Saturday, December 31, 2016


Just before 2016 clears the stage for the blessed New Year, I want to thank you all for making 2016 so meaningful and memorable for me. 

Wishing everyone a year of happiness and health, a year of prosperity and success, a new year of security and relaxation, a year of peace and tranquility.

May we have a year of positive change, a year full of joy and excitement in all that we do.

May we have the sense to focus on what's important to us and let go of what is no longer beneficial, may we have the ability to move forward in life more emboldened and confident.

May we live together in unity, cooperation and mutual respect.

May this year bring upon us the recognition of the value of love, may we have the sense and strength to give it wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

May we be full of excitement in anticipation to experience life from a place of curiosity and wonder. 

May we release bottled up negative feelings and be free to love, because that's what makes us feel whole, happiest, and most content.

May we have the courage to be who we are, may we concentrate in doing good, follow our heart and do what we love.

May we begin each day with smiles and joy.

May we walk together hand in hand in friendship and love. 
I wish a jovial, healthy, successful, abundant, victorious and blessed year ahead. 

Love Blessings 

Estee Levinson, Relationship Communication Strategist - Creating harmonious communication, one relationship at a time. The Path To Enlightenmen

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Making Your Thoughts Become Reality

Long ago a righteous man, went to his rabbi seeking advice on how to rid himself of the constant bothersome thoughts he'd been having. Unfortunately the rabbi could not help, but suggested he see a different rabbi, who lives in a distant city. As time passed, he couldn't bear his affliction any longer, so the righteous man decided to take his rabbi's advice, in a quest to lessen his burden. After a long cumbersome journey, in freezing temperatures, the man finally arrived at the door step of the rabbi who he believed had the key to his salvation. He could see through the window some folks around a table, enjoying a delicious, hot soup. The righteous man was hungry, shivering and wet to the bone. He knocked at the door, but no one answered. He knocked again - no answer. He knocked several more times, until he finally gave up, curled into a ball and went to sleep at the doorstep. A few minutes passed and suddenly the door opened by an elderly man. The righteous man jumped up and said: why didn't you open the door to your house when I knocked? The frail old man said, this is to show you that when you are the master of your kingdom/home/body/soul, YOU decide who enters your home and who stays out. You came to me because you cannot seem to get rid of your "bothersome thoughts", yes? Yes. The man answered. Well, it's very simple, although I heard you knocking, I still chose not to answer the door. Similarly, you also do not have to allow any thoughts that don't bring you some kind of benefit to enter your mind, fester and cause nothing but havoc. Likewise, we decide who we welcome into our domain: we choose our thoughts. We have the ability, like no other animal on this earth, to imagine the feelings we wish to have, bringing them to life - that's our job as creators. A creator is someone who takes responsibility for his inner world - he is driven by his desire to resolve his internal conflict between good and evil. Much love Estee

Friday, November 4, 2016

"Our Foundation is a Direct Result of the Influence Our Parents Had Over Us as Children.."

As children we learn everything we know from our parents as they are our primary educators.

The trouble is, sometimes what we learn and what later may become entrenched in us, can turn out to be one of our biggest sources of pain.

We learn, adopt and proceed to form various belief systems, thought patterns and behaviors  that our parents exhibited. We learn how to be intimate, how to argue, how to make up, how to love... And the list goes on.

According to social psychology, our personality is shaped and formed by the age of six. What we absorb by then, influences us for the rest of our lives - it literally becomes our model of the world.

In spite of the fact that often times our parents can have a negative influence on our intimate relationships and how we relate to those around us, we have the power to change that paradigm. 

We must have the desire and courage to be introspective. Self discovery and consciousness are the necessary tools for change to occur. 

We must look deeper into our relationship patterns and belief system in order to obtain the quality of life we deserve. 

This will provide the opportunity for personal growth as well as the ability to manage healthy relationships based on respect, trust and self worth. 

Once I realized this, it completely changed my view of parenting and marriage. It opened my eyes to gain a greater understanding about my childhood experiences which enabled me to heal and find peace. This had a profound affect on all of my relationships and how I communicate. 

Can you relate to this in your own life? 

Please share your thoughts so we can have an open discussion. 

Much love 
Estee 💟

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cutting the Apron Strings

My daughter has grown up and become a woman who wants something very different than what I had planned and dreamed for her to be. 

Most often parenting can be rewarding as well as painful. 

After all, we are never truly happy and at peace, as long as, one of our children is in pain. They are connected to our soul, no matter what. When they are babies, we check to see if they are breathing properly and as they grow, we often remind them to stop and take a breath. It's not by chance that we are chosen to be the parents of our children. Our children are a gift. There's a hidden meaning behind everything, an understanding that leads to enlightenment.

My daughter met a man who she loved very much and they married. Initially, I will admit, I experienced some difficulty. This is not what I had envisioned for her. I had many plans and dreams for her. I wanted her to be everything that I had dreamed for myself:
to successfully finish her degree, to build an admirable career and most importantly, to stand on her own - become independent. "But these are your desires," I reminded myself. And yes, I had many desires for her, but they were not related to how my daughter saw herself.

I learned an important lesson. What's good for me, does not always comply with the wishes of the people around me. It does not really matter if it is my daughter, my husband or one of my friends. I must understand and accept that although in certain situations, it may not be how I would think or act, nevertheless, I must always respect the opinions of others.  Every person has their own vision, individuality and unique way of doing things. Therefore, there is no need to argue or disagree. Everyone has a different perception and perspective on life. How can I be certain that my way is right? How can I be sure that I know or understand better than they do?

So back to my daughter ... the girl-woman and her plans. She never dreamed of a brilliant career. All she ever wanted and dreamed of was to have a family of her own. That was the fireball burning inside her. She wanted to realize herself as a mother. How can I argue with that? She is loving, warm and nurturing; this is what gives her a sense of fulfillment. 

Isn't that what is most important and what we strive for? Isn't that what everyone is chasing, even if they are not aware of it? 

The bottom line is, if we break down the components of life, we are all searching for love, more and more love. Giving and receiving love. 

