to the choices we make in life? 

Would we then have enough courage to once and for all, cut the strings and begin constructing the life we truly want to live? 

This force, God, only wants the highest and best good for us. How can we be sure of that? 

All we have to do is open our eyes widely and take in the magnificence existing all around us. 

There's an abundance of "raw materials" which is offered to us freely - information and tools we can use to our own advantage and progression in life. 

We did not arrive to this world to have things handed to us, we must earn our happiness and success, or else what's the purpose? How would we gain a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment?

Because we are part of this force, an energy which has breathed life into everything we're aware of, we too possess the ability to create.  

If you have faith in God, then you must also have faith in yourself. 

Let go of all your hardship and move on. 

Know that your fate is in your hands, God believes in you, and so should you! 

Thank you for visiting, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at any time. 

Love & Blessing
Yours Estee ❤️

Monday, November 16, 2015


Sometimes, when we go through difficult times in life, we feel like we've just landed in a bottomless pit.

People we count on disappoint us and things happen that we do not expect or foresee. Then we begin to doubt our abilities; Maybe I did not act right ... I could have done things differently .. Maybe I'm not good enough, it's because I'm not talented enough ...

We experience moments of happiness and success, as well as periods of darkness and despair. It is so easy to fall into hopelessness when it seems as though the walls are closing in on us.

It is difficult for us to remember, especially when we go through any hardship, that we should never give up! Instead, we must do our best to keep in mind that everything always happens for a reason!

Perhaps it is a golden opportunity for us to change our reality for the better? Even though it may seem as if the world has come to an end, maybe it's for our benefit, although just too difficult to notice at the moment. 

What if it's a new beginning being served to us on a silver platter for our betterment?

Everything depends on our perception. 

What we perceive to be true, is true, at least in our minds; The way in which we interpret our reality. Once we hold on to a certain belief it is very difficult to change it.

Unless, we entertain an alternative; If we do not consider changing our thought process, we will remain stuck in it - our thoughts become ingrained in us. 

Consider the following; Thoughts are just thoughts - Like a bird flying by - we are not forced to keep them alive in our minds. 

Next time you find yourself in turmoil, stop for a moment and ask yourself; Is this as bad as I think it is or am I seeing this worse than it actually is? 

What if the only thing I need right now, is to change my point of view?

Thank you for visiting, if you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact me at any time 😃

Love & Blessing
Yours ❤️

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


You know that feeling, when you are tired, and all you want to do is just drop everything and say; "That's it, I cannot do this anymore, I'm done"? 

We have all most likely experienced this feeling at some point.

Whether it's work related, a relationship that's being held by a "thin thread", or anything else.

If you feel as I do, that things do not just appear randomly in our lives, but, rather there's a reason for everything that happens, consider the following.

We may not be quite fully aware of it, but there's a method and strategy to every action we take in life. 

Perhaps all we need to do, is change our strategy and act differently ...

Sometimes, all we need to take is a step back, and do our best to let go of the emotional attachment in order to see things from a different angle.

Ask yourself: If a good friend turned to me for help to solve this, what would I suggest for her to do?

When we remove the emotional component, we may discover that we are able to see things more clearly. 

Do your best to understand the reason behind what you are trying to achieve; What is the result your hoping for. 

Then you will be equipped with a more expanded understanding of things, which in turn will enable you to cope more effectively, instead of feeling overwhelmed or distraught. 

Remember that where there is a problem, there is always a solution.

Behind every cloud there is a ray of sunshine waiting to be revealed ⛅️ Never lose hope for a better tomorrow!

Wishing you a day full of sunshine, thank you.

Love & Blessings,
Yours ❤️

Estee Levinson, Relationship Communication Strategist - Creating harmonious communication, one relationship at a time. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015


When we plan, set goals for ourselves, and begin working toward putting them into practice, we know where we're headed.

Something within us awakens to life, suddenly we have lots of energy, and off we go, as if we were human bulldozers. 

How does this happen? Actually, we were born with a built-in quest to want. We have a deep desire to create, achieve, win and succeed. 

All because we want to bring our vision (anything  that does not currently exist in our lives) into reality.

This is what connects us to the source of life, to the inexhaustible capabilities existing within us and to the abundance at our disposal at any given moment.

The problem is, when we have a setback or an obstacle, the pressure begins to affect us, and our faith can be impaired.

However, the truth is that having some stress, actually works for us, not against us, as we may often think.

When do we best express our abilities? Invariably, it is when we are under pressure. It's what drives us forward and motivates us into action.

What inspires the feeling of success within? When we are not resting on our laurels, but continue to move forward, even if it's only one small step. 

Progress must be constant. When we reach our destination, we must not go into an intermission ...

We did not come here to rest, there will be plenty of time for that when we're gone. 

We say "Voyage of Life .." Because the essence of life is prolonged walking, not so simple, at times between mountains and valleys ...

But however, taking action is in and of itself what heals and breathes life into us. 

Change should be permanent; Constantly reinventing ourselves.

As long as we press on and continue to enjoy the view on the way, that would be a good enough reason to get up in the morning and pave a path of light for ourselves.

We must create a reality in words and deeds, then be committed to them. 

