Friday, October 31, 2014


Pain is designed to purify and make us humble; To be genuine toward ourselves and others. 

It enables us to gain a better understanding of the other's agony. 

It's there to make it easier for us to remove our masks, and uncover our real selves - it's okay to hurt.

Pain can also serve as an indicator to what needs our attention, so we can come to a resolution and move on.

It is important for us to experience all range of feelings - they all serve a purpose. 

However, staying in hate, resentment, anger or any other kind of negativity,  can adversely affect us long term, and can even be dangerous to our physical and mental health. 

Therefore, happiness is a feeling we must strive to experience as much as we can. 

True happiness comes when we become comfortable expressing who we are at our core level - loving and giving souls. 
Those who learn to turn darkness into light, and bitterness into sweetness are entitled to be in heaven.

By the way, heaven, is not somewhere up in the skies or, in the unseen future...It is right here, right now, moment to moment...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


No one enjoys traveling on any path of life alone.

The balance and perspective which come from caring about others and allowing others to care for us, IS the  essence of life. 

Why would we want to go about life alone and deny those who love us most, the joy and blessings which come from sharing?

The truth is, in order to maintain a healthy mind and body, it is of utmost importance to be able to purge ourselves; to reveal the emotions within. 

When we repress and hide feelings, eventually they could appear in our bodies in the from of a disease. 

Sometimes ill-feelings can manifest themselves as infections, various ailments, or ulcers. 

As time passes, with no proper treatment and while tumultuous emotions go haywire, a deadly disease (dis- ease) may break out. 

We all need at least one person in our lives, so we can share and relieve ourselves from the pain we're holding onto. 

A great amount of stress can be alleviated by merely speaking out and communicating what we feel. 

At times it can even turn out to be the exact "drug" we needed...

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Humor me if you will, just for a moment...
I believe, that there isn't "right" or "wrong". There is only perception. I don't believe that anything that we're aware of is random.
I believe that there are certain things and ideas which are beyond our perception, outside our understanding and what we may perceive as being logical.
Often times we'll be experiencing some"technical difficulties" in conceptualizing certain beliefs, or judgments that are not founded on proof, or certainty...
But, if you give it a try, with an open mind, a mind that isn't searching for ways to rebuttal, but rather consider a different point of view, an alternative approach, I believe you will see "things" a bit differently...
Please don't allow the title to scare you away;
We are compelled to believe that there is more to us than merely the images we see reflecting back at us from the mirror. There has to be "something" greater dwelling within.
The energy, the diverse emotions we feel, our racing thoughts - they're all a part of what we commonly refer to as our soul - it is our ever expandable and eternal higher self.
We are not composed of just our bodies. 
There's a specific purpose for each of us being here on earth.
It doesn't seem logical that we only came here for the reason of simply existing: waking up day after day, going to work, raising our children and doing countless mindless tasks.
It's really all about our souls.
Each soul chose to come forth and experience circumstances throughout its life time span, which would provide it (our soul) with the opportunities to be connected to the "light" as opposed to the "darkness", with each choice that we make.
These manifestation of circumstances didn't just happen to "show up", but rather so we can take advantage of the position we're in and make as many positive, well intentioned choices.
These choices would potentially turn each "darkened corner" appearing in our lives into a lighted one.
Simply meaning, with the proper mindset, we'll feel obliged to always come from a place of love and compassion: to love the other as we do ourselves. This of course, takes maturity, awareness and a deeper understanding of how things work.
Once we'll fully comprehend that this is our purpose; to constantly grow, evolve and upgrade ourselves to better human beings, we'll allow the modification to come about more smoothly. And than, we will become different in some way.
By modifying ourselves, we'll be able to bring about a better version of ourselves and a tremendous benefit, not only in our own lives, but also to the lives of those around us.
We need not lose our identity or essence in order to become more refined.
Ultimately, we'll become much like a polished diamond, shining brightly from within, with each act of love that we'll be participating in.
Because we are all ONE.
Each of us represents a Godly sparkle, a tiny piece of the whole. A part of the wonderful, and wondrous world we're all sharing together as ONE..

Friday, October 24, 2014


It is our own filtration method, (meaning, our personal belief system), which leads to judgment toward ourselves and others. 

