Friday, June 17, 2016

Challenge Accepted

"A righteous man falls down seven times and gets up." – King Solomon, Proverbs, 24:16.

When a challenge appears in your life how do you relate to it? What meaning do you give it? Do you see it as a call to engage in a fight or as message from God or the universe urging you to achieve a more favorable outcome in your life? 

We often see challenges as conditions that are beyond our ability to deal with, a barrier we cannot overcome. 

How can we handle our difficulties more effectively? We adopt a new mindset. It is our mental attitude that determines how we will interpret and respond to situations.

We cannot always change the circumstances in our lives, but we can certainly change how we think about them. 

What if a challenge is a lesson enabling you to acquire new knowledge you didn't have beforehand? 

Challenges help us to go beyond what we perceive to be unattainable and push us to become more successful in our endeavors. They sharpen our minds, build the faith in ourselves, and show us how talented we truly are. 

A challenge is an opportunity for advancement, it leads us to a higher place, an uncharted territory for us to conquer. Why? So you can acquire newfound knowledge from the challenge in itself, gain the tools you need to grow, and become a better person. This knowledge doesn't function as the only tool for obtaining information, it is a way to declare the completion of a task. 

If you think about challenges as tools at your disposal for your own good, and not as a punishment caused by your wrongdoings, you will be able to see your challenges as a blessing and not as a curse. 

Seek clarity, write down all the possible options and resources you have. This will help you identify and focus on the next step you must take in order to move forward. 

Once you change your approach and embrace your challenges rather than allowing them to control you or hinder your progress, everything will begin to flow in the direction you desire.

With love 
Estee 💟

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Life does not always go according to our plan, which can make things seem very difficult. 

But the truth is, it's a a good thing! If life was good all the time, how would we know the difference between good and extraordinary? How else would we evolve and change, if not for the difficulties, challenges and obstacles in life?

Every occurrence, event or person we interact with should be viewed as a learning experience. 

We go through traumatic events, impossible situations, stress, unresolved anger, diseases of body and mind and the list goes on. 

In the midst of an emotional charged moment how do we stay levelheaded? 

By recognizing that there are no coincidences and things happen for a reason. This will enable us to see things more clearly in order to heighten our level of self awareness and make better decisions. 

Conversely, if we take on the roll of the victim by thinking; 'Why is this happening to me? "Why do I deserve this?" We end up allowing an external force to control and dictate our mood. 

Have you ever thought to stop and evaluate a challenging situation in order to gain a deeper understanding of who you are? 

Try these suggestions; 

Connect inwardly and get to know yourself more intimately  in order to find inner peace.

Instead of blaming others or any mental/physical state for how you feel, stop. Breathe. Regain your composure for a moment, consider things from a different angle. Be curious and ask yourself; "What is REALLY bothering me?"

Don't believe the stories in your head, rather make it a priority to search for the truth. 

Give yourself the greatest gift of all - find your true identity! 

Love and accept yourself as you are and you'll love and accept others. 

Keep in mind that the most important relationship you have is with yourself. 

These are the main ingredients needed in order to discover the deeper meaning in life. 

Much love 
Estee 💟

Friday, June 3, 2016

Choosing Life, Is To Choose What I Want To Think and Feel

When you focus on blessings, all the good in your life, you feel blessed. When you focus on calamity, all the bad, you feel cursed. 

You can feel blessed or cursed, the choice is yours. 

Release what was yesterday; the failures, what did not work for you and begin again. 

It's never too late to press the reboot button and start from scratch. 

Life is a constant battle between darkness and Light. 

Choosing life means to choose what I want to think, what I want to feel... Constantly remind yourself of this. 

With love 
Estee 💟