Wednesday, January 7, 2015


There is more to the universe than we know - it is always vibrant and in constant motion.

It's a magnetizing force of pure energy.

It's a field where all possibilities exist.

This intelligent power/God, is the source of everything we desire.

It is always there waiting for our recognition in order to mold itself to whatever form we desire. 

With the use of our minds and hearts we can influence this energy to create what we want to be manifested into reality. 

When we align ourselves with this power it guides us to aspired action.

That's when we begin to  see results. 

Once you become aware of the responsiveness of this presence you'll never be the same.

Use your mental and spiritual components combined to connect to this incredible power.

You'll feel love, connection and a sense of security that is greater than anything you have ever felt on an earthly level.

The most important thing in our lives is our connection with this presence. 

Because that's where everything comes from - the source of all sources.