Love reveals itself in many forms. Love is displayed in the form of warmth, acceptance, appreciation, recognition, advertising, etc ... we all yearn for that feeling, we all live for it. Love is the elixir of life, it is what sends the blood rushing in the veins, it is what gives us the power to deal with various contests in life.

I understood, I finally internalized this simple truth: we are all searching blindly for the same things in the dark, all those things that are right there under our noses and are in fact, the most important: a loving glance, a warm hug saturated with emotion, a statement expressing confidence and support and a sense of acceptance from the environment . What is the common denominator? It is the feeling that we call "love". The recipe to experience all of this is none other than giving. To be engaged in giving. Help, give advice, listen patiently, smile, give a hug ... and it will all comes back to us in the same way. What we give is what we will receive  - it is either a blessing or a curse.

I embraced my daughter warmly, overflowing with love and let free all my desires which in turn vanished. I accepted her and her wishes. I loved her as I never did before. All that's left now is to eagerly wait for the moment when the miracle occurs and I happily see my daughter lovingly embracing her child, just as I used to and still do.

If you can relate to this, please share your experience. 

Much love 
Estee 💟

Sunday, September 18, 2016

REJUVENATE. Take Care Of You.

Imagine how great you can feel once you gain control over your mind and let go of physical or emotional discomfort. This can be easily achieved by dedicating a few minutes a day with the intention of relaxation and controlled breathing. 

In order to feel good you must schedule a specific period of time as a part of your daily activity to visualize your desired goals. This practice will help you stay on track while focusing on your target. 

Increased levels of relaxation don't just happen, you must let your mind accept the healing process by neutralizing any temporary tension; You'll gain a stronger healthier body and a much needed tranquil state of being, in order to live a happier life. 

Don't allow worrying to become habitual or else it can lead to stress, which can adversely impact your functionality in life.

Rejuvenation can only be manifested when you calm your mind and body.

Choose to let go of anxiety, stress and sadness. Breathe in balance, peace and calmness. 

Enter a premium state of being; Give your mind and body the space it needs to regenerate. 

Healing occurs when the mind is relaxed and peaceful. 

Take a few moments out of your busy schedule to practice relaxation and take care of YOU! 

Much love 
Estee 💟

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Manage Your Emotions!

The way you live your life should reflect your beliefs and values - what does your behavior say about you? 

How well do you manage your emotional world? When you become irritable because of what someone said to you, ask yourself why? 

Learn to question the way in which you feel, instead of blaming others for how you think they make you feel. 

The truth is, no one has the power to make you feel anything, unless you're in agreement with it. 

Nobody does anything to us, we do it all to ourselves.

You need to feel the pain/vulnerability in order to overcome shame and failure. At that point, you are able to reconstruct life the way that it serves you best, without having the burden of the past weighing on your shoulders. 

Let Go Of Pain From The Past;  The art of storytelling is the art of knowing when to let go. 

Your life is a journey of learning to love yourself and then extending that love to others in every encounter. 

Be Present In the Moment.  Activate your senses. The more flexible you are, the more you'll grow.

Much love 
Estee 💟

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Be Brave! Replace Fear And Worry With Peace And Calm.

When we are in a constant state of fear and worry, it will deplete our vitality to the level that it may interfere with our daily life. 
This emotional state of being, stems from our inability to be aware of the big picture; We tend to interpret events and situations in a partial or distorted way. 

When we allow fear and worry to take over our thoughts and feelings, we are left with nothing.

Worry robs us of the present, without bringing any benefit into the future.

It's difficult to get rid of worrying, as it can become a habit. 

Worry comes from a feeling of emptiness within. We feel as if something is missing and we focus on how to acquire it.   

Living in fear and worry is like living without being alive. 

Do worrisome thoughts help defend us against something? Do they help us in any way at all? 

The answer is no, they do not! Worry does not belong to the present. When we are worried,  we lose sight of life now; We cannot enjoy the present moment. We are unable to experience any pleasure or satisfaction. There is no quality in our life because we spoil it by worrying and being fearful about things beyond our control or that have not happened. 

Fear stops and prevents progress. When fear seeps in, it can leave us paralyzed. We do not have the ability to move forward with anything. Even if all the conditions for success are there, we can not move forward as long as fear stands in our way.

What good comes out of being consumed with worry?
We lose out on the present reality and there is no benefit to our future.

When you stop focusing on fear and worry, it will disappear. 

Decide to resolve and overcome your fears and worries. 
Repeat the following to yourself until you start to believe it; 

I'm bigger than it is. 
It will not define me. 
I will take action and arrive at my destination. I deserve to be carefree/worry free. I deserve to be happy.I am MORE than enough!"

One day, you will wake up and discover that you're thankful for another opportunity to live life to the fullest. 

Much love 
Estee 💟

Sunday, September 4, 2016

What Are You Willing To Do In Order To Better Your Life?

If you want to discover more about who you are, start by questioning yourself ... The answear lies within. 

Do you want to feel happy, enjoy life, and have a sense of inner fulfillment? 

Do you want to feel good but are not sure how to get there? 

What are you doing about it? Are you willing to do more?

If there's s difference between where you are now and where  you want to go, you must think differently in order to reach your goals. 

If you know what you really want, let's a create a vivid picture of what that looks like. 

What is the real problem you're trying to solve?

Enter a resourceful state of awareness; Use your mind as a search light in order to discover more about the inner you. 

Imagine you've already reached your goals. How do you feel? 
What do you see? 
What's your purpose? 
"I want to ... " Have a clear purpose in your mind. 

What are you doing differently as your future self? 

What are you doing everyday? Why are you doing it? Where are you physically, emotionally and mentally? Who are the people around you? 

The more questions you ask yourself, the more will be revealed. 

It would be my pleasure to assist you in attaining your goals. 

Much love 
Estee 💟

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Unlocking The Secrets Within

Do you want to know the secret to happiness and success?

See all the goodness in your life and appreciate what you've been blessed with, instead of entertaining negative thoughts.

When you focus on the Light darkness will fade away. 

Remember, everything always works out for the best even if it doesn't appear that way. 

