Friday, April 8, 2016


What is the best remedy for healing the mind and body?? A healthy consciousness!

The most important resource existing in our possession is our mind/consciousness - if our consciousness is faulty, everything else is affected negatively.

The more conscious we are the more control we have over our lives. 

We must do our best to connect between human and Divine consciousness; The Thought of Creation is to benefit its creatures, to give unconditionally. 

The Light, God's energy is always there lovingly providing us with every need. We were given the gift of life, however, we are the ones who determine the quality we experience. 

The human brain is an amazing creation of God. There is nothing on earth that can compare to it. The brain controls emotions thoughts, words and our behavior.

This may seem like a losing battle, but in fact we can take control and begin to train ourselves to guide our thinking process.

God provides us the ability to distinguish between good and evil and the ability to think, no matter what challenges we face.

Focused and clear thinking, should be chosen deliberately in order to be maintained 24/7. We must protect ourselves from environmental influences and carefully consider the thoughts that we entertain in our minds.

We must accept that the only enemy we truly have is the beast within; Its role is to divert us from our spiritual path which leads only to goodness.

The beast within is under the influence of earthly/physical desires that do not always serve us right. 

There are foods we should not eat because they are harmful. There are actions and behaviors that can lead us down an undesirable path. We must take command of our lives and make the right choices. 

Each time the beast rears its head, it's all contending with negativity; Hate, anger, revenge, so we need to eliminate those feelings by establishing limits on all the various negative impulses and desires within.

When we train ourselves to eliminate all thoughts that make us feel badly, we gain the ability to upgrade to a level of spiritual elevation and true joy. 

In order to be healthy, not only should we maintain a healthy diet and exercise, but also keep "hygiene of the mind";Banish every thought affecting us negatively.

Everything must have balance. In order to exercise our free will we must have an opposing side. For better or worse, they have a cause. Nothing is random. 

For example, David was involved in a car accident and broke his leg. In spite of this misfortune, David was happy and thankful nothing worse happened to him. In contrast, Jonathan went through a similar experience, but he became angry, blaming the whole world and could not stop grumbling about the evil decree. Which of these scenarios leads to a happier life?

We must take it upon ourselves to accept that every occurrence  in our lives has a reason; Every situation happens in our best-interest. In order to transcend and see beyond, we must create a connection between the world of illusion (the physical, the here and now) and the world of truth. 

See every event as an opportunity to improve and change for the better. 

Realize that every discomfort and challenge is an opportunity for growth, insight and remedy for wellbeing. 

A healthy consciousness is the only way to take control of our lives - awakening the mind.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime, it is my pleasure to serve you. 

Love and Blessings 
Estee 💟