Saturday, November 29, 2014


When you get angry or hurt, when you blow up and lash out your frustration, do you blame others for the way you feel and behave? 

Or ... do you look at it as an opportunity to take command and manage yourself for the better?

Ponder on this thought: 

The difficult situations you are encountered by, and the people who you struggle 
with - the "cause" of your discomfort - are actually messengers.

They have been "assigned" to deliver a message specifically to you, in order to help you change, evolve and become a better person.

This notion may not be easy to accept, and yes, it does take a strong will to change ...

It may cause some hurt and discomfort, but it's well worth the effort. 

Why? Because it will help you understand what triggers you... 

Once you view pain as your teacher, and not as your enemy, you'll be able to transform it into a life lesson. 

You'll be able to see it as a true opportunity for growth and empathy. 

Eventually, you'll become more and more refined and in the end, you'll shine like a sparkling diamond ~

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Wishing all my family, friends and loved ones a happy and healthy holiday ✨

May your home be blessed with abundance and joy.

May you reap the seeds that you've planted.

May the love of family and friends sweeten your life.

May you be guided to a blessed future.

May your love be rewarded and your life enriched this thanksgiving holiday ❤️

LOVE is not just an electromagnetic, chemical reaction going on in our brain, it is not just a feeling that we can feel or imagine.

Love is a real force that can change reality as we know it.

Love is a force to care for yourself and everyone around you. 

Love is an innate human ability that empowers you to heal yourself and others. 

Love is a choice we make everyday, not based on a particular mood or feeling we're in, but rather because love is the glue that keeps all of our parts working together.

Stay in love with the power of love, no matter what...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


A person needs to become accustomed to listening to himself - to his true desires. 

When a person listens to the other voice - the voice which is not aligned with his interests, he becomes distracted and confused. 

He must learn to resist; know how to tune into the right voice. 

How does one turn on the resistance force?

When the brain projects images of destruction, death, horror, anger, negativity etc, filling up one's consciousness, one must search within, uncover and project a counter image - an image of joy and hope. 

When operating in this manner, at that moment precisely, one brings about "resurrection" - which is, creating light out of darkness, life out of death. 

Resurrection occurs when one exchanges the negative for the positive - replacing the image one focuses on. 

That is the war - you fight the negative force within, through focus, faith and prayer. 

You must train yourself, repeat it regularly while never giving up. 

Eventually you'll learn that if you fall it is not the end. Why? Because we constantly fall, but learn to switch between the images that are being projected in our minds. 

You'll consciously choose to follow the positive voice. 

This practice never ends - because if death did not exist, your life would not be worth living ~

Sunday, November 23, 2014


What is the SECRET of life?

Is it tranquility and peace we seek most, or excitement and enthusiasm we want more? 

Do we crave peace of mind, or ecstasy, allowing tasty flavors to roam around?

Is there one road traveled by most, or are there unlimited paths to cross?

Do we have a destiny to fulfill, or is it luck that rules fate, no matter how twisted we get?  

Is there a difference between truth and lie, or did we all turn a blinded eye?

Is there a universal truthfulness needed to be learned, or are there varied views and that's why chaos cannot be subduded?

The meaning of life lies deeply within: peeling layer by layer, uncovering the sought after soul, desired by all ~

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Our empathy for the feelings of others is one of our most important social and human qualities.

Empathy allows us to take a "peek" within, to realize we all have our faults, our good days and bad days, our inability to see the "whole picture", our strong need to survive and come out on top. 

It gives us the opportunity to give love, not only to ourselves, but to also provide it whole heartedly to others.

Empathy improves our communication skills, enabling us to experience joyful, loving relationship where sharing and unity are what we value most. 

This is emphasized less and less by the ever-growing individualism in this world.

We can't help but want to want, want to achieve, want to grow, want for ourselves only. 

That's how we were born. The body comes first - with burning needs and desires to satiate oneself only.