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger! 

When you allows crises in your life to teach and contribute to your growth, that's when you will have found a way to progress and continue on your journey.

Don't fool yourself; You are the only one who's responsible for your happiness. Make it a point to be happy no matter what, because what you send out to the world will eventually come back to you. 

The more you concentrate on raising your vibrational energy, the more optimistic, healthier and productive you'll be.

You can see the joy in a person who is growing and evolving during difficult periods in life, as opposed  to those who identify themselves as victims. 

Create a healthy environment in order to thrive. This will enable you to lead others by showing them your superior self. 

Devote your life to bringing your mind into stillness. When you fully let go of all that is tying you down, that is when you can begin the process of achieving a sense of inner peace. 

Once you discover your passion and purpose in life, setting the right intention will enable you to share your gifts with those around you.
When it comes to your life and that which you stand for, there should only be one chief in command - YOU!

"Live in the present, that is where all things are possible. 
Live in the moment, that is the only place you can feel alive."  
Much love 
Estee 💟

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Transforming Negative Thoughts into Powerful Lessons.

Reality as we know it, is the knowledge we accumulate through our senses, mentally or physically. Everything we experience daily, and moment to moment is recorded and stored in our minds for future reference. 
All that we see, hear, feel, etc., has been created from the data we've gathered together from the moment we were born. 

We perceive the world around us through the images produced in our minds, and do things in a specific order based upon what we believe to be most beneficial to us. 
Everything we do in life has a strategy and a plan behind it. We don't often think in these terms, therefore, we don't usually realize it. 
We receive messages from our surroundings, interpret them through our "filters", (belief system, morals,values) and react according to the composition of our very particular DNA. 
We react according to who we are. 
We all know people, regardless of what happens around them, that take charge and handle things in a calm, peaceful way. On the other hand, we also know (maybe even ourselves?) those who are quick to anger, blame others for everything and generally tend to see things as if it's the "end of the world."
It's a personal matter...  
We wake up in the morning and do what we do because it's natural and familiar to us; it's our survival instinct. We seek to feel pleasure but oftentimes, the result is the exact opposite. 
Why is that? 
Our thoughts, as well as what we say and do, is a precise reflection of how we perceive and believe to be the truth about ourselves, and the world around us.
Our internal world is exhibited through how we live our lives; it's where we spend most of our day, either up or down. 
Those who tend to be more on the positive side of the scale, in most part, live a happy and enjoyable life. They have learned and accepted that when things go haywire, the right thing to do is not to lose it! Instead, they catch their breath, assess the situation, recalculate their route, and search for a favorable solution for whatever they are up against. 
Yes! Yes!! I can hear the echoing voices saying: "Easy for you to say..."
But what is the alternative? Taking everything personally as if "the whole world IS against me?"
We end up feeling powerless to do anything, completely unproductive, we feel useless, unloved, unappreciated, resentful... and the list goes on.  
Is that the best way to live life? How does it benefit us to think and feel like a victim? What's the price we pay? How does feeling down affect us and those around us? Does it contribute to the quality of our lives? Does it have a more damaging or a building effect? 
Only we can answer these questions! 
It would help if we realize and accept that experiences and people don't come to us, we go to them! 
Sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves would not bring us forward in anyway. On the contrary, it would keep us stuck indefinitely. 
That is, until we CHOOSE to think, Say, and Do things differently. 
Can you answer honestly, where do you spend most of your day? Do you experience more pleasure or more pain? 
Then ask yourself, what do I need to do in order to feel more secure, happy, loved and in harmony?
You are not here to suffer! 
It is Time to wake up and take responsibility!

Much love 
Estee 💟

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I am The Author Of My Life Story

"I have always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I have to be more specific"- Lily Tomlin.

When I Say Farewell to Illusion... 
A deeper truth can come through me.

When I let go of the attachment to my belief system, and all the stories I've been telling myself, I can fully experience the present moment.  

I am finally awakened and fully aware of what I want to experience in life. 

I no longer allow anyone to dictate how or what the story of my life should be. I create my own reality. 

I find my intuitive voice within, offering me a sage's advice. 

Now, I can truly be ME.

Much love 
Estee 💟

Friday, August 5, 2016

A Guide To Success

Success in all shapes and forms begins with a winning mindset. Then, even the sky is not the limit! 

Here are some points to consider;

1. Take the time to find out what your true passion is to build a strong foundation. 

2. Explore your options - Be aware of the possibilities available to you.

3. Recognize your creative talent. 

4. Write down a list of goals and plan a realistic course of action. 

5. Keep learning and building on your strengths. 

6. No matter what others tell you, you must always believe in your ability to complete and implement your tasks efficiently. 

7. Remind yourself why are you doing this ... It's your passion! Overcome self-doubt by keeping your eyes on your goal. 

8. If things don't progress quite as planned, rethink your strategy. 

9. Do your absolute best and set yourself up for success. 

10. Draw your strength from knowing that anything is possible if YOU believe it can come true!

Give your future self a high-five by keeping your dreams alive! 

Much love 
Estee 💟

Thursday, July 28, 2016


"We don't win as individuals..." 

I came across this quote on my newsfeed and it got me thinking: What makes us winners? 

Is it having a successful career, a house in the suburbs, a flashy car, what is it? 

We win when we're a part of a whole. 

We win when we make a difference in someone’s life. 

We win when we are able to change ourselves for the better. 

We win when we decide to accept rather than blame. 

But mostly, we come out winners when we choose LOVE over hate.

Much love 
Estee 💟 

Friday, July 22, 2016

You Are Not Here To Rest You Are Here To Progress

Everyone wants to feel happy, enjoy life, and have a sense of inner fulfillment.

We cannot sit back and expect things to happen by themselves. In most cases that is not what actually happens. We live in a world of action and creation.

There is no escape route or shortcuts! We must roll up our sleeves and brick by brick, build and create our own dream and what we want from life.

There is a limit to the "free meals" we're lucky enough to be given to us if any.

In order to achieve success and be able to progress forward in life while becoming a better person, one can choose to go in one of two ways; the "front door" or the "back door."