It's time to ask if what we believe in, is actually TRUE - or, are we being enslaved by the meanings we choose to attach to the events, and experiences occurring in our lives? 

We must keep in mind, that WE are the ones who are responsible for our own quality of life! 

Today, I reached a decision; there isn't any more room in my life for negative, self defeating feelings or behavior.

What IS important, is that I become fully aware that I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY, and so are YOU, and YOU.....

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Live in such a way that those who know you but don't know God, will come to acknowledge God, because they know you and recognize His virtues manifesting in all that you are ~

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Your tone of voice is a key determinant in how others perceive you - it is just as important, if not more than the actual words you use! 

Friendliness can be projected through the words used and the emphasis should be on using courteous, thoughtful, and caring language when engaging with other.

A "friendly" voice lets people know that they can trust, rely upon, and be reassured by you.

Consider how you can introduce a sense of a smile into your voice without necessarily having to smile.

Always keep a smile on your face - It's a wonderful add-on to your friendly tone.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Just arrived back from Phoenix, Arizona. 

Had a most amazing experience at #riseliveevent speakers event.

Not only that I learned a lot, I also had the honor to be in the presence of some of most amazing and powerful women I have ever met!!

I feel blessed and elated!!

But, Dorothy is still right... There's no place like home 😃

Family is everything ❤️

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Happy birthday to the child who stole my heart, and who has kept it all these years. 

Don’t worry about returning it; it’s happy where it is.


I clearly remember, the moment, abba and me decided what name we would give YOU - the little baby girl growing in my belly. 

It is as if it were just yesterday ... although a little more than 26 years had gone by since.

I was 7 or 8 months pregnant, plumping up ... :) while you were nestled safely inside me.

We were at a movie theater, watching "Hiding Out" - I don't remember much about the movie, but I can recall exactly when I decided in my heart, that Ryan, will be the name that would suit you best.

Ryan was the name of the lead actress, played by Annabeth Gish.

Abba and I were both impressed with this so called, "boys name", Ryan, for a girl, and decided at once that's going to be your name.

The moment I took a good look at you, I knew we made the right choice.

That day was the happiest day I had ever experienced. 

Today is your blessed 26th birthday, and I am celebrating the best gift I had ever received -YOU!

Thank you for coming into my world and shining your light upon us all ✨✨✨✨✨✨

Ryan Maytal, When I look at you now, I feel honored and blessed to call you MY DAUGHTER. 

How can I not?? You have grown into a remarkable woman; a most loving and dedicated mother to our handsome grandson, Liel, a loyal friend and on top of it all, you also make the difference in so many people's lives, doing your job as an educator.

What more can I ask for???

To you, my baby, my little girl, my daughter, I wish the best of health, happiness and success in all that you wish and dream for. 

I wish you to always love yourself unconditionally, expand this love within you, and share it with everyone else. 

I love you more than words could say, and know, I'm always and forever here for you ...

Please promise to take good care of me when I get old, and can't write anymore ... ;-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The number one cause of all human suffering is a distorted self perception, at the subconscious level. 

Our discomfort in life does not stem from the beliefs we have about love, success, happiness, etc.

Everything begins and ends within us, in the way we relate to the world around us, and with the beliefs we hold about ourselves. 

That is the true source - that is what dictates the blueprint of our lives.

It really doesn't matter how others see us, It always boils down to how we see ourselves. 

Do truly you love yourself? What is your opinion about yourself? 

When was it last, that you had taken the time to ask what do you think of yourself?

Who are you? What do you want? What is most important to you? 

What do you value above all else?

By taking the time to look internally, deeply within, we gain a world of sacred knowledge. 

Wisdom, which can not be found anywhere other then the depths of the human soul - our inner sparkle, glowing from within. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Have you ever thought to yourself why things are not going your way? 

Maybe the culprit is your thought pattern?

In order to change your outer world, you must attend to your inner world first. 

Understand the power of your thoughts, after all, they are what determines the quality of your life and future.

What you are thinking today, not only affects how you feel in the moment, but is also what creates your tomorrow. 

Perhaps you should begin writing your thoughts down... 

1- Begin by planning ahead and organizing your thoughts - see how fast your life can change.

2 - Take control and assume  responsibility for your thoughts it will give you the sense of stability you are seeking. 

Stability will give you a feeling of certainty - it will bring you inner peace and happiness.