It is later on in life, when we finally shed "a few layers" when we arrive at the understanding, that we can only be at peak performance, when we care NOT for ourselves only, but also for the best interest of those around us.

A personal evolution is necessary because we have strayed too far from ourselves, only spiritual wisdom makes us understand.

We must face our own "demons", look at our deepest and most darkest fears, in order to allow personal evolution to take place - it naturally becomes available to us by the challenges and hurdles we experience throughout our lives journey. 

Spiritual wisdom comes with a price - there are no free meals. We must earn our "bread" - according to our own design ✨

Friday, November 21, 2014


In order to achieve anything, you must constantly improve and move forward in life. A person can choose to go one of two ways: "Front door" or "back door" ..

Coming through the front door means when a person has a vision, he is centered and determined. 

He is focused on his passion to achieve his vision, not allowing anything to disturb him on the way.

Invariably, such a person, has a good and fulfilling life. 

However, most people's advancement in life, is achieved by use of the back door only.

In order for these people to transition from place to place, they have to have crisis (illness), or trauma happen (job termination), so they can move forward (be enlightened) to the next place.

It is difficult to become spiritually uplifted or enlightened, without ever experiencing some disturbance.

Difficulties are what  invariably shape us - it is going through the challenges that makes us better in every sense of the word.

In order for us to realize our essence and become creators, we must have crises and difficulties in our lives - that's how we create something from nothing.

When all is well and calm, and we sit quietly, lets face it, there's no real creativity involved.

How long can you go on a vacation for? 

You're not here to rest, you are here to keep moving ~

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Through confronting
our biggest fears,
our most secret frustrations,

with bravery at heart,
we gain forgiveness
for ourselves
and others, loving
compassionately and freely,

forgoing hardship and disappointment,
vividly seeing the
enormity of opportunity,
and internalizing the
eternal truth.

Our souls
reconnect selflessly
with their
Primal Creator,
welcoming us lovingly
back home.

We finally attain
endless bliss, and
Beyond belief ~


You do not always have to reach the bottom - your biggest upset.

You can learn through other people's "bottom" - Who is a wise man, one who learns from the experience of others.

It may appear to be selfish, but a caring "selfish"person, truly wants to have it good, however, he worries about others well being as well as his own.

Conversely, one who is only concerned with himself - the egoist - does not understand why he is so unhappy ...

Then, he either stays in his misery or he begins to recognize how the world works and starts operating differently.

A person that instantly arrives at great success, never experiencing grief and pain, when everything is handed on a silver platter, does not own his success.

He did not earn it, therefore, he cannot keep it as his own.

However, when you reach "overnight success" - which is actually hard work of many years - then, you can experience inner fulfillment.

There are no free meals!

A person should focus on his goals. The more his direct purpose is defined, and the more pain and sorrow of others he's been exposed to (what he learned along the way), the greater personal power he gains in order to reach his goal.

The more concern you have for yourself only: "me, myself and what I deserve... " - you are actually digging a hole for yourself - it is not at all clear whether you'll ever climb out, back to safety.

There are many people who fall and never get back up again - they have lost the "coordinates" to their purpose in the fall itself - they are in the dark and they do not even see it ..

For example, a person can go through a terrible trauma, and from that moment on, that is what defines his life - the victim of trauma never left the pit.

He becomes angry and blames the whole world. Outwardly, it seems like he has forgotten, however the pathology paints a different picture.

"I want to take revenge on the whole world because I suffered ...." 

"I suffered... therefore, its OK for me to be cruel to the world that has been cruel to me ... I deserve it.. "

"Who has to pay me back for my suffering?"


In the extreme of things - that is how people become killers.

No matter what trauma you've gone through, it still does not give you the "license" to be cruel ..

The greatness of man is measured by his ability to "climb above sorrow", grow from it and become a better person ~

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Life, an unseen orchestra,
playing an invisible symphony
blind to the eye,
deaf to the ear.
Our minds, fine tuning
involuntarily notes,
holding melancholic or
blissful vibrations.
We may pay closer
attention to our intentions
for our thoughts, bring about
powerful emotions, creating
all that we dream
can actually happen ✨

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The world is full of cactus, but we don't have to sit on it. 
- Will Foley

Have you ever had one of those days, where everything seems as though it's going wrong?

