Tuesday, February 9, 2016


We undergo a lot of trials and tribulations throughout our life time.

Sometimes the pain we feel seems unbearable. We experience moments of total panic, as if the whole world has come to an end. 

The only way to get relief and solace is to blindly surrender and put our trust in God fully and completely. 

Once we surrender to the Almighty wholeheartedly and believe that things will be taken care of, peace can return to reside in our hearts. 

It may appear as a difficulty or even an impossibility, but it's the only real comfort we can receive in times of turmoil. 

Whenever we go through pain, it is a sign that corrections need to be made. 

Pain's main purpose is to teach; To bring balance and harmony back into our lives. It forces us to correct the mistakes we have made in the past. 

When we undergo pain, only then can we understand, empathize and console one another. 

It may appear to be counter intuitive, but the pain we sometimes feel isn't our real problem, it's the suffering we choose to cling to, instead of putting our trust in God. 

Love & Blessings 
Yours Estee 💟