Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Do you ever feel as though you are being pulled in two different directions? 

Does it seem there is a battle going on inside of you? 

No wonder you're feeling this way ... We are constantly being controlled by two opposing forces - two voices in our head. 

One represents the dark side, our ego - It is loud, righteous, always urging us to react to external situations and act on a whim. 

The other is the Light - our spirit whispering faintly to us; It is barely heard, reminding us softly what's right and enlightening and sometimes it comes in flash of inspiration. 

We must learn to intently listen, in order to distinguish between these two voices; they are the determining factors of our thoughts and behavior.

In fact these voices rule our lives, for the good or bad. 

So what can we do to overcome this battling voices? 

Listen to everything; The secret to uncovering blessings in the midst of chaos, is knowing that what seems to be chaotic is actually a blessing in disguise. 

There is a hidden potential for growth during an attempt to escape the temporary situation of darkness/disorder in your life. 

When faced with the choice of which voice to listen to, focus on the Light, and silence the darkness within, for the Light will always guide you to the right path; the illuminated path of God.

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Love & Blessings 
Yours Estee ❤️