You wake up in the morning with a headache, your partner makes a negative remark, you get in your car, you get a flat tire... Finally, when you get to the office, you find a letter sitting on your desk telling you your job has just been terminated.

Quite a mouthful, don't you think?

You slump down on your chair, holding the letter in your hand in complete disbelief, saying to yourself: "what the heck just happened, WHY"?

Right at that pivotal moment, what usually remains concealed from most people's eyes are the forces which come into play, in each and every incident: Cause and effect.

Depending upon your level of awareness, your actions will be a direct result of your state of mind.

If you know that one action leads to the other, and that essentially everything is energy, what would you do, see, hear, or feel if your partner woke up on the "wrong side of the bed" and decided to take it out on you? 

Scenario one:
You could take what he said to you personally, feel offended, lash out at him and the whole incident can become explosive in no time at all, right? 

For the most part, We've all "been there, and done that..."

Scenario two:
Your partner just said something he shouldn't have said.. Initially you feel hurt, but then you immediately shift your focus from yourself and your hurt feelings, towards your partner. 

You begin thinking about him.. Why would he say that? What is really bothering him? Is it me or am I just the scapegoat to his negative emotions? 

Awareness changes everything!

By being more aware of yourself you expand your  understanding of others - you enable yourself to be more compassionate through sensing what others feel. 

You gain control of your thoughts and emotions which make you less impulsive or reactive.

It allows you to pause and consider things a little more deeply, from a completely different angle. 

That is how you can stop the inevitable chain reaction - you have the power to defuse any situation, but in order to do that, you must firstly be AWARE.

This is not to say, that you should accept abuse or any other behavior that arouse feelings of anguish in you.

Awareness provides you with a whole lot more control of YOURSELF and how YOU choose to behave ~

Sunday, November 16, 2014


All your problems will disappear once you give yourself unconditional self love.

Be one with the feeling of simply being... Love yourself!

Allow yourself to explore and expand the feeling of love inwardly to yourself, and outwardly to the world around you.

Realize, that once you are experiencing/being a hundred percent loving, nobody will ever try to take advantage of you.

It's only when you are vibrating, 'I don't trust', that you are sending the universe, 'I'm going to get hurt'..

What is actually occurring in your mind and body, is that you are seeing images, and experiencing feelings of becoming vulnerable - which naturally, you are trying to avoid at all cost. 

You are, as always, creating your own reality, depending upon your own filters and past experiences.

What you are ultimately doing, is perpetuating the same feeling you are trying to avoid.

If happiness and inner peace, are what you are seeking, you have to let go of the destructive "stories" you keep telling yourself. 

You see, your mind is an amazing tool - it can either build you up, slowly, "brick by brick", or become the fortified wall between yourself and what you want most. 

You may be saying to yourself right now, what can I do, this is who I am, I have a defect... 

However, that is a cop-out, and you know it!

You CAN change. All you have to do is WANT it badly enough.

Allow all the horror stories and negative feelings, disappear and dissolve from your reality - watch them leave you...

Become friends with yourself once again, by telling yourself only "tales" that can serve you and the people around you, in the best way possible ~

Friday, November 14, 2014


Is being "right" all that important?

Problems generally arise when I think that the person in front of me is right, meaning that I am wrong.

Is that true? Can I achieve unity with another person with this way of thought?

Probably not.

This kind of thought process is a condition of fractions and division - it has no real meaning and does not reflect the true reality.

When one reaches a state of learning the righteousness of each person, he doesn't become bothered by others - he does not take anything personally.

Everyone is right - from where I see things, I'm right - I see something that others do not, but that still does not mean they are not right from where they see and experience reality.

What does it means to see "eye to eye"?

