Saturday, January 31, 2015


I don't have to know the "end of story." 

I only need to know that whatever happens to me, always happens for the best - even if initially it looks like trouble.

It is when I experience discomfort that I need to remind myself, that the Creator created this world for the benefit and betterment of all who dwell in it.

I know that at any given moment, it's up to me to create the life I wish to live.

You can see the joy on the face of a person who is growing and evolving, compared to the bitter expression on the  person who complains and casts blame on others.

Create your vision. Feel free to dream - nourish it, do not abandon your heart's desires.

But don't expect it to come for "free", 
without investing your best effort in every waking moment, chances are you won't get very far.

Fight for your dream - it is the only way you'll see it come to fruition.

The energetic frequency  you broadcast out to the world determines your state of being - be responsible for your feelings - the same energy becomes drawn to you, like a magnet.

Do not look for certainty, "Someone tell me what's 
right ..."

All delay and impediments along your journey, are for the good - if it happens, it means that now is the time to take a second look, make the necessary "repositioning" and keep striding forward. 

When you come to life with this knowledge, with this belief, nothing can stop you ~

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


As one of my greatest mentors, Tony Robbins, says, pain is a part of life, suffering is a choice..." 

Whether we're aware of it or not, 
we choose everything. 

There are universal laws, one of them is cause and effect. 

If I keep thinking about XYZ (thoughts=cause) I will experience some degree of turbulence (effect) in my life, don't you think?  

Let's assume that as a young child, I had been verbally abused by some of the closest people to me. 

If I don't overcome the trauma and as an adult choose to relive the experiences; constantly think, talk about what was said and done to me, what will my life be like? 

I am the one who's inflicting pain and suffering upon myself. I am subjecting myself to misery=suffering.  I say, no thank you! What's done is done, I cannot undo it. I choose life. I choose to be free and rid myself of all those, unpleasant "scenes" from my distant past. 

At the end of the day, what do we all really want? Is it not to love, be loved, and appreciated?  

We need to pay more attention to our overall state of being, and make it our priority to experience as much happiness as we can. 

All we want is to be happy and make others happy. 

That is what it's all about. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Use the power of questioning to change your life.

Why inquire?

Asking questions is a habit that cultivates innovative thinking, promotes learning and deeper insight leading to resolution. 

The most effective way to approach any problem is to inquire about it.

Asking questions allows our minds to be creative and to automatically search for solutions.

When you ask questions, your focus shifts and you become more aware of the options that are available. 

Instead of asking why am I in this ...

Ask what you can do better to improve the situation. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Often times, people around us cast doubts on our ideas and desires: "You will never be able to do it ... it is too complicated ..

Others may be living vicariously through us -they believe they can not do it themselves, it's too late for them, or they may just be envious ...

When we receive external messages, and internally we are not at peace or fully satisfied with our decisions and choices, others can affect us - we lose focus and confidence in our own abilities.

That is the only way other people's energy can affect us negatively.

The remedy for that is to make sure that whatever you do, or think to yourself, it is your choice and you are not doing things or thinking thoughts others are "feeding" you.

As long as there is a match and alignment within yourself and your vision, you can begin to manifest what you have created in your mind, without allowing anyone to confuse you or make you doubt yourself.

Suppose you have a particular purpose, or a choice you've made in your mind, during the creative process.

What causes you to be convinced that the decision or choice you have made, are truly the right one for you?

Be assured that your choices are the right ones for you.

Do you feel heaviness or lightness inside?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Am I sure that my choice is really what I want?

What led me to believe that?

Am I sure I want to invest my time and energy in it? 

Why did I choose this and not something else?

Now, look back at the patterns you used in the past to achieve your goals.

Have you manifested anything similar in the past?

How would you do things differently if you were to do it again? 

What else is possible? 

Are there options you have not yet considered?

What would you like to be similar or different?

Have you been sure about the decisions you made in the past?

What did you see, hear and sense that caused you to go forward at full force? 

What's stopping you from achieving your goals now?

Now that you have a clearer picture of the situation, you already know what needs to be done, all that's left for you to do is to start taking action.

Good Luck!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


There is more to the universe than we know - it is always vibrant and in constant motion.

It's a magnetizing force of pure energy.

It's a field where all possibilities exist.

This intelligent power/God, is the source of everything we desire.

It is always there waiting for our recognition in order to mold itself to whatever form we desire. 

With the use of our minds and hearts we can influence this energy to create what we want to be manifested into reality. 

When we align ourselves with this power it guides us to aspired action.

That's when we begin to  see results. 

Once you become aware of the responsiveness of this presence you'll never be the same.

Use your mental and spiritual components combined to connect to this incredible power.

You'll feel love, connection and a sense of security that is greater than anything you have ever felt on an earthly level.

The most important thing in our lives is our connection with this presence. 

Because that's where everything comes from - the source of all sources.

Friday, January 2, 2015


May the year 2015 bring you blissful experiences, full of excitement and pleasure.

May your path be free of barriers, an open road to constant growth and change. 

May your journey lead  you to the fulfillment of your goals and dreams.

May you be free to give and receive love deeply and wholeheartedly.

May you remain true to who you really are, your authentic self.

May you be love ❤️



All through our lives we experience stress, tension, and some moments of searing pain, that we much prefer not to feel.

No one enjoys feelings of anguish and pain.

We do our best to avoid hurt feelings, but sometimes we just do not have control.

When you feel as if the walls are "closing in on you", and you "can't take it any more", allow yourself to pause.

Take a moment to breathe ....

It does not matter if you're in a meeting, or if you're in the middle of an argument with your partner. Even if, God forbid, you're in danger.

If possible, move away from the situation, and give yourself the space to recollect again.

You will not do any good, to yourself or to anyone else if you stopped
breathing, right?

So breathe! Fill your lungs, and all other parts of your body with what it need most - fresh oxygen. 

You'll be surprised once you find out what a deep, intentional breath can do for you ...