Those who go through the front entrance are the ones who stop blaming and take full responsibility for their current condition in reality. They have a vision and are centered and determined. They are focused on their passion and driven to achieve their vision, not allowing anything to disturb them on the way.

Invariably, anyone who behaves in this manner is enjoying a good and fruitful life.

Most people's advancement in life is achieved by using the back way only. In order for these people to transition from place to place, they have to have a crisis occur so they can move forward to a higher level of existence.

It is not likely for one to become spiritually uplifted or enlightened without ever experiencing some disturbance.

Struggles and problems shape our character they give us the opportunity to refine ourselves.

Going through challenges makes us better in every sense of the word.

In order for us to realize our essence and become the Creators we were intended to be, we must have crises and difficulties in our lives. That's how we create something from nothing.

When all is well and calm and we sit quietly, let's face it, there's no real creativity involved.

How long can you be on vacation? 
You're not here to rest; you are here to keep moving forward always striving to reach a higher place.

Much love 
Estee 💟

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Kindness Begins With Me

We are free to think, speak, and behave as we wish; but that doesn't mean we need to be unkind to one another. 
We all have different opinions on various matters. Each of us has our own unique way of making sense of the world around us based upon our core beliefs and values. 
Problems arise when we try to project our ideas and sentiment on others in an attempt to gain acceptance, seek validation, or strengthen our self-confidence. This may cause unnecessary conflict. 
It is one thing to have an exchange of thoughts where we can each offer our personal perspectives and enjoy a lively conversation. This helps us learn, grow and expand our minds. 
It is another if we try to persuade others that we "know better" because it's important for us to win an argument or to be right all the time. We end up losing from the start.  
Our objective should always be to discuss, share, and express ideas in order to increase understanding and not to overpower other people's minds. 
Show consideration for others. Be tolerant and kind while they are communicating their message. 
Remember, when someone thinks differently than you do, it does not mean that they are right, and you must be wrong, or vice versa. You are both right and it's perfectly alright!

With love
Estee 💟

Friday, June 17, 2016

Challenge Accepted

"A righteous man falls down seven times and gets up." – King Solomon, Proverbs, 24:16.

When a challenge appears in your life how do you relate to it? What meaning do you give it? Do you see it as a call to engage in a fight or as message from God or the universe urging you to achieve a more favorable outcome in your life? 

We often see challenges as conditions that are beyond our ability to deal with, a barrier we cannot overcome. 

How can we handle our difficulties more effectively? We adopt a new mindset. It is our mental attitude that determines how we will interpret and respond to situations.

We cannot always change the circumstances in our lives, but we can certainly change how we think about them. 

What if a challenge is a lesson enabling you to acquire new knowledge you didn't have beforehand? 

Challenges help us to go beyond what we perceive to be unattainable and push us to become more successful in our endeavors. They sharpen our minds, build the faith in ourselves, and show us how talented we truly are. 

A challenge is an opportunity for advancement, it leads us to a higher place, an uncharted territory for us to conquer. Why? So you can acquire newfound knowledge from the challenge in itself, gain the tools you need to grow, and become a better person. This knowledge doesn't function as the only tool for obtaining information, it is a way to declare the completion of a task. 

If you think about challenges as tools at your disposal for your own good, and not as a punishment caused by your wrongdoings, you will be able to see your challenges as a blessing and not as a curse. 

Seek clarity, write down all the possible options and resources you have. This will help you identify and focus on the next step you must take in order to move forward. 

Once you change your approach and embrace your challenges rather than allowing them to control you or hinder your progress, everything will begin to flow in the direction you desire.

With love 
Estee 💟

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Life does not always go according to our plan, which can make things seem very difficult. 

But the truth is, it's a a good thing! If life was good all the time, how would we know the difference between good and extraordinary? How else would we evolve and change, if not for the difficulties, challenges and obstacles in life?

Every occurrence, event or person we interact with should be viewed as a learning experience. 

We go through traumatic events, impossible situations, stress, unresolved anger, diseases of body and mind and the list goes on. 

In the midst of an emotional charged moment how do we stay levelheaded? 

By recognizing that there are no coincidences and things happen for a reason. This will enable us to see things more clearly in order to heighten our level of self awareness and make better decisions. 

Conversely, if we take on the roll of the victim by thinking; 'Why is this happening to me? "Why do I deserve this?" We end up allowing an external force to control and dictate our mood. 

Have you ever thought to stop and evaluate a challenging situation in order to gain a deeper understanding of who you are? 

Try these suggestions; 

Connect inwardly and get to know yourself more intimately  in order to find inner peace.

Instead of blaming others or any mental/physical state for how you feel, stop. Breathe. Regain your composure for a moment, consider things from a different angle. Be curious and ask yourself; "What is REALLY bothering me?"

Don't believe the stories in your head, rather make it a priority to search for the truth. 

Give yourself the greatest gift of all - find your true identity! 

Love and accept yourself as you are and you'll love and accept others. 

Keep in mind that the most important relationship you have is with yourself. 

These are the main ingredients needed in order to discover the deeper meaning in life. 

Much love 
Estee 💟

Friday, June 3, 2016

Choosing Life, Is To Choose What I Want To Think and Feel

When you focus on blessings, all the good in your life, you feel blessed. When you focus on calamity, all the bad, you feel cursed. 

You can feel blessed or cursed, the choice is yours. 

Release what was yesterday; the failures, what did not work for you and begin again. 

It's never too late to press the reboot button and start from scratch. 

Life is a constant battle between darkness and Light. 

Choosing life means to choose what I want to think, what I want to feel... Constantly remind yourself of this. 

With love 
Estee 💟

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Do you want to know how you can experience more goodness in your Life? 

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could feel more love and happiness in your heart? 

In order to attract wellness and positivity you must want it with every fiber of your being.

Not in an hour, not next week, NOW is the time to make the necessary changes! 

You can do this, but first you must ... 

Rid yourself from all doubts and limiting beliefs, they are the main cause of failure. 

Let go of any anger, resentment and disappointment including all negativity; Clear your mind of these poisonous toxins and invite peace to reside in your heart.