Intention, Speech and Action - when we assume control over these three, believe in ourselves with the right intention, we can be the ones that control our lives.

Wishing you a great day and thank you for taking the time to read 😃

Love & Blessings 
Yours truly ❤️

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


The road to self-change, is a never-ending track. 

It is a process that requires courage, a conscious effort, and a sincere desire to improve, in order to be successful.

Thinking about the past is not conducive to our efforts to becoming more imaginative, creative or innovative in any way. 

Why? Because we cling to negative images, words and sounds that keep disrupting the peace within us.

How can we possibly be doing good for ourselves?

We are not! This is what keeps us stuck: Recycling a negative  period that no longer exists.

We should learn from the past; Use it as a tool to have a better future and not dwell on it.

We miss so much on the way ... why not invest this energy on being present in the moment? To live in the here and now?

Why watch a rerun, when you can create a blockbuster ??

Something to think about ...

Wishing you a wonderful day and thank you for taking the time to read 😃

Love & Blessings
Estee ❤️

Sunday, October 25, 2015


In the past few weeks, I've been traveling in the most magical path; A path of love.

I've been blessed to see my daughter walk down the isle with the man of her dreams. 

Not only that, but I've also had the pleasure of reuniting with family members and friends who I haven't seen for awhile. 

From the moment our guests arrived to our home, I had felt as if I'm floating in a bubble of love ❤️

I will forever treasure those wondrous moments of pleasure, we have created together in a short period of time. 

I felt as though I was wrapped up in a cosy blanket of warmth and love - a feeling like no other. 

To be honest, at first, because, among other things, I write every day, the mere thought of not being able to do what I love to do, had troubled me a bit. 

Looking back, I realize I can never compare writing or anything else, to the most cherished, joyful time I had shared with my family.

It makes me reflect upon setting  priorities; The importance we place on living life by the values we believe in. 

What can be more important and valuable to us, other than the spending time with the people we love? 

What could be more satisfying than to feel the energy of love expand within us, and the sense of joy of sharing it with the people we love?

I'm glad I had taken the time to temporarily disconnect from my daily routines, so I can fully experience the mountains of blissful warmth and affection I had felt during this time. 

Spending quality time with the people we were lucky enough to share our journey with, should be paramount. 

For this, we build a meaningful life; While creating the most central part of our personal history - relationships.

Nothing can be more worthwhile!

What can rise to the importance of love and sharing; Feelings of unity and belonging to the dear people we love?

Is there anything else that comes anywhere near to comfort, security, tranquility and peace poured through us when we are around those we adore?

This happens when we allow it, when we relax and enjoy the present moments ..

Family Time - comes highly recommended! A truly amazing experience; A natural High, no drug can ever replicate this feeling!

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Why is it so valuable to learn how to be powerful communicators? 

We tend to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, and enjoy compatible relationships. 

The problem is that most of us do not invest enough thought before we begin interacting with others. 

We do no take full responsibility for the words that come out of our mouths, and then wonder why we don't get the results we hope to achieve.  

Our relationships end up suffering because others are not receiving our messages in a positive way. 

We do not fully realize  that communication is a delicate matter; The words we use can make or break our relationships - both business and personal.

That is why becoming more efficient with our communication is so critical: It enhances our efforts towards creating more harmonious relationships. 

When we become accustomed to using our best voice, (even under pressure), we have the ability to communicate information, ideas, and feelings more accurately; thereby increasing our effectiveness as leaders of our family or business.

Not only that, but we also minimize misunderstanding which makes us feel frustrated, anxious, and ultimately ends up hurting ourselves and others.

Communication is not only about the words we choose; Identifying non-verbal cues, which are also an essential part of human connection, can reduce the distance between different cultures, gender, age, etc. 

Imagine how the recipient will receive  what you are saying when you select the most appropriate words and tone of voice for each interaction?

Speaking coherently can increase our ability to make our point clearly, with tact and diplomacy.

Here are a some ways  to insure cultivating and supporting an open, clear line of communication: 

1) Keeping in mind our intention; What is it that we are trying to achieve, specifically. 

2) Having enough courtesy for other people's feelings will maintain our  communication friendly, open, and honest. 

3) Keeping others' viewpoint in mind, will make us more empathetic to their needs.

Good luck!

Monday, October 5, 2015


What do you need to do in order to succeed in life? How can you make sure you'll achieve every goal you set for yourself? 

It is really very simple. The "bad news" is, that there isn't any pill or secret potion you can take in order to achieve what you want. 

Wait! Don't lose hope! Want to hear the good news? 

You control your destiny! You're in charge of what you do during the course of each day.

That's the bottom line; It's all about the actions you take in order to reach your target. 

There isn't anybody to blame, there are no life circumstances (no matter how challenging) that can keep you away from your dreams, once YOU make the ... (Drumroll) CHOICE! 

If you're looking to improve the quality of your life, there's one thing you need to do in order to succeed - make a decision.

Everything begins with a decision. Nothing will happen without it! 

Once you do it with determination, power and feeling behind it, you will get where you want to go. 

Here are some key components for you to consider:

1) No one can teach you how to be successful - you need to have the right mentality, the correct mindset which is the foundation to everything you do. 

