Saturday, January 2, 2016


Heaven Isn't Somewhere You Go To, It's Already Inside You.

Do not look for something or someone external to be the source of your happiness; It will only lead you to frustration and inability to move forward.

Why not instead, create happiness within you? What if you begin recognizing that everything that happens to you, is an opportunity to be better than you are now? 

What if you took positive action each time you saw an open door in front of you? 

As long as you hold on to the feeling that life "happens" to You, you'll remain handicapped.

Are you the victim or the cause of your life? Does life happen to you or are you the architect behind the plan/map of your life? Which do you think is a more empowering notion? 

The thing is, you get to choose how to look at it according to your subjective interpretation. 

What sort of thinking do you think will actually propel you to do something about your life? 

2016 is here! Do not waist your time on thoughts and feelings that only end up depleting you from your valuable energy. 

It's time you acknowledge your God given gifts and talents, it's time you love your life and realize you matter; Your life deserves more than a half-hearted effort! 

Inner peace/ heaven, is made possible when your most important goal in life becomes creating balance and harmony in every situation you come across. 

Make 2016 a year to remember, a year of many victories and accomplishments; Do your best to make every day count and live purposefully, live energetically, live completely.

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