Tuesday, November 25, 2014


A person needs to become accustomed to listening to himself - to his true desires. 

When a person listens to the other voice - the voice which is not aligned with his interests, he becomes distracted and confused. 

He must learn to resist; know how to tune into the right voice. 

How does one turn on the resistance force?

When the brain projects images of destruction, death, horror, anger, negativity etc, filling up one's consciousness, one must search within, uncover and project a counter image - an image of joy and hope. 

When operating in this manner, at that moment precisely, one brings about "resurrection" - which is, creating light out of darkness, life out of death. 

Resurrection occurs when one exchanges the negative for the positive - replacing the image one focuses on. 

That is the war - you fight the negative force within, through focus, faith and prayer. 

You must train yourself, repeat it regularly while never giving up. 

Eventually you'll learn that if you fall it is not the end. Why? Because we constantly fall, but learn to switch between the images that are being projected in our minds. 

You'll consciously choose to follow the positive voice. 

This practice never ends - because if death did not exist, your life would not be worth living ~