When you realize that is the most important thing, you'll be able to concentrate on getting your "head straight". 

2) Discover your true purpose - your God given talent that only you can bring forth. 

3) Find the right medium that would best express your purpose in life. 

4) Make the decision and commitment to live your life on purpose. 

That's all folks - that's all you need!  

Good luck! 

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Have you had enough already? 

Don't you think it's time for you to begin creating the life experience you truly want and deserve?

Don't you want more for yourself and for those you love?
Isn't it not about time you actually accomplish and bring your vision to life instead of just talking and dreaming about it? 

Ready to make a change? Are you prepared to be empowered and live life to the fullest? 

Assuming that after reading the above you are now curious and  eager to learn more... here are a few suggestions to get you started:
1) We've all experienced things in life that may have caused us to believe that we aren't good enough or that we do not deserve to be loved. 

The remedy; Realizing that what happened in the past does not have any bearing on the success you can reap in the now.    

"Choose to not let your past influence your future."

2) Always stay open and willing to learn more about yourself - tap into your unlimited potential - it's time to "unwrap" your gifts and talents and share them with the world around you. 

3) Discover that there are many options in every situation - choose the ones that serve you best. 

4) Trust your intuition - become more available to the fountain of creativity within you - there's so much more of you that needs to be unraveled. 

5) Utilize resources; Refine your capacity to originate new ideas, not hesitating to reach out to others for help - we cannot possibly do it all on our own. 

6) Stay motivated - keep your eyes on creating the best possible version of yourself - there's never a limitation to improvements. 

Finally, find and connect to your inner being, to your latent powers. Love yourself and make room in your heart to have 
compassion and empathy for others.

Think beyond your own personal identity - always seek for new ideas on how to make your family, work, and the world around you function at its best. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Everyone knows that the thoughts in our heads and the emotions felt in our hearts, determine the quality of our lives. 

Often times we go about life without realizing that we have a choice - what does not bring us any benefit can be replaced. 

We can transform and create a new way of life when we change our world view - what we believe to be true about the nature of reality. 

Have you ever thought about what is creating your system of thinking?? 

Could it be because you were influenced and conditioned by the assumptions of the world views? (Parents, teachers, media, etc)

The problem is that once we have reoccurring thoughts, they become automatic - a pattern that we sometimes think we have no control over. 

The truth is that we can choose our own path, our own way of thinking. 

When we begin to question our thought process we can accept that some of our thoughts are just passing through and may not be of our own. 

At every moment we have the opportunity to change our thinking so that we are not at the affect of our learned thinking pattern. 

We must choose our intent of thoughts by connecting to our inner knowing. 

We cannot be truly happy and fulfilled when we are controlled by our minds, especially when it seems as if it was installed in our heads...

Perhaps it is time for some cleansing; Detox your heart and mind and choose to free yourself from all negative thoughts and emotions.

Why not decide to love yourself and others freely. 

When there is room in your heart for love, there is no limit to the amount of blessings, abundance and success in your life.

Monday, September 28, 2015


There are times we find ourselves in deep sadness or in what may seem as an uncontrollable lope of raging anger. 

There's something comforting about staying in these feelings; Somehow it gives us a false sense of security as if we have control over our lives. But is it really true? 

The questions we should keep asking ourselves at any given moment are: "Is this making me feel good? Is this how I want to live my life?"

"How are these thoughts in my head affecting me on a daily basis? Are they bringing any benefit to me or anybody around me? Am I getting ahead in life, or am I stuck in place?"

If it doesn't make you feel joy in your heart, if it doesn't contribute to your growth, then why do it? Is there an alternative? 

In order for us to create change and become the masters in our lives, we need to stay open and receptive to new knowledge; Instead of clinging to our old view dogma, we must consider other ways of seeing and understanding reality. 

Change is not about negotiating the level of discomfort we are willing to undergo. It is about realizing that it is the golden path to true happiness and inner peace. 

It is about finding a way to empower ourselves to discover the real and true person we are. 

What's shaping our thinking pattern and how can we change it?

It may seem like our reality is fixed but it isn't. It is our conditioning: everything we were exposed to. 

We gather information, form conclusions and go on to live our lives. 

"Master your mind, master your life: Just because you happen to have a thought doesn't make it true."

Our power lies in the way we relate/react to our circumstances: We must remember that we are the ones responsible for creating the content in our lives depending on the meaning we attach to all occurrences. 

1) Firstly, we must be willing to let go of what is holding us back. 

2) we must seek the information we need and be willing to make the necessary changes on our way to achieving our goals. 

3) we must create a vision to be able to live our dreams – identify our passion, erase the “tape” and create updated software, one that will serve us best. Stop entertaining disparaging thoughts and repeating that dialogue in our heads over and over.  

Why must we modify and create change? Because that's what we came here to do; Not to relieve recycled undesirable thoughts and emotions that are causing us nothing but misery.

Once we attain the necessary clarity and awareness we need, we'll gain the freedom to reshape our thought pattern and finally achieve inner peace. 

As if by magic, we will live purposefully; Improve and build long lasting, supportive and loving relationships, because that's what truly matters in life. 

