Friday, October 31, 2014


Pain is designed to purify and make us humble; To be genuine toward ourselves and others. 

It enables us to gain a better understanding of the other's agony. 

It's there to make it easier for us to remove our masks, and uncover our real selves - it's okay to hurt.

Pain can also serve as an indicator to what needs our attention, so we can come to a resolution and move on.

It is important for us to experience all range of feelings - they all serve a purpose. 

However, staying in hate, resentment, anger or any other kind of negativity,  can adversely affect us long term, and can even be dangerous to our physical and mental health. 

Therefore, happiness is a feeling we must strive to experience as much as we can. 

True happiness comes when we become comfortable expressing who we are at our core level - loving and giving souls. 
Those who learn to turn darkness into light, and bitterness into sweetness are entitled to be in heaven.

By the way, heaven, is not somewhere up in the skies or, in the unseen future...It is right here, right now, moment to moment...