Wednesday, November 5, 2014


What is the most prominent feature of the Creator?  

He is the Creator and no one decides for him.  

It is also a dominant feature of the human being. 

Who creates success for me? Only me!  

You can not create success for anybody but yourself.  

A person can only be satisfied when something comes to him from his own power - when he knows that he created it. 

Just as no one can do for the Creator, we do not like to have things handed to us.  

There are many stories about people who had won the lottery, or inherited a large sum of money, and then their lives got destroyed by the "winning".  

You can not be truly happy unless you have created something on your own.   

You can not make anyone happy - not as a partner, not as a parent and not as a friend - you are solely responsible for your own happiness.  

The world was built on an inherent contradiction right from the start: man was created to make mistakes, that is how he learns and progresses. 

So, do not see mistakes / failures as the end of the world.  

It is human to err, but divine to correct the error. 

So when you make a mistake, there is an opportunity for you to fix it - before it was "broken" there was nothing to fix.  

For example, after you've had a fight with your loved one, making up is much sweeter if you know how to forgive and move on. 

Yes, it's hard work but it pays off at the end. You did not come into the world to be perfect, you did not come to do things "right".   

You're obviously going to make mistakes, and as long as you live you will make mistakes: the more you do, the more mistakes you'll make.  

There is no point in waiting for the perfect relationship, perfect career or perfect life - forget it - it all comes only through hard work and perseverance.  

Perfect life, means the end of life. It's death. 

You are not here in order to be perfect. You came here to work. 

You wanted the imperfect to make it perfect. To complete the whole - to earn your success.  

You did not come here in search of the perfect. 

There is no such thing as perfection. 

What is perfect is how you deal with the imperfect.  

You can let it destroy you, or you can say to yourself: how do I get the most out of this.  

As always, the choice is yours ~