We will be able to overcome challenges and and even resolve deep seeded issues that are stoping us from becoming who we want to be. 

We will finally stop dreaming and begin creating and manifesting the life we want to live by discovering our talents and harness them to better our lives.

Once we realize that the power to alter and change life as we know it, resides in the thoughts that are occupying our minds, we will be more equipped to intentionally CHOOSE what we rather experience in life

Friday, September 25, 2015


We were born to build, to create, not to sit around cross-legged, waiting for life to be submitted to us on a silver platter. 

Most of us were not fortunate to be born as princes's in some magical kingdom.

We came here to create Light from darkness, to create wholeness from the incomplete, whether it's our intimate relationships, work related or anything else. Every moment we get to choose; either way ...

We must internalize that because we are part of creation, the "children" of the Creator who created all that exists, we also have the ability to bring about a sustainable reality as we envision it to be. 

We are not puppets on strings, we're are not mindless robots. Although sometimes it may seems to be the case. 

We need to wake up to the realization that each of us is a powerful creator.

It may sound unreal, perhaps a bit farfetched. However, once we take the time to ponder on it a bit, we will find out that it is as real as it gets. 

In retrospect, we can see all of our achievements in life, who created them? That's right, we did!

Truth be said, it isn't easy adapting to this way of thinking, given the reality we live (what appears to us as reality), but it is not an  impossibility. 

With a great desire to make a positive change in our lives, as well as do our best to better the lives of others, anything can happen, but it depends only upon us.

We can breath life into  what we dream about! 

All we need is to acquire the necessary knowledge, have a vivid imagination and an open mind, as well as develop our curiosity and enthusiasm to reveal more; mainly discovering who we truly are and anything can be achievable! 

Do not be afraid; Dare to be boundless, believe that all the help you need is provided for you from up above; You are truly capable of anything your mind can conceive. 

How far will you go to succeed?

Sunday, September 20, 2015


In order to gain more control over our lives, we must guard what our eyes see, what our ears hear, and also pay close attention to the quality of the words that come out of our mouths.

We are the ones who decide who to grant a "VISA" to our personal energy field. It is our right and duty to not cooperate with any potential negativity, in all its forms.

In most cases, when we succumb to its (negative) effects, the results are already known in advance, and are usually not something we want to experience.

We cannot control what other people say or do. We can only control ourselves, to some extent, depending on the current conditions.

We must adapt to self-examination; Practice renewed self-inquiry, so that we can change and improve with ease.

Either we are the ones  "holding on to the steering wheel", or we allow things to happen to us... which is preferable??

How can we help ourselves become better and more efficient on a daily basis?

We can observe the thoughts in our heads; Think before we speak, as we consider the outcome before we're ready to take action.

This is how we can  create a system of self-control - not doing what we "feel like" doing, but rather what we know is right for us.

This internal cleansing helps lessen the "darkness" in our lives, while connecting us to God's infinite, everlasting 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


For many people a lack of self-esteem, having no "security blanket" to protect them, can impede their progress in life.

It's an important source of intense emotion, a strength that gives us the confidence we need to get ahead.

There are many causes that can lead to low self-esteem, but ultimately the main reason stems from how we see ourselves; Who we believe we are.

Our biggest enemy is the criticizing voice within us, which is brought on by our own negative thinking. 

It seems as if this voice is always looking for every opportunity to attack and condemn us for all our wrong doings. 

This "enemy within" compare us to others by pointing out their performances and abilities, and goes on highlighting and exaggerating our shortcomings.

That is what causes us to undermine our value; We believe that were not good enough.

How we view ourselves comes from our way of thinking, which is often greatly influenced by what others have said or done to us in the past,  and we accepted it as truth.  

How can we feel good if we are constantly criticizing ourselves for everything that we do? 

Maybe we need to keep our attention 
on the other voice that's inside us, the one that supports, trusts and accepts us for who we are. 

We should be happy for being who we are, in spite of our flaws and imperfections.

In order to build our self confidence we must first be able to love and accept ourselves. 

We must be able to recognize all of our accomplishments and victories in life.

We must focus on what's right and good in us; There's no shortage, but we must see it in order to believe it. 

Believe that you have the right to love yourself by accepting your blessed existence; See yourself just as God sees you - a perfect being! 

The highest form of self worth is being able to share the love we have  for ourselves with others. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Sometimes all we need to do is ask, and it will be given to us.

So, let's see how it unfolds ... ✨✨✨✨

After many years of helping to empower family, friends, and clients, I've come to believe that with hard work and strong desire, anyone can overcome their challenges, and make a difference in 
their lives.

All that is required of us is to know why we get up in the morning, what is the driving force behind the actions we perform. Children? career?

We should have a compelling enough reason; An essential component to enable us to move forward, to create change and improve our lives.

My greatest satisfaction is helping others get to know themselves better.

Enabling someone to see his challenge in life, from a different "pair of eyes", a new found understanding of reality, is similar to casting a ray of light on a darkened path. 

Suddenly, we have hope again; A belief that things can and will change for the better. 

Once we act from a place of inner peace, (a result of introspection), we gain the ability to access knowledge and insights that would not otherwise be available.