Each person sees things in a way that is unique to him/her, therefore, everyone's right.

Just as there is no one person that contains the whole universe, because each person has only one corner of the universe.

When can I see the truth? 

Only when I'm connected to Oneness.

Only when I can see the truth through my eyes, and through the eyes of others.

Everyone has their point, that's true justice - to see that there is enough Light for everyone - there is no lack, no sense of separation ~

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Let's be honest, have you ever felt like a victim? Of someone, of something .. Victim of circumstance ... Maybe just a little? I can tell you that I have. I used to blame my father for saying all those "nice words" to me... And yes, I blamed a few other significant people in my life, for doing what "they have done to me." I later learned that blaming is useless, it doesn't take you anywhere; the exact opposite is true, it actually keeps you stuck in place. We all go through experiences, some are within our control, and some are not. We don't have the governing power with controlling everything that occurs in our lives. That's why it is so easy for us to say; "what can I do, she made me, he did it... they did it to me.. It's all because".. Some of us can find ourselves saying, I couldn't control myself he brought out the devil in me ... Is that true? Can someone make us do something that we don't allow or agreed to? We can never ever be held responsible for anyone other than ourselves. As human beings we are all part of multiple social systems, such as the family or the workplace. Consciously and / or unconsciously those who are in close contact with us, can directly influence us to the core. That is how we form our beliefs and values - in a sense, it becomes imprinted on us, down to our DNA. However, we can never blame anyone for doing something to us, (excluding acts of crime, although some would argue otherwise). We can never judge or know why people act the way that they do. We cannot control anyone - only ourselves! We can however, affect others in a positive way, by exemplifying the behavior we would like to see in them. It's so much easier for us, to look the other way, and point a finger. It's much harder for us to face ourselves, to look within. Honestly, if we want to be free, to taste the true sweetness of freedom, we must cut the cords, to any attachment from any sort, to any ill feelings, towards anyone and everything. This heaviness that we've been holding hostage within, isn't good for our health. Literally. We are both the prisoner and the warden. And the key ...THE KEY IS IN OUR HEANDS.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


How can I become more skillful in managing my stress levels and live my life in a more productive way?

What is stress? Is it real?

Stress is a response to the stream of energy going around me.

One person's stress can be another persons idea of fun - for example, bungee jumping - some may see it as a thrill and some are terrified by the mere thought...

Stress is an internal representation of my external environment. 

It doesn't become real until I give it the platform to thrive in.

How can I avoid or even be able to eliminate stress from my life?

I can begin to observe my thoughts and feelings and see how they are affecting me.

Energy flows where my attention goes...

Nothing can ever bother me unless I allow it to ..

I need to work with my energy from the inside out, and not the other way around.


Instead of trying to change the external circumstances, which sometimes I have no control over, I can change the way I think and feel about them. 

Once I gain more control of my emotional world, I can meet life's demands effortlessly.

The more I work on myself from the inside, the more I transcend in the face of any challenge. 

I don't need to resist.

I need to become more aware.

I will take responsibility and overcome stress with my ability to create my own reality. 

I will use my G-d given gifts of creativity, insight, and intuition. 

I will not succumb to external forces with my old thinking patterns, and create tension in my body. 

I will live in magic and enjoyment because I am a part of the energetic flow around me ~

Friday, November 7, 2014


Invariably, relationships come together in order to move you forward or heal you from something that occurred in the past.

You want to be in relationships that open you up, that enable you to feel free to be yourself and say anything that you want to say without holding back.

You are not always aware of the reasons why you are attracted to certain people.

However, you can always tell what makes you feel good inside.

You can use the "feeling barometer" - you may not know how to intellectualize things but your body can always tell.

Check within yourself and feel what you're feeling - what's important is that you feel good inside.

You can tell when you're tense and when you are relaxed around some people - you can feel when your heart is open or when you need to protect.

You must realize that sometimes people come into our lives for a period of time: for a specific reason, perhaps to teach us a lesson, or to help us work through an issue.

