Saturday, November 29, 2014


When you get angry or hurt, when you blow up and lash out your frustration, do you blame others for the way you feel and behave? 

Or ... do you look at it as an opportunity to take command and manage yourself for the better?

Ponder on this thought: 

The difficult situations you are encountered by, and the people who you struggle 
with - the "cause" of your discomfort - are actually messengers.

They have been "assigned" to deliver a message specifically to you, in order to help you change, evolve and become a better person.

This notion may not be easy to accept, and yes, it does take a strong will to change ...

It may cause some hurt and discomfort, but it's well worth the effort. 

Why? Because it will help you understand what triggers you... 

Once you view pain as your teacher, and not as your enemy, you'll be able to transform it into a life lesson. 

You'll be able to see it as a true opportunity for growth and empathy. 

Eventually, you'll become more and more refined and in the end, you'll shine like a sparkling diamond ~