My dream is to reach as many people as possible, and together with you, I'll be able to accomplish my mission.  

My challenge is how to reach and make direct contact with the people who can benefit most from my expertise as a life coach. 

Out of appreciation to you, I'd love to hear your ideas about how to reach more people in order to share with them my thoughts and way of viewing life.

Thank you for taking 
The time to read. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015


We've all been hurt, wounded, at some point in our lives. Invariably, what causes the most "trouble" for us are the issues from our past, from our younger years, that were not properly dealt with.

We don't stay young forever, we grow up real fast and sometimes, under certain conditions, on our own.

The only way we can make it easier on ourselves is when we muster the courage to open ourselves up to be healed, so we can be whole again.

It's a conscious effort we have to make everyday, to forgive and love ourselves.

The things that have been burdening us lay very heavy on our hearts.
If we never pay attention to that sweet, innocent hurt child in us, we can never grew emotionally, we can not change our lives. 

If we continuously punish that little boy/girl subconsciously and or consciously, we will keep creating havoc in all that we do. 

How can we place value on our lives if we never felt loved, shown by example how to love or taught what love really is? 

It's no surprise when a series of situations "appear" on our doorstep that we're unequipped to handle. 

Instead of hating ourselves for all of our past mistakes; things we've said or done, because of what we've  gone through, why not love the child in us and nurture him back to health?

Find a baby picture of yourself. Look at the picture of that sweet, innocent child and ask yourself, Isn't he lovable? Doesn't he deserve to be loved and cared for? 

Of course he is! He deserves to be loved unconditionally and nurtured and cared for, protected and safe. 

It is your job to fulfill the needs of your inner child. Once you can look at that picture and see yourself, you can begin to see the truth. 

Now is the time to start the healing process. You can finally get rid of all those skeletons in your closet and be much more emotionally available to all of those who need and love you! 

Only you can do this work. No one can do it for you, nobody can wipe away all of your pain. You need to do it yourself or with the help of a professional. Non the less, it must be done. Otherwise, you're missing out on all the beauty in life! 

You must get yourself off of the hook. You must do this or you will never truly be free. 

Free yourself from any and all feelings of guilt; It's time to forgive yourself and others. 

Stop the "blame game" just take responsibility. Realize that whatever actions you took in the past, at that time, you've done the best that you could with what you knew and had.

It's ok! Those were times that you weren't fully aware of what you were doing. 

Perhaps, instead of beating yourself up, you need to pat yourself on the back! Look at the odds that were stacked against you! 

You defied the odds! You should be proud of yourself! Even if you've  made mistakes along the way, you're only human you know! 

Who doesn't do things that in retrospect they feel badly about? Cut yourself some slack! 

We were not meant to be perfect. Otherwise, what would be left for us to do here? 

We're suppose to take an imperfect situation and make it as perfect as we possibly can. Not more or less! 

It's time to grow up and take charge and put the past behind you once and for all... NO MORE FACES AND VOICES IN YOUR HEAD! Tell them to leave you alone and be gone!!!! 

It's time to LIVE!

It's time to make a new life for yourself and be that example that wasn't shown to you. 

Be a good friend to the people that want your friendship. Give of yourself emotionally! Take those risks. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you love that little boy/girl.

Be content just being YOU! Then watch your life really change. You will sleep soundly at last. You deserve to be free and loved. Loved for who you are! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


It was a typical hot, humid day in the summer of 2011 in Chicago. I travelled there from my home in south Florida to participate in an event held by a famous speaker. 

The speaker was up on stage taking a crowd of 5,000 people, me included, through a meditative process. 

The speaker's powerful voice, along with a soft background music reverberated throughout the halls. 

I was standing there in the dark, listening and taking in the powerful words; The speaker took us back in time, to our past hurtful events in order to be able to release ourselves from the pain we had once experienced. 

People around me were screaming and crying remembering their pain, while I too recalled my own pain. 

It was then when it hit me like a ton of bricks: "There's so much pain in this world ..."

It was as if there were wounded animals all around me, I could feel their sorrow penetrating me to my core level. 

I had already done a lot of work on myself, that's the reason as to why I believed I hadn't been as affected by this process as others were around me.

Suddenly, my body trembled uncontrollably, as the realization of my purpose became clear to me. 

"I want to help people overcome their pain, I want to make a difference."

I knew this is my calling. This is what I've been waiting for. 

I had made it my purpose in life to minimize the pain of others, to the best of my ability, using the professional skills I've acquired along with my personal experience and growth.  

My goal is to connect people back to their essence, to who they really are, so that they can live a more fulfilling and happier lives. 

We can all make the choice to not let our past interfere with the happiness we can create today, no matter what we have been through.

Monday, September 7, 2015


Unfortunately, many people work in jobs that are unfulfilling.

They feel frustrated and angry,for not being able to "release" themselves from their current situation, and  make the necessary changes to feel better. 

Truth be said; No one wants or likes to do what they do not enjoy doing!

The question is; How much control do we have over how we feel? And what can we do in order to shift our  emotions to what we want to experience?

What will happen if instead of staying miserable, you concentrate on what you enjoy doing?

What do you care most about in life? What do you value? Is it love? Is it happiness? 