We get what we needed out of the relationship and then they go on their way. 

We all have our path and journey in life, we all have our unique gifts to bring to the world. 

However, we can't do it with everyone for the rest of our lives, sometimes we just need to let go.

When you are authentic and true to yourself, you know what's perfect 
for you ~

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


What is the most prominent feature of the Creator?  

He is the Creator and no one decides for him.  

It is also a dominant feature of the human being. 

Who creates success for me? Only me!  

You can not create success for anybody but yourself.  

A person can only be satisfied when something comes to him from his own power - when he knows that he created it. 

Just as no one can do for the Creator, we do not like to have things handed to us.  

There are many stories about people who had won the lottery, or inherited a large sum of money, and then their lives got destroyed by the "winning".  

You can not be truly happy unless you have created something on your own.   

You can not make anyone happy - not as a partner, not as a parent and not as a friend - you are solely responsible for your own happiness.  

The world was built on an inherent contradiction right from the start: man was created to make mistakes, that is how he learns and progresses. 

So, do not see mistakes / failures as the end of the world.  

It is human to err, but divine to correct the error. 

So when you make a mistake, there is an opportunity for you to fix it - before it was "broken" there was nothing to fix.  

For example, after you've had a fight with your loved one, making up is much sweeter if you know how to forgive and move on. 

Yes, it's hard work but it pays off at the end. You did not come into the world to be perfect, you did not come to do things "right".   

You're obviously going to make mistakes, and as long as you live you will make mistakes: the more you do, the more mistakes you'll make.  

There is no point in waiting for the perfect relationship, perfect career or perfect life - forget it - it all comes only through hard work and perseverance.  

Perfect life, means the end of life. It's death. 

You are not here in order to be perfect. You came here to work. 

You wanted the imperfect to make it perfect. To complete the whole - to earn your success.  

You did not come here in search of the perfect. 

There is no such thing as perfection. 

What is perfect is how you deal with the imperfect.  

You can let it destroy you, or you can say to yourself: how do I get the most out of this.  

As always, the choice is yours ~

Monday, November 3, 2014


A conscious person transcends beyond his own boundaries, (the confines of his body) connects back to his soul, and says, I am a part of creation. 

I was not created to be in this XYZ situation. He stops recycling old and stuck emotions, and finds the way out.

He overpowers his inclination to be in response, knowing, he creates it all. 

He knows that at any moment in time, his life is dependent solely on him and the way in which he chooses to manage his life.

A Creator/conscious person, wakes up in the morning and says, today I will have a good day. 

Such a person, is able to see the big picture, just a little beyond the end of his nose ..

Meaning, he is not just aware and concerned of himself, but he also worries about other people's well fair. 

A true Creator, stands bravely facing the challenge - even if it is a disease, God forbid, or the failure of a close relationship - he does not blame anyone, or complains about anything.

He is consciously aware of himself, of the power within him - his very essence as a Creator, and uses his abilities to empower himself and those around him.

This is not about a metaphorical entity, or some fairy tale, it is a depiction of an enlightened soul. 

That soul is in you and me, and everyone else.

What could be more empowering, than knowing that you - with the use of YOUR two hands, are the one creating the reality of your life???

Saturday, November 1, 2014


God/universe, please help me be free from my limiting thoughts and beliefs, rid me from all that is burdening me and holding me back.   

Give me the ability to change what no longer serves my highest and best potential.    

Render me with inner strength to forgive myself and others.   

Allow me to give from the heart. 

Give me the unquestionable ability to love myself and others.   

Grant me the wisdom to embrace and love all that's around me; including and not limited by what appears to be different from my kind.
Help me do what makes me happy, be with who makes me smile, laugh as much as I breath and 
love as long as I live. 

Allow me to transcend beyond my challenges and obstacles, so I can fulfill my destiny and be the creator I was intended to be, Amen!

Ask for what you want and believe it's coming to you. 

Be at peace within yourself ~