Thursday, November 27, 2014


Wishing all my family, friends and loved ones a happy and healthy holiday ✨

May your home be blessed with abundance and joy.

May you reap the seeds that you've planted.

May the love of family and friends sweeten your life.

May you be guided to a blessed future.

May your love be rewarded and your life enriched this thanksgiving holiday ❤️

LOVE is not just an electromagnetic, chemical reaction going on in our brain, it is not just a feeling that we can feel or imagine.

Love is a real force that can change reality as we know it.

Love is a force to care for yourself and everyone around you. 

Love is an innate human ability that empowers you to heal yourself and others. 

Love is a choice we make everyday, not based on a particular mood or feeling we're in, but rather because love is the glue that keeps all of our parts working together.

Stay in love with the power of love, no matter what...