What do you actively do in your daily interactions in order to feel good about yourself? 

I believe that in order to create change in your outer circumstances, what you are experiencing at the moment, you need to make an internal change, which in turn will allow you to see things from a different angle.

Everything in life depends upon the purpose to which we aspire. If my goal in life is to be rich, to have more money than I know what to do with, it could very well be that no amount, however great, will ever be enough for me.

However, if at every moment, I focus on making myself happy and feeling good inside, as much as I possibly can, most probably I will be able to achieve my goal.

Believe it or not, what matters most is how you choose to feel at any given moment!

Friday, September 4, 2015


Assuming you believe that there is a higher power, God, then, you may also believe that everything that happens to us; All the situations, people, etc., don't just appear out of nowhere...

Perhaps there is a reason as to why we encounter specific events in our lives...  

Instead of feeling like helpless victims, maybe we should be asking ourselves; What is the lesson to be learned? How can I be a better person because of this incident? 

Our life experiences and situations don't happen to us, they happen FOR us. 

In fact, these are opportunities, gifts that are designed especially for us, in order to find out more about ourselves and others, to learn about life and ultimately to improve and better ourselves.

These experiences are what adds the spice to our lives; That's how we gain wisdom and enrichment, making us better equipped to handle any "curveball" coming our way. 

We must remember, even when life is hard for us, we need to appreciate, give thanks and pray; Never forget to recognize all the good that exists in our lives.

Be grateful for all things, even if you don't necessarily understand everything. 

The reason isn't always revealed when we want it, however it all happens for our best and highest good. 

Believe it! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


To create success in life, a person must have a vision.

This vision is not a dream. Dreams come and go.

When a person has a vision, he is awake and fully aware when seeing a vision. He knows that he is not dreaming; He realizes that this is real life.

To bring this "picture of reality" into actuality, one must stick to his vision and never forget about its existence.

If you do not make sure to keep your vision "Alive and Kicking" in your mind, everything else that doesn't receive your full attention, will slowly fade away until nothing is left. 

To produce success, we must turn our vision from imagination to sustainable reality.

How is that done? You must invest maximum effort in thinking and planning how to achieve your vision.

Creating a plan of action is like a map  spread out before us; all we need to do is follow it step by step. 

If you work on a plan without truly believing  in yourself and behaving in accordance with the person you want to become, what are the chances your vision will be manifested? 

The answer is, it will probably be a long shot, if not utterly impossible.

There must be  congruence between your vision and the actions you take in every moment.

Not next week, not next month, and not when everything is settled, but NOW.

Don't be afraid to have a big vision, even farther than you can conceive, just make sure others around you will benefit as well, going beyond your personal gain.

If we look for excuses, or wait for others to do our  "dirty work" for us, it is likely that progress will not be easily achieved.

It's not just another dream, it's YOUR VISION - if you can conceive it, 
YOU can do it!

Monday, August 31, 2015


Our natural instinct is to care for others; There is no better feeling than knowing we have uplifted a spirit or helped someone in need.

Every gesture of friendship and compassion is in no way a trivial act. On the contrary, it is the lifeblood of a prosperous and successful culture. 

We must be proactive, take the initiative and work on creating positive relationships with the people around us, rather than wait for them to make the first move.

As a result of being a part of human society, we have a strong tendency to connect to our selfish side: From an early age, we have learned behaviors that harm our natural affinity for cooperation.

We were educated to focus on achievement, which in turn instilled in us the idea that success means "I'm doing better than others."

But is that the real meaning of success, thinking that we're better than others? 

Is that what truly makes us happy?

What if we all treated one another as we would like for them to care for us? 

We must be attentive  to our behavior with family members and our community; They are an integral part of who we are. 

Our success in all walks of life greatly depends upon the support resources available to us - family, friends, or colleagues.

It is in our best interest to establish a loving and caring connection with others, as it directly effects our own progress - we need them just as much as they need us.

That is the reason why it is of utmost importance we surround ourselves with supportive people who believe in us, in order to increase our chances to blossom and bloom in everything we do.

Friday, August 28, 2015


Sometimes our longing for love may cause a lack of response from our partners. They shut down in frustration, blaming themselves for not being able to make us happy. 

At times, when we attempt to talk about it, it only makes the challenge more difficult. 

We may feel that we're not receiving the love and care that we once had, and begin questioning if we made the right choice in our partner. 

When we feel that were not "important enough", we may begin to question our self worth and or become angry at our partners for not appreciating us.

These feelings and thoughts begin to fester within us and the pain becomes unbearable. The more time goes by without reaching a resolve, the angrier and more defeated we become. 

Our partners in turn, do not understand why we are so sad ..

We may begin to consider separation or even divorce ... but is it the best solution? 

Can we look at ourselves in the mirror and say: I've done everything I can to improve my relationship? 

Instead of allowing these feelings to destroy everything we've built so far, why not think about what WE can ACTIVELY do in order to change our situation?

What if instead of keeping myself busy thinking about how unhappy I am because my needs are not being met, I will focus first on sorting out the problem and only then decide whether to divorce or not?

What will happen if I put myself a goal to become my partners lover instead of just the person I'm sharing a home with?

