Saturday, July 2, 2016

Kindness Begins With Me

We are free to think, speak, and behave as we wish; but that doesn't mean we need to be unkind to one another. 
We all have different opinions on various matters. Each of us has our own unique way of making sense of the world around us based upon our core beliefs and values. 
Problems arise when we try to project our ideas and sentiment on others in an attempt to gain acceptance, seek validation, or strengthen our self-confidence. This may cause unnecessary conflict. 
It is one thing to have an exchange of thoughts where we can each offer our personal perspectives and enjoy a lively conversation. This helps us learn, grow and expand our minds. 
It is another if we try to persuade others that we "know better" because it's important for us to win an argument or to be right all the time. We end up losing from the start.  
Our objective should always be to discuss, share, and express ideas in order to increase understanding and not to overpower other people's minds. 
Show consideration for others. Be tolerant and kind while they are communicating their message. 
Remember, when someone thinks differently than you do, it does not mean that they are right, and you must be wrong, or vice versa. You are both right and it's perfectly alright!

With love
Estee 💟