Saturday, November 1, 2014


God/universe, please help me be free from my limiting thoughts and beliefs, rid me from all that is burdening me and holding me back.   

Give me the ability to change what no longer serves my highest and best potential.    

Render me with inner strength to forgive myself and others.   

Allow me to give from the heart. 

Give me the unquestionable ability to love myself and others.   

Grant me the wisdom to embrace and love all that's around me; including and not limited by what appears to be different from my kind.
Help me do what makes me happy, be with who makes me smile, laugh as much as I breath and 
love as long as I live. 

Allow me to transcend beyond my challenges and obstacles, so I can fulfill my destiny and be the creator I was intended to be, Amen!

Ask for what you want and believe it's coming to you. 

Be at peace within yourself ~