Wednesday, March 16, 2016


The need to be free and have peace within, is a need we all strive for! We seek to be independent, the masters of our own lives. 
Why? Because it is our natural state of being. 

We are not ready to be involved in a relationship until we establish/create a good connection with God. 

That become possible when we
realize there's something far greater than we are, that "runs things." There's is a perfect plan, a purpose for the universe.

The world was created for our enjoyment and pleasure. To enable us to create with our own two hands the best possible life. 

We are responsible for our reality. 

Internalizing this knowledge will make it easier for us to connect inwardly and fall in love with ourselves.

Loving and appreciating our own existence, enables us to connect with others. 

Each person that comes into our lives has a purpose, a lesson/tool that potentially can assist us to go up to the next level. 

All for the purpose of our constant refinement, each time a little more. 

When we find out the reason why someone enters our lives, only then can we move on. 

The lesson must be learned. 

If we don't,  it will come again like a revolving door ...

As long as we still get triggered by someone's behavior, it will continue to affects us in a negative way. This means the lesson has not been completed. It is not over yet. 

We will be able to let them go when they no longer have power over us. Send them light, love, have compassion and empathy. Only then will we be ready for the next step. 

At that point we can declare victory; "My Lesson In Life Has Been Learned! 

This work is near and dear to my heart, I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Love & Blessings
Yours Estee 💟