Understand your body’s language, and reprogram your thoughts and emotions in a powerful and autonomous way, ultimately creating for yourself a life of harmony.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Where does inspiration come from?

Where do we get our visions and ideas?

Do they just randomly come to us?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why an idea come to you and not to anyone else?

What if your vision came to you, because it should be expressed through you??

Maybe it's the Universe/ Creator, whispering a message to you ...

You were carefully selected to bring your creative thinking to life.

Your vision or idea comes to you at a certain time, because this energy needs to be revealed to the world through you!

Do not underestimate your ability to create something out of nothing.

Take advantage of the opportunity while you still have it, or it will land on someone else's lap, and you will regret not taking action.

Do not wait until you're ready - you will never think you're sufficiently ready!

As long as you're quiet and attentive, the messages will continue to flow to you ...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Are you seeking for ways to be more relaxed, or maybe just reduce your stress levels? 

So why not meditate?

You may be saying to yourself: "are you kidding? who has time for meditation... ?"

If your overall well being is important to you, you need to consider the following:

Meditation doesn't necessarily mean that you have to take hours of your day in order to relax.

It just means that you care enough about yourself to give yourself a few moments of peace.

There are countless benefits to meditation: relaxation, peace of mind, inner balance, and harmony. 

Meditation oasis... Simply being - a few minutes of quiet time can go a long way ... 

Meditation cleanses and nourishes you from within - it calms you, whenever you feel overwhelmed, unstable, or emotionally distraught. 

There are many different ways to meditate, and it is not limited to the traditional ways that you may think.

Even taking a walk, dancing, listening to music, or doing crossword puzzles are  forms of meditation.  

All that you are doing is clearing your mind of the constant noise that is going on inside your head, and allowing yourself to open your heart.

When we meditate we are in a state of calmness and serenity - it is a space we create just for ourselves, so that we can evolve and elevate ourselves to higher levels of consciousness. 

When we achieve inner peace we realize that "what is going on inside us", is only up to us. 

Monday, October 6, 2014


Our mission in life is reflected upon the fact that we first must take full charge of our lives.  

We are the ones who are responsible for our life's conditions.

When we come from a place of love and remove feelings of anger and resentment, the Light has more room in our lives.

As long as there is full congruency between our words and our actions, there is nothing we cannot accomplish!  

We need to train ourselves to take the Divine Presence with us to every place and interaction we come across - only then we can fulfill ourselves to our fullest capacity. 

The Light we cannot see, is always there unconditionally, within us and around us, embracing us with everlasting love.

God/universe/nature can only give, he does not take anything away from us...

Thursday, October 2, 2014


You can change everything with the power of repentance.

So what is repentance?

It's not about how often we go to our place of worship, how many good deeds we do or how religious we are, but rather it is a spiritual-psychological process.

Repentance is the ability to look back on what was, to look at the pain and say to myself: 'That's not me, it does not belong to me any more ... "

God/universe gives us the power of blessing, so we can insert it into all the painful places within us.

Even if we did terrible things, it does not mean that they cannot be forgiven - no bad deed, no matter how awful it had been, can stand before the power of repentance.  

We are able to forgive ourselves when we realize we had made a mistake from a place of pain, darkness and confusion - because we were not balanced.

When we return to a balanced state, we can recognize but not identify with the bad feeling.

So why repent?

Because as long as I hold on to the pain instead of understanding why I made the mistake, and how can I make sure I will not repeat it, I will continue to suffer.

I make sure not to duplicate that same occurrence and continue forward with my life. 

I consciously choose not to focus on the bad, and instead I focus on what makes me feel good.

Repentance gives us the strength to transcend beyond the pain and move forward without looking back.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


How do I bring myself to a place where I can forgive and I'm happy with that?

1) When I am aware that my health depends on my ability to release what is not useful to me.
2) When it is important for me to create loving and successful relationships, I allow myself to transcend beyond when necessary.
3) When I give myself the opportunity to be vulnerable I am able to grow.
4) when I realize that I cannot make anyone  forgive. But I can take responsibility for what depends on me, and be the leader of my life.
5) When I realize that there are different possibilities and angles  from which I can view reality. 

I can now create a reality that allows me to live  happy and healthy, with love, satisfaction and personal fulfillment, for myself and everyone around me.