Thursday, September 8, 2016

Be Brave! Replace Fear And Worry With Peace And Calm.

When we are in a constant state of fear and worry, it will deplete our vitality to the level that it may interfere with our daily life. 
This emotional state of being, stems from our inability to be aware of the big picture; We tend to interpret events and situations in a partial or distorted way. 

When we allow fear and worry to take over our thoughts and feelings, we are left with nothing.

Worry robs us of the present, without bringing any benefit into the future.

It's difficult to get rid of worrying, as it can become a habit. 

Worry comes from a feeling of emptiness within. We feel as if something is missing and we focus on how to acquire it.   

Living in fear and worry is like living without being alive. 

Do worrisome thoughts help defend us against something? Do they help us in any way at all? 

The answer is no, they do not! Worry does not belong to the present. When we are worried,  we lose sight of life now; We cannot enjoy the present moment. We are unable to experience any pleasure or satisfaction. There is no quality in our life because we spoil it by worrying and being fearful about things beyond our control or that have not happened. 

Fear stops and prevents progress. When fear seeps in, it can leave us paralyzed. We do not have the ability to move forward with anything. Even if all the conditions for success are there, we can not move forward as long as fear stands in our way.

What good comes out of being consumed with worry?
We lose out on the present reality and there is no benefit to our future.

When you stop focusing on fear and worry, it will disappear. 

Decide to resolve and overcome your fears and worries. 
Repeat the following to yourself until you start to believe it; 

I'm bigger than it is. 
It will not define me. 
I will take action and arrive at my destination. I deserve to be carefree/worry free. I deserve to be happy.I am MORE than enough!"

One day, you will wake up and discover that you're thankful for another opportunity to live life to the fullest. 

Much love 
Estee 💟