What if we choose to make LOVING the biggest part of our daily lives?

What if I'll focus on what I really want, will I discover parts about myself that I wasn't aware existed?  

Decide right now to stop complaining, and begin to think creatively what can you ADD to the relationship in order to make it better. 

There's a lot more we can do if only we allow ourselves to think outside the
box ...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


When we feel "stuck", it could very well be because we haven’t yet let go of the past. 

We all have experiences we'd rather not recall, events that may have caused us much pain and suffering. 

Most often, because we haven't done the inner work that's necessary to do, in order to forgive ourselves and others, we continue to manufacture  more of the same pain we once experienced.

Many years may have gone by, and the people we blame for inflicting the pain upon us may no longer be in our lives, yet we still choose consciously or unconsciously, to keep these negative memories "alive" in our minds.

We end up staying in a destructive loop of either feeling depressed and miserable or angry and hateful.

Invariably, we don't stop and ask ourselves, why am I doing this? Is this the way I want to live my life?

If you find yourself in such condition, stop for a moment and ask yourself: is this helping me to progress towards my goals in life or is it causing me to stay stuck in place? 

Who would you be if you finally rid yourself of all the negative memories from your past? 

Would you be a happier person? Would you be more productive? 

Would the people around you enjoy you more? 

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, maybe it's time to reconsider how you'd rather spend your energy... 

Perhaps, you'll decide that this is NOT who you choose to be, this is not conducive to your overall  health and well being. 

Maybe you'll choose not to stay in agony because there's so much more to live 
for ... 

Something to think about.. 

Monday, August 24, 2015


Say this mantra everyday, using your feelings and emotions, believing what you are saying is already manifesting in your life.

I am creating and manifesting my desires. 

My goals are becoming my new reality.

My intention is to take action.

I'm focused on my desires.

I'm one with the universe. 

I manifest easily and effortlessly. 

I find it easy to focus and concentrate.

My mind is clear and focused.

I'm grateful for my success. 

I'm happy and grateful to be where I'm in my life now.

I am open to new ideas and adapt new beliefs that align with my desires. 

I'm in peace.

Everyday in every way I'm getting better and better and better ~

Saturday, August 22, 2015


"It’s Hard to Fly When Something is Weighing You Down"

We must never let the sadness of our past and the fears of our future ruin the happiness of our present. 

Talking about our problems is our biggest addiction. We must break the habit and begin a discussion about our joys. 

When we invest just a bit of thought, we discover that there are an abundance of reasons for us to be happy. 

The moment we change what things mean to us, we create a lifelong transformation in our experience. 

True happiness and exhilaration doesn't require of us to do any "dare devil" acts. It comes naturally from within, if we only allow it. 

Nothing can bring you peace and happiness unless you create it  yourself - become comfortable expressing who you are at your core level - a loving, happy person. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015


"Think highly of yourself, because the world takes you at your own estimate."

No one knows you better than you know  yourself. If you appear confident about something, others will think the same.

Show some faith in yourself and others will follow. 

The difference between who you are and who you aspire to be lays in what you're willing to do about it. 

Use your will power and self-empowerment to propel yourself forward. 

True success lies in your effort and determination - not by using the weaknesses of others in order to overpower them. 

There's no need for competition in order to create a better year, and a more fulfilling life for ourselves and those around us. 

May we all focus on LOVE and not hatred; have more certainty and less worry; stay away from complications and live more simply; expect less and do more for others; give a lot and need much less; and replace our sorrows with countless smiles and happiness. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015


A prayer for peace, love, and happiness. 

Thank you God for giving me life, for giving me another opportunity to create happiness for myself and others. Thank you for all the blessings, abundance, and good fortune you've given me. 

I ask you God, to please help me  overcome the barriers of my own creation and to draw strength from the experiences I have accumulated so far. 

Please give me the strength to believe in myself, to believe I am capable of making the difference in my life as well as in the lives of those around me. 

Please give me the power to want and accommodate change; To realize and internalize that every obstacle is actually a challenge in disguise, designed especially for me. 

Please remind me, that whenever I'm going through difficult times, it's actually good for me: it's there not by chance, but rather as a way to bring me to the next junction in my life: stronger and more capable than before.  

Please help me remember that the most important thing is how I interpret the occurrences in my life, and always seek and find the goodness in everything.  

Please help me, despite the frustration that I experience from time to time, to keep the feelings of joy and enthusiasm in my heart. 

Finally dear God, please keep me and all those I care for and love dearly, safe and protected. Help me care and love not only for myself, but others as well. 


Friday, August 14, 2015


It is vital to our overall well being to learn how to control stress and tension, in order to restore balance and bring back joy in our life. 

Whenever you feel you're about to "lose it", remind yourself that thoughts and emotions come and go, and that you can CHOOSE what you want to think and feel at any given moment. 

Follow along the lines below: 

Take three breaths one after the other in synchronization, breathe from your nose and out of your mouth. 

Set the intention as you are breathing, that with each breath you become more and more relaxed and comfortable. 

Keep breathing until you feel more heart centered and more into the oneness of us all. 

Think good thoughts, think about all the great possibilities that are still awaiting for you in the future...