Allow your thoughts to vibrate at the frequency you want to attract;Joyfulness, enthusiasm, love, serenity, etc. 

Make a concerted effort to do things a little differently each day. 

Take the focus off of yourself and do a random act of kindness, it will immediately lift your spirits. 

When there's nothing clouding your mind, you will be able to position yourself in the right place at the right time... 

Clear your heart and mind off that which is blocking your success and you'll attract the miracle you've been waiting for all your life.

What’s the secret to manifesting miracles in your life?

Two little words ... 


Be grateful; You may not always be able to see it, but everything is a blessing! 

What would be different about your life if you see every occurrence as Divine intervention?

Would you be more willing to accept and embrace obstacles along the way? 

I welcome you to share your thoughts and feelings. 

With love 
Estee 💟

Monday, May 9, 2016


Recently my sister in-law lost her beloved dog. Anyone who is a dog lover can empathize and understand the grief she went through as a result. "He was like a child to me ..." She quietly said.

Fast forward a few days later, we were sitting out on the patio while my husband was holding our dog Tiny on his lap, an adorable chihuahua. He was playfully blowing air on his face and showering him with love. 

I thought to myself what a heartwarming sight, so endearing. We're lucky to have three dogs who bring us so much joy. Then, my sister in-law and her dog came to mind and fear began creeping inside me. 

I welled up with emotion thinking how devastated I would become upon the passing of our dogs.

As soon as I noticed where my thoughts were going, I said to myself; Why think about death? 
Our dogs are perfectly fine NOW, why worry about the future? 

Throughout my life's journey the more self-aware I became, the less I experienced prolonged times of discomfort. I've learned to control myself. 

What I have learned, is that at any given moment I have a choice to make; I can either connect to the force of life or to the darkness of death. 

When I allow myself to wallow in bitterness, hatred, sadness or any kind of negativity, I die a little. 

"When we remain in negativity for too long, we go through a process of slow agonizing death, until something forces us to come out of it. If not, we eventually wither away ..."

When I choose life, fear can be defeated while searching for and finding the good, the Light that exists in each trial or person who happens to across my path.

When I choose life, I fill my heart with love and happiness. I focus on what I'm grateful for, then peace settles in and Heaven becomes my sanctity.  

Thankfully, once again I won the preverbal battle between good and bad because I refuse to allow the Grim Reaper free access to my soul; he will not rob me from my inner light.

What strategy do you use to overcome adversity or situations beyond your control?  

Please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings. 

With love 
Estee 💟

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Does the truth always have to be told??

While walking towards Starbucks this morning, I noticed some of my friends sitting around a table outside the cafe. I always enjoy running into people that I know. 

We greeted each other and began chatting as usual. The conversation flowed pleasantly until one of the girls whom I have not seen in a long time, looked at me and said; "What happened to you? You've lost so much weight! You used to be very beautiful!"

I felt the discomfort of my other two friends as they were quick to respond; "Why, she was always skinny! She is always beautiful!"

I smiled and answered; "So, you think I'm not beautiful anymore?? "
My friend laid her hand on her heart and said; "Don't be mad at me. I'm just telling you the truth. You know me ..."

I looked at her and said with a smile; "I'm not angry at all, it's all good! How are you? I have not seen you in ages!"

To my great joy, I was not angry or offended. I just smiled to myself.

This incident reminded me of a wonderful lecture I listened to recently, which raised the issue as to whether or not the truth  has to be told. 

I learned that in order to tell the truth, I need to love the person, know that he loves me and consider carefully whether there is a benefit in what I'm about to say. I must also take into account the right place and the right time, whether it's my place to tell and if so how should I.

In other cases, when we exchange information with others, we need to be sure and check the veracity of things before we inadvertently emit words into the air.

I opened the car door, settled down and looked at the sky in gratitude; I realized that because of this encounter and the immediate connection I made to the lecture I heard, I did not take this incident personally. To the contrary, I realized this is an important message that I need to pass on.

How much pain and suffering we can save ourselves and others if only we invest a little thought before we open our mouths to speak ... 

I wish we could always remember to come from a place of love; What comes from the heart enters the heart.

And what do you say, do we always have to tell the truth?
Is there one truth or is the truth a subjective matter?

I welcome your feedback. 
With love 
Estee 💟

Monday, May 2, 2016


When you change yourself, all of your life manifestations vary. 

At any moment you choose, you have the ability to start over again - as a malleable raw material - you can create the life you long for.

Then you can be re-created - the pain of yesterday will no longer affect you because you chose to overcome it.

Everything will seem different once you have created a new energetic frequency within and connect to the wholeness of life’s blessings. 

When you pay attention to the big picture, you achieve the ability to see beyond the normal mode and manage to break through to a new place where all things are possible.

You can attain the impossible when you disclaim rational reasoning, standard practice of thinking and the way in which you see reality. 

You can do it once you decide you've had enough and know you deserve a more fulfilling life.

With love 
Estee 💟

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Great leaders don't wait for action to take place, they create it! 

True leaders don't wait for others to make the first move. They achieve greatness by continuous learning, evolving and focusing on their vision. 

They build a balanced and harmonious environment where everyone contributes and benefits simultaneously - give and take. 

Leaders set an example for others to follow; they are proactive in thoughts and behavior bringing others up to a higher level. 

With love 
Estee 💟

Sunday, April 17, 2016


In order to uncover solutions to your problems, you have to think beyond what you already know.

You have the natural ability to come up with original ideas and alternatives to overcome your challenges. All you need to do is build up your desire to think creatively with the use of your imagination.

Enable the part in you that can naturally generate new concepts; Consider other aspects and points of view that you may have neglected to recognize. 

The answer lies in your desire, openness and willingness to look at your life and identify the areas you know you can change for the better. 

Access a deeper level of perception by becoming more mindful. 

Be curious, cultivate mental flexibility, let your mind stretch a little. 

Question your thoughts before you accept them as truth; "It's interesting I have this thought, I wonder why I feel this way ..."

