Friday, November 4, 2016

"Our Foundation is a Direct Result of the Influence Our Parents Had Over Us as Children.."

As children we learn everything we know from our parents as they are our primary educators.

The trouble is, sometimes what we learn and what later may become entrenched in us, can turn out to be one of our biggest sources of pain.

We learn, adopt and proceed to form various belief systems, thought patterns and behaviors  that our parents exhibited. We learn how to be intimate, how to argue, how to make up, how to love... And the list goes on.

According to social psychology, our personality is shaped and formed by the age of six. What we absorb by then, influences us for the rest of our lives - it literally becomes our model of the world.

In spite of the fact that often times our parents can have a negative influence on our intimate relationships and how we relate to those around us, we have the power to change that paradigm. 

We must have the desire and courage to be introspective. Self discovery and consciousness are the necessary tools for change to occur. 

We must look deeper into our relationship patterns and belief system in order to obtain the quality of life we deserve. 

This will provide the opportunity for personal growth as well as the ability to manage healthy relationships based on respect, trust and self worth. 

Once I realized this, it completely changed my view of parenting and marriage. It opened my eyes to gain a greater understanding about my childhood experiences which enabled me to heal and find peace. This had a profound affect on all of my relationships and how I communicate. 

Can you relate to this in your own life? 

Please share your thoughts so we can have an open discussion. 

Much love 
Estee 💟