Monday, May 2, 2016


When you change yourself, all of your life manifestations vary. 

At any moment you choose, you have the ability to start over again - as a malleable raw material - you can create the life you long for.

Then you can be re-created - the pain of yesterday will no longer affect you because you chose to overcome it.

Everything will seem different once you have created a new energetic frequency within and connect to the wholeness of life’s blessings. 

When you pay attention to the big picture, you achieve the ability to see beyond the normal mode and manage to break through to a new place where all things are possible.

You can attain the impossible when you disclaim rational reasoning, standard practice of thinking and the way in which you see reality. 

You can do it once you decide you've had enough and know you deserve a more fulfilling life.

With love 
Estee 💟