Trust your inner wisdom; Observe where your mind is leading you to. Are your thoughts of pure or impure nature? 

Are you thinking in a way that builds you up or leads to destruction?

Only you can answer these questions, but not before you are fully ready to hear the answers. 

Perhaps that's why we were given two ears and one mouth. To listen more. 

Once you realize your thought pattern, you can safely navigate through unpredictable thoughts and choose what you want to think. 

Recognize your triggers (any negative feeling arising within). If a situation or person bothers you in any way, realize this is your opportunity to work on yourself. 

Have patience when provoked in order to feel confident that you can overcome any fleeting thought. 

Realize thoughts are just thoughts, you can change them as you wish. 

It's my pleasure to guide you through this process. 

Love & Blessings
Estee 💟 

Friday, April 8, 2016


What is the best remedy for healing the mind and body?? A healthy consciousness!

The most important resource existing in our possession is our mind/consciousness - if our consciousness is faulty, everything else is affected negatively.

The more conscious we are the more control we have over our lives. 

We must do our best to connect between human and Divine consciousness; The Thought of Creation is to benefit its creatures, to give unconditionally. 

The Light, God's energy is always there lovingly providing us with every need. We were given the gift of life, however, we are the ones who determine the quality we experience. 

The human brain is an amazing creation of God. There is nothing on earth that can compare to it. The brain controls emotions thoughts, words and our behavior.

This may seem like a losing battle, but in fact we can take control and begin to train ourselves to guide our thinking process.

God provides us the ability to distinguish between good and evil and the ability to think, no matter what challenges we face.

Focused and clear thinking, should be chosen deliberately in order to be maintained 24/7. We must protect ourselves from environmental influences and carefully consider the thoughts that we entertain in our minds.

We must accept that the only enemy we truly have is the beast within; Its role is to divert us from our spiritual path which leads only to goodness.

The beast within is under the influence of earthly/physical desires that do not always serve us right. 

There are foods we should not eat because they are harmful. There are actions and behaviors that can lead us down an undesirable path. We must take command of our lives and make the right choices. 

Each time the beast rears its head, it's all contending with negativity; Hate, anger, revenge, so we need to eliminate those feelings by establishing limits on all the various negative impulses and desires within.

When we train ourselves to eliminate all thoughts that make us feel badly, we gain the ability to upgrade to a level of spiritual elevation and true joy. 

In order to be healthy, not only should we maintain a healthy diet and exercise, but also keep "hygiene of the mind";Banish every thought affecting us negatively.

Everything must have balance. In order to exercise our free will we must have an opposing side. For better or worse, they have a cause. Nothing is random. 

For example, David was involved in a car accident and broke his leg. In spite of this misfortune, David was happy and thankful nothing worse happened to him. In contrast, Jonathan went through a similar experience, but he became angry, blaming the whole world and could not stop grumbling about the evil decree. Which of these scenarios leads to a happier life?

We must take it upon ourselves to accept that every occurrence  in our lives has a reason; Every situation happens in our best-interest. In order to transcend and see beyond, we must create a connection between the world of illusion (the physical, the here and now) and the world of truth. 

See every event as an opportunity to improve and change for the better. 

Realize that every discomfort and challenge is an opportunity for growth, insight and remedy for wellbeing. 

A healthy consciousness is the only way to take control of our lives - awakening the mind.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime, it is my pleasure to serve you. 

Love and Blessings 
Estee 💟

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


The need to be free and have peace within, is a need we all strive for! We seek to be independent, the masters of our own lives. 
Why? Because it is our natural state of being. 

We are not ready to be involved in a relationship until we establish/create a good connection with God. 

That become possible when we
realize there's something far greater than we are, that "runs things." There's is a perfect plan, a purpose for the universe.

The world was created for our enjoyment and pleasure. To enable us to create with our own two hands the best possible life. 

We are responsible for our reality. 

Internalizing this knowledge will make it easier for us to connect inwardly and fall in love with ourselves.

Loving and appreciating our own existence, enables us to connect with others. 

Each person that comes into our lives has a purpose, a lesson/tool that potentially can assist us to go up to the next level. 

All for the purpose of our constant refinement, each time a little more. 

When we find out the reason why someone enters our lives, only then can we move on. 

The lesson must be learned. 

If we don't,  it will come again like a revolving door ...

As long as we still get triggered by someone's behavior, it will continue to affects us in a negative way. This means the lesson has not been completed. It is not over yet. 

We will be able to let them go when they no longer have power over us. Send them light, love, have compassion and empathy. Only then will we be ready for the next step. 

At that point we can declare victory; "My Lesson In Life Has Been Learned! 

This work is near and dear to my heart, I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Love & Blessings
Yours Estee 💟

Monday, February 29, 2016



Think before you act; Developing interpersonal communication skills builds the foundation for successful relationships. 

Some situations can be difficult: Practicing self awareness can maintain stability and balance in both your professional and personal lives. 

Learning to be proactive rather than reactive puts you in a position of power; focusing on the task at hand, instead of letting your emotions get the best of you, will surely lead you to reaching your goals much faster.  

In times of conflict we can become paralyzed and unable to process information rationally.  Practicing mindfulness will give us an advantage over the negative effects on our brain, and enhance our ability to overcome challenges.  

For example - we may find ourselves experiencing a situation where a client/customer is causing a difficult or overly dramatic scene. 

How does being proactive come into play with this specific situation you ask? Simple.

Instead of allowing yourself to become frustrated and angry, do your best to see their perspective and respond more creatively.  

Always keep in mind the ideal result is to achieve a win win situation. 

In order to maintain composure, in a position of strength and self control, we must learn to become proactive and not react to the situation at hand.

Rather than trying to manipulate, change the situation or the person involved, become aware of how you conduct yourself; Ultimately It is the only thing you have control over. 

Before you are ready to shift your thoughts you must become conscious of the negative effects on your physical being. 

You must allow time in order to regroup so you can communicate in a competent manner and not be governed by your emotions. 

Recognize if you are being triggered or provoked. 

