Friday, January 2, 2015


All through our lives we experience stress, tension, and some moments of searing pain, that we much prefer not to feel.

No one enjoys feelings of anguish and pain.

We do our best to avoid hurt feelings, but sometimes we just do not have control.

When you feel as if the walls are "closing in on you", and you "can't take it any more", allow yourself to pause.

Take a moment to breathe ....

It does not matter if you're in a meeting, or if you're in the middle of an argument with your partner. Even if, God forbid, you're in danger.

If possible, move away from the situation, and give yourself the space to recollect again.

You will not do any good, to yourself or to anyone else if you stopped
breathing, right?

So breathe! Fill your lungs, and all other parts of your body with what it need most - fresh oxygen. 

You'll be surprised once you find out what a deep, intentional breath can do for you ...