Friday, January 29, 2016


You don't need to be spiritual, or New Age-ee, in order to take a break from it ALL and look intimately within. 

Being happy doesn't mean everything in your life is perfect. It means you allow happiness to live and fester in your heart. 

Have enough love and care for yourself, to consciously CHOOSE to distance yourself from anything that no longer serves you, contributes to your growth or, makes you happy. 

Your happiness is what counts most, because, if you don't choose to be happy, no one can make you happy.

Take a few moments to write down one positive, specific statement that will help you overcome any negative thoughts that may enter your mind. 

It will help you visualize and believe in what you're affirming to yourself; Happiness is my natural state of being 😃

As long as your heart is pure..

You can be in peace 
You can love
You can find yourself
You can be authentic
You can accomplish anything
You can share your gifts 

You can live fully and happily, you can finally breathe freely. 

Love & Blessings 
Yours Estee 💟

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


As I review in retrospect, especially when I was younger, I had a tendency to feel sorry for myself. I saw myself as a victim, and as such I presented myself in an attempt to get compassion, understanding, and of course I also aimed to strengthen those weaknesses.

One of the paradoxes of my life, is that at home I felt I was the black sheep and in other places, I felt like a queen. I recall being able to gather the kids at my aunt's neighborhood and make everyone wait eagerly for each word that came out of my mouth.

They were waiting for me and I was happy to come and be who I am. To feel special and talented, someone who's admirable. I loved the feeling. I told them stories, tall tales and legends.

They sat around enthralled, amused in fascination. And I was on top of the world! They accepted me and looked up to me because I was different from them. I was a girl who loved to make people laugh and entertain, brave and full of content that was completely foreign to them.

However, in my eyes they were closed minded, perhaps even a little robotic. They appeared to me, in a sense completely identical - a group of children ages ranging from 6-15. All Orthodox believing in the existence of God without any doubt, because that's what they were taught at school and at home.

They did not experience the mystery of my life at the time. I on the other hand, was not quite sure about the existence of a Higher power. I questioned everything. 

At home, my mother was a religious woman where as my late father, who I perceived as more enlightened; Observant, but did not let religion control his life. Most of the kids my age with whom I have spent most of my time were atheists.

I remember the repeated arguments between some of my friends and me, when I zealously defended with full confidence, the existence of God. They were staring at me with disdain, grinning and treating me like someone who suffers from delusions.

When I was at my aunt's, uncle Shlomo and I were having heated arguments about God. I wanted to know why six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust and asked where 
was God ...

I remember I wasn't completely  satisfied with the answers, because I still had doubts and continued to harass uncle Solomon, that really was not happy with the brazen girl who simply would not shut up. 

I can safely say with hand on heart, I've always had a tendency to believe in the existence of a Higher power; Governing things out there in the sky. But my faith was not clean because it was mixed with fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of punishment for violations made, consciously and unconsciously.

Today I know that faith must be accompanied by a soothing sense of security. When I believe whole heartedly, fear does not exist, because there is no doubt.

"Whoever believes is not afraid". This is total faith.

God is with me everywhere, at every moment. Every movement, every flow is in my favor, and so I conduct myself.

When I go through rough times,  I remind myself that good must come of it. Here in fact faith is tested. Of course it is easier to give in to the difficulty and sink in sorrow. 

It is so easy to become angry and feel sorry for myself about how hard it is for me. But the very understanding and recognition that from every difficulty, from this utter darkness of the unknown, then breaks the light and paves the way, out of nowhere. From this point, I draw strength each time and again, yearning in anticipation for the next moment  ...

That is how life is created every day life. That's how you have to experience each moment in every day, like a new island that has not yet been revealed in the wonderful ocean of life.

"The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain."
Khalil Gibran 

If this moved or touched you in any way please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings with me. 

Love & Blessings 
Yours Estee ❤️

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Do you wish you can have stronger connections in your life, both to the people around you and to the Divine?

Would you like to find a way that will enable you to bridge that gap, so you can finally begin to fully manifest everything you desire for your life? 

Consider the following; 

We live in a world of separation, thinking we are divided, but in actuality we are all connected together as one. 

In order to overcome this illusion, we have to create as many connections as possible.

How do we create these connections? 

Firstly, we must acknowledge that there is an unseen greater power, far bigger than we are, that created everything. We have to recognize God's existence and the purpose for which He had created the world; It is for our betterment and enjoyment.  

