Saturday, January 16, 2016


Do you wish you can have stronger connections in your life, both to the people around you and to the Divine?

Would you like to find a way that will enable you to bridge that gap, so you can finally begin to fully manifest everything you desire for your life? 

Consider the following; 

We live in a world of separation, thinking we are divided, but in actuality we are all connected together as one. 

In order to overcome this illusion, we have to create as many connections as possible.

How do we create these connections? 

Firstly, we must acknowledge that there is an unseen greater power, far bigger than we are, that created everything. We have to recognize God's existence and the purpose for which He had created the world; It is for our betterment and enjoyment.  

In order to achieve a strong bond with God, the spiritual world and everything around us, we must become one with it by inviting Him into our lives. 

This is how we draw Light and abundance, so that we can overcome any darkness or difficulty in our life.

Where else can we get the strength?

This connectedness can pull us out of the dark moments in our lives.

In order to eliminate darkness we must believe that there is also the presence of Light; The question is which one do we choose to connect to at any given moment.

Light Illuminates darkness.

How do we remove darkness and stop pain and fear? We do not run away from what scares us, but rather infuse light into it and walk through the fear. 

As long as we escape from the darkness and fight against it, we will continue to maintain and enhance it.

Light cancels darkness which allows hope to emerge.

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Love & Blessings 
Yours Estee ❤️