Saturday, October 11, 2014


Where does inspiration come from?

Where do we get our visions and ideas?

Do they just randomly come to us?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why an idea come to you and not to anyone else?

What if your vision came to you, because it should be expressed through you??

Maybe it's the Universe/ Creator, whispering a message to you ...

You were carefully selected to bring your creative thinking to life.

Your vision or idea comes to you at a certain time, because this energy needs to be revealed to the world through you!

Do not underestimate your ability to create something out of nothing.

Take advantage of the opportunity while you still have it, or it will land on someone else's lap, and you will regret not taking action.

Do not wait until you're ready - you will never think you're sufficiently ready!

As long as you're quiet and attentive, the messages will continue to flow to you ...