In order to achieve a strong bond with God, the spiritual world and everything around us, we must become one with it by inviting Him into our lives. 

This is how we draw Light and abundance, so that we can overcome any darkness or difficulty in our life.

Where else can we get the strength?

This connectedness can pull us out of the dark moments in our lives.

In order to eliminate darkness we must believe that there is also the presence of Light; The question is which one do we choose to connect to at any given moment.

Light Illuminates darkness.

How do we remove darkness and stop pain and fear? We do not run away from what scares us, but rather infuse light into it and walk through the fear. 

As long as we escape from the darkness and fight against it, we will continue to maintain and enhance it.

Light cancels darkness which allows hope to emerge.

Thank you for visiting, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Love & Blessings 
Yours Estee ❤️

Monday, January 11, 2016


You have the power to choose what to think, believe and feel at any given moment. 

The faster you identify fully with this truth, by realizing the tremendous power it provides, you can begin creating reality as you want to experience it. 

It is all in the mind - what we see is what we believe we see. 

It is both a humbling and an empowering feeling. 

You don't know it all, but you create it all with intention and action. 

That is how you become the master of your own destiny - you are co-creating your reality with the universe - you set the wheels in motion with your thoughts, beliefs and feelings...

Ask yourself; What else is possible for me? 
Remind yourself of your ability to change, regenerate and reinvent yourself anew. 

Ask for what you want and believe it's coming to you. Be at peace with yourself.

Thank you for visiting, please contact me with any thoughts or comments.

Love & Blessing
Yours Estee ❤️

Thursday, January 7, 2016


What would happen if you could be born again?

You may be smiling to yourself, thinking, come on, that's impossible!

You're right! It is impossible to go back into your mother's womb and be born again, because you are already here, in full size!

What would happen if your perception of reality was viewed differently? What if you allowed yourself to consider another way of thought, perhaps different from the one you are accustomed to?

Surely you'd agree that the moment your worldview changes, your life will change accordingly. 
The fact is, our mind/consciousness, (where we spend every moment thinking) runs our lives.

The problem is that we do not always remember that WE have a choice; Which thoughts should occupy our minds. 

Most of us are not really aware of our ability to give birth again, to a brand new awareness! It is not a fantasy, it is true reality! 

We are governed by two different types of consciousness: 
Slave consciousness-The physical body and its desires, ego, etc. And  Creator consciousness: the soul, the higher self, the light, etc. 

The slave part is subject to the physical needs of the body, dominated by selfish desires and addictions; Food, chocolate, desire to please, and so on.

The creator consciousness in us or the God particle existing in all of us, is the part that always pulls us towards goodness, love, concern for others. It is the part that's beyond the here and now, the part that helps us manifest our abilities and innate gifts.

In order for us to free ourselves from slavery to liberty, we must acknowledge that we are all children of God, and thus we have the full right to be free and happy.

We must give birth to the Creator consciousness by remembering that even when we experience difficult times, it is for our very best. It is God's way of leading us to the place we most need right now.

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With a loving hug
Yours Estee ❤️

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Heaven Isn't Somewhere You Go To, It's Already Inside You.

Do not look for something or someone external to be the source of your happiness; It will only lead you to frustration and inability to move forward.

Why not instead, create happiness within you? What if you begin recognizing that everything that happens to you, is an opportunity to be better than you are now? 

What if you took positive action each time you saw an open door in front of you? 

As long as you hold on to the feeling that life "happens" to You, you'll remain handicapped.

Are you the victim or the cause of your life? Does life happen to you or are you the architect behind the plan/map of your life? Which do you think is a more empowering notion? 

The thing is, you get to choose how to look at it according to your subjective interpretation. 

What sort of thinking do you think will actually propel you to do something about your life? 

2016 is here! Do not waist your time on thoughts and feelings that only end up depleting you from your valuable energy. 

It's time you acknowledge your God given gifts and talents, it's time you love your life and realize you matter; Your life deserves more than a half-hearted effort! 

Inner peace/ heaven, is made possible when your most important goal in life becomes creating balance and harmony in every situation you come across. 

Make 2016 a year to remember, a year of many victories and accomplishments; Do your best to make every day count and live purposefully, live energetically, live completely.

Thank you for visiting,
If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. It would be my pleasure to guide you on your way to reaching your goals 

Love & Blessings
Yours Estee ❤️