Thursday, January 7, 2016


What would happen if you could be born again?

You may be smiling to yourself, thinking, come on, that's impossible!

You're right! It is impossible to go back into your mother's womb and be born again, because you are already here, in full size!

What would happen if your perception of reality was viewed differently? What if you allowed yourself to consider another way of thought, perhaps different from the one you are accustomed to?

Surely you'd agree that the moment your worldview changes, your life will change accordingly. 
The fact is, our mind/consciousness, (where we spend every moment thinking) runs our lives.

The problem is that we do not always remember that WE have a choice; Which thoughts should occupy our minds. 

Most of us are not really aware of our ability to give birth again, to a brand new awareness! It is not a fantasy, it is true reality! 

We are governed by two different types of consciousness: 
Slave consciousness-The physical body and its desires, ego, etc. And  Creator consciousness: the soul, the higher self, the light, etc. 

The slave part is subject to the physical needs of the body, dominated by selfish desires and addictions; Food, chocolate, desire to please, and so on.

The creator consciousness in us or the God particle existing in all of us, is the part that always pulls us towards goodness, love, concern for others. It is the part that's beyond the here and now, the part that helps us manifest our abilities and innate gifts.

In order for us to free ourselves from slavery to liberty, we must acknowledge that we are all children of God, and thus we have the full right to be free and happy.

We must give birth to the Creator consciousness by remembering that even when we experience difficult times, it is for our very best. It is God's way of leading us to the place we most need right now.

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With a loving hug
Yours Estee ❤️