Know that you are good enough! Believe that you are worthy and deserving to live a happy and fulfilled life! 

You are blessed beyond measure, and you know it ...

Start acting and speaking with conviction and full intention to live a dreamy life, a life of your own creation! 

Believe that it's the absolute truth! Because it is! 

These words are meant for you to take to heart, to breathe in and to implement in your every day life.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Would you like to heighten or increase your self awareness? 

How would it feel to have a better perception of yourself and the world around you? 

It won't cost more than a few minutes of your time.

Here's an exercise you can do in order to get to know yourself a little better...

In the evening, give yourself a few minutes, to think back and reflect upon your day. 

Take out a pen and a sheet of paper and divide the paper into two columns: the good occurrences that you had throughout the day, and the less desirable ones. 

Pick one to three incidents/experiences/feelings that you like to work on or resolve, and think about what you could have done (something that was in your control) that would possibly influence or change the situation to a more favorable outcome.

For example: you had a terrible fight with your spouse right before you left for work. Things got out of hand, you lost control and insulted your wife/mate. In retrospect, you wish you hadn't said or done that.

The purpose of this exercise is not to "turn back time", unfortunately we don't have the ability to do that.
What's done is done. 

We cannot undue the past, even if it happened a split second ago..

However, what we will gain, through introspection, is a wealth of knowledge about our environment, but mainly about ourselves.

Further more, this can also provide the insight as to whether or not we have hurt someone.

More importantly, it will give us the opportunity to remedy or correct things. 

We could all use a bit of fine tuning or "tweaking", now and then. We can always improve ourselves and become better bosses, parents, spouses, friends, etc.

You'll be the judge, and decide if it's worth looking into.

Monday, August 10, 2015


How well do you know yourself and what do you truly want to achieve in life? 

Go on a journey within yourself and discover what you're passionate about, what do value about life and what is it that matters to you most. 

Ask yourself: what can I do to create meaning in my life? 

When you ask the answers come. 

Don't let life "happen to you", instead, identify your goals and create a specific, realistic plan that you know you'll be able to carry through. 

Design your optimal life where you can experience happiness, peace and inner fulfillment. 

The responsibility to "fill in the blanks" between the moment you were born till the moment you pass, is solely up to you.

You are the one who has to create content to your life.

Live everyday fully as if it was your last. Know that you can make a difference in your life as well as in the lives of others.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


All of life is energy vibrating in different frequencies. "Raise your vibrational frequency."

We live in energetic fields that hold wide-ranging vibrations. 

Everything around us is rapidly moving energy - nothing stays still. 

When a molecule - a unit of energy - is moving faster, the higher and lighter vibration it holds. Conversely, the slower it is, the heavier and denser the frequency becomes. 

What seems solid is actually in a denser frequency, because it's moving in a slower rate which makes it appear solid. 

Everything we're able to witness in this physical world, seems like solid objects. 

In reality, what we cannot see is the movement in these objects - this energy that never ceases to stay still.

The same goes for the human body - we are also made of molecules that hold varied energetic frequencies. 

Our state of mind -consciousness - which is responsible for how we FEEL at any given time, determines how fast or slow the energy moves in our bodies. 

Why is it important to fully understand the above? 

Our emotional world plays a critical part in our everyday lives. 

Anger, hate, resentment, sadness etc, hold low vibrational energy which can be detrimental to our very existence. 

That is why it's critical that we pay attention to our level of awareness and make sure to raise our frequency to a higher level in order to FEEL better. 

How do we do it? 

By focusing our energy on LOVE! By concentrating on all the positives in our lives and constantly reinforcing them.

Why do this? 

Because the quality of our lives is not contingent on how we feel, but more importantly on making a conscious effort choosing to be ok, in spite of the challenges put before us. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015


During the course of our lives, many of us tend to "nest:" build a family, make friends, create a business and or develop a career. We make various choices, and keep setting goals in order to improve our lives and get ahead. 

Most of the time, we believe that we're doing our best, for the betterment of ourselves as well as for others.

"Life's race" is a continual movement  - we're constantly doing something.

The problem arises not in the doing but in the execution; The way in which we operate.

There are times we find ourselves doing things merely to "clock in". It's not so nice to admit, but under some conditions, we go through the motions just to feel good about ourselves; I helped my friend move, I was there for my colleague from work in her time of need - yeah me!! I've done my good deed for the day!

Then we do not understand why we still end up feeling emptiness after all that we have done! We transcended above our selfish nature, reached out, and have been there for others, even when it required much effort or didn't necessarily fit in our schedule.

So we ask ourselves: why am I not getting what is "due to me"? I'm a good person! 

The thing is, in life, it's not the action that makes the difference, but rather it's our consciousness: the place from which we function.

When we take action, whether it may be a phone conversation with a friend or a board meeting, are we really there?

Are we present, in mind, in thought, with the intention to infuse positive energy and influence for the good, or are we there in our physical 
body only?

Are we thinking about the other, about what he/she really needs or do we believe we know according to our standards?

When we approach everything from the right consciousness, we can create all kinds of magic. All we need to do is be fully present, in good faith, and with a sincere desire to be there for others.

Then everything will look and feel different and we'll be able to experience the elation we so long for.