In order to center yourself devote a few moments to do the following; Focus on your breath - inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth. 
You'll be able to quickly restore balance, redirect your thoughts  in order to reflect and relate more productively. 

Be realistic - practice makes perfect; The more you engage in this strategy, the easier it will become in the future. 

Self awareness is the basic foundation that is needed in order to become successful in all areas of life. 

If you need additional help to implement this process, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time. 

Love & Blessings
Yours Estee 💟

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


No matter how much power and money you will have, it is not what will bring you true happiness.

You must learn to connect the physical/material world you live in, with the spiritual world, which is invisible. Do your best to unify heaven and earth with every word you say and every action you take - live life consciously and purposefully. 

What's the alternative? To keep living in recycled frustration and disappointment, not to mention pain and suffering ...

Take control; Become the master of your life, home, business and relationships.

Begin each day with deep gratitude for all the goodness and blessings existing in your life, cherish every moment and  give thanks even in moments of despair. 

Be aware; All the good you do always comes back to you, maybe not immediately, perhaps not from the same person, but still, goodness will come back to you. The energy you send out, will always return back to you; for better or for worse.

Bless each person you happen to encounter, with heartfelt intention, a bright smiling face and a peaceful heart. You can change someone's life just because you said a good word to them. Maybe it's exactly what they needed. 

Once you show that you care, you can touch someone with your Divinity - your energy of life. 

You touch them straight into the heart with your smile and attention. Make them feel that you noticed they exist; "It is important to me that you are here" - you do it with grace.

You can never go wrong when you do the right thing.  

It doesn't take much, just being aware of your sphere of influence and responsibility in life. 

Handle your life as a gift not as a matter of triviality.

Treat your body/being, as if it belongs to someone you truly care about - love yourself.

If you need additional help to implant this process, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time. 

Love & Blessings 
Estee 💟

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


If you want to connect to joy, fulfillment, success, prosperity and all the good that exists in the world, you must reach a level in which you realize there are things in your life that are not going well - the first step toward change is awareness. 

You must change your reactions towards what is happening to you and around you, only then you will be free to connect to the life force - where good and bad are perceived as the same. 

The Good and bad are blessings both happening for the very best- our best. This belief should be adopted because everything that happens in life occurs for a specific reason; In order to teach you and help you rise above difficulty, and beyond current pain you may be experiencing.

The answer lies at the root - that is when transcendence is achieved. Raising your  vibrational frequency to where anything is possible - it is where heaven and earth are connected as one. 

Once this bond is formed, you are in control and can create anything you want - the impossible becomes possible; A miracle! 

After all, what is a miracle? A miracle is not necessarily what you may have come to believe; An unexplained phenomenon. You can create miracles when you gain the ability to go above your nature, beyond the confines of your limited perception of boundaries. 

You can go back to the root base and start all over again.

Want to know how to create a miracle right now? Take a look at your life and say boldly; Actually, things are not going the direction I want, but that's okay!

I will not allow this temporary situation to define who I am. I have the ability to reboot - to start all over again, just like a computer! 

But how ?? When you're ready to repent - no need to panic! You do not need to make an appointment with your local clergy; It is not repentance in the religious sense of the word. 

It is about our ability as human beings to go back and re-create our lives by shifting our thoughts and doing things differently - redesigning our reality according to our will.

How do you do that:

1) You must have a wholehearted deep desire to create a new and improved model of your life and yourself. 

2) Others will benefit from your actions - positively influence others.

3) You must practice 1 + 2 every day.

Do this process at your leisure; Pick a specific situation. An unresolved issue between you and another person. Perhaps a negatively charged incident that occurred in the past and is still adversely affecting you. 

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, and focus on that experience.

See the scenario in your minds eye - see yourself, the other person or people, the place, the sounds - Use all your senses in order to fully be there.

Take your time, and when you are ready, place your attention on heart and ask yourself; What could I have done differently to change the outcome to a positive? The first thought is often the accurate one. 

See yourself doing things differently, maybe even the opposite of what you've done. Then everything will undergo a transformation, because you have created a new frequency and thus connected to wholeness. 

When you change yourself, your whole way of life changes its expression, because you are in tune with the Source. 

The answer is in the feelings in your heart - what do you feel now? If you feel relieved, you're on the right track! 

If you need additional help to implant this process, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time. 

Love & Blessings 
Estee 💟

Monday, February 15, 2016


I am happy and very excited to share with you the birth of my new book "The path to enlightenment" - Thank you God.

The 'Path to Enlightenment: Daily Musings to Nourish the Soul' offers daily inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. 

This bundle of meditation, exercises, strategies and suggestions was created for the purpose of self healing and rejuvenation.

To provide awareness and hope that life can always change for the better, no matter what the current conditions or circumstances may be.

The world is a canvas and a fulfilled and rewarding life is the masterpiece waiting to be created. 

Don't wait, grab your copy while you can at the reduced rate of only $.99 


"The path to enlightenment" and prepare to create your Dream Life With Purpose, Meaning & Excitement!?!

Here's the link:

Please feel free to repost, share with your friends and family 😊

Many thanks in advance 🌹

Friday, February 12, 2016


When was the last time you stopped and thought to yourself; Why do I think the way I think? Who's in control of my mind? 

Consider the notion that perhaps you are following a pattern of thought without properly examining its ramifications. 

Everything begins with a thought. It is the seed with which you choose to either flourish and grow or discard. 

When a thought comes to your mind, which does not serve or benefit you in any way, you DON'T have to keep it!  

You must become aware of your thought patterns and consciously CHOOSE what you want to keep or let go of. 

If you catch yourself mulling over the past, which you have no control over or if you notice you are contemplating the future which has not yet arrived, stop for a moment! 

You can CHOOSE to redirect your mind to enjoy the present moment without carrying on your shoulders the burden of the past or the bothersome worries about the future. 

Thoughts come and go. You cannot control each one that comes to your mind. However, you can train yourself to become aware, assume control and choose wisely what makes you feel good and what doesn't. 

The more aware you become the less stress you feel. Quieting the mind provides you with a sense of peace which allows you to become the master of your fate. 

I would love to know your thoughts on this topic. Please feel free to message me. 

Love & Blessings
Yours Estee 💟

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


We undergo a lot of trials and tribulations throughout our life time.

Sometimes the pain we feel seems unbearable. We experience moments of total panic, as if the whole world has come to an end. 

The only way to get relief and solace is to blindly surrender and put our trust in God fully and completely. 

Once we surrender to the Almighty wholeheartedly and believe that things will be taken care of, peace can return to reside in our hearts. 

It may appear as a difficulty or even an impossibility, but it's the only real comfort we can receive in times of turmoil. 

Whenever we go through pain, it is a sign that corrections need to be made. 

Pain's main purpose is to teach; To bring balance and harmony back into our lives. It forces us to correct the mistakes we have made in the past. 

When we undergo pain, only then can we understand, empathize and console one another. 

It may appear to be counter intuitive, but the pain we sometimes feel isn't our real problem, it's the suffering we choose to cling to, instead of putting our trust in God. 

Love & Blessings 
Yours Estee 💟

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


In order to succeed in life you must believe in yourself.

It is a truth that we forget to properly consider.

Everything we do is built and based upon our belief system -What we hold as truth sets the tone for our progression in life. 

When you examine a task or goal you want to achieve, rather than allowing doubt and fear to take over, break it down to small manageable steps. 

Define your achievement to one small goal at a time; Even if it's the smallest step possible. 

This strategy can help you be more organized and less anxious about what you want to attain. It will move you from a state of overwhelm to a position of control and discipline.

Once you become focused on your goal, you'll know what you need to do next in order to see it come to fruition. 

Start by writing your thoughts down on paper; When you read them, it will create a strong impression in your memory and motivate you to take action.

Challenge yourself to write a list of your goals. Put it in a place where it will be visible to you; It will serve as a constant reminder. 

This method creates a system that can transform your life without great effort, if done consistently and diligently.

Then you'll be on your way to reaching your goals in a focused and meaningful way.

Finally, remember that you are a unique and special being; No one else can do what you came here to do. Believe in yourself and always turn your attention to your inner voice - it will never let you down. 

If you need any assistance in creating this format, please don't hesitate to contact me. 
A blank page naturally can be overwhelming and intimidating, I'm here to guide you through the process. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Love & Blessings 
Yours Estee 💟

Friday, January 29, 2016


You don't need to be spiritual, or New Age-ee, in order to take a break from it ALL and look intimately within. 

Being happy doesn't mean everything in your life is perfect. It means you allow happiness to live and fester in your heart. 

Have enough love and care for yourself, to consciously CHOOSE to distance yourself from anything that no longer serves you, contributes to your growth or, makes you happy. 

Your happiness is what counts most, because, if you don't choose to be happy, no one can make you happy.

Take a few moments to write down one positive, specific statement that will help you overcome any negative thoughts that may enter your mind. 

It will help you visualize and believe in what you're affirming to yourself; Happiness is my natural state of being 😃

As long as your heart is pure..

You can be in peace 
You can love
You can find yourself
You can be authentic
You can accomplish anything
You can share your gifts 

You can live fully and happily, you can finally breathe freely. 

Love & Blessings 
Yours Estee 💟

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


As I review in retrospect, especially when I was younger, I had a tendency to feel sorry for myself. I saw myself as a victim, and as such I presented myself in an attempt to get compassion, understanding, and of course I also aimed to strengthen those weaknesses.

One of the paradoxes of my life, is that at home I felt I was the black sheep and in other places, I felt like a queen. I recall being able to gather the kids at my aunt's neighborhood and make everyone wait eagerly for each word that came out of my mouth.

They were waiting for me and I was happy to come and be who I am. To feel special and talented, someone who's admirable. I loved the feeling. I told them stories, tall tales and legends.

They sat around enthralled, amused in fascination. And I was on top of the world! They accepted me and looked up to me because I was different from them. I was a girl who loved to make people laugh and entertain, brave and full of content that was completely foreign to them.

However, in my eyes they were closed minded, perhaps even a little robotic. They appeared to me, in a sense completely identical - a group of children ages ranging from 6-15. All Orthodox believing in the existence of God without any doubt, because that's what they were taught at school and at home.

They did not experience the mystery of my life at the time. I on the other hand, was not quite sure about the existence of a Higher power. I questioned everything. 

At home, my mother was a religious woman where as my late father, who I perceived as more enlightened; Observant, but did not let religion control his life. Most of the kids my age with whom I have spent most of my time were atheists.

I remember the repeated arguments between some of my friends and me, when I zealously defended with full confidence, the existence of God. They were staring at me with disdain, grinning and treating me like someone who suffers from delusions.

When I was at my aunt's, uncle Shlomo and I were having heated arguments about God. I wanted to know why six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust and asked where 
was God ...

I remember I wasn't completely  satisfied with the answers, because I still had doubts and continued to harass uncle Solomon, that really was not happy with the brazen girl who simply would not shut up. 

I can safely say with hand on heart, I've always had a tendency to believe in the existence of a Higher power; Governing things out there in the sky. But my faith was not clean because it was mixed with fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of punishment for violations made, consciously and unconsciously.

Today I know that faith must be accompanied by a soothing sense of security. When I believe whole heartedly, fear does not exist, because there is no doubt.

"Whoever believes is not afraid". This is total faith.

God is with me everywhere, at every moment. Every movement, every flow is in my favor, and so I conduct myself.

When I go through rough times,  I remind myself that good must come of it. Here in fact faith is tested. Of course it is easier to give in to the difficulty and sink in sorrow. 

It is so easy to become angry and feel sorry for myself about how hard it is for me. But the very understanding and recognition that from every difficulty, from this utter darkness of the unknown, then breaks the light and paves the way, out of nowhere. From this point, I draw strength each time and again, yearning in anticipation for the next moment  ...

That is how life is created every day life. That's how you have to experience each moment in every day, like a new island that has not yet been revealed in the wonderful ocean of life.

"The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain."
Khalil Gibran 

If this moved or touched you in any way please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings with me. 

Love & Blessings 
Yours Estee ❤️