Friday, November 21, 2014


In order to achieve anything, you must constantly improve and move forward in life. A person can choose to go one of two ways: "Front door" or "back door" ..

Coming through the front door means when a person has a vision, he is centered and determined. 

He is focused on his passion to achieve his vision, not allowing anything to disturb him on the way.

Invariably, such a person, has a good and fulfilling life. 

However, most people's advancement in life, is achieved by use of the back door only.

In order for these people to transition from place to place, they have to have crisis (illness), or trauma happen (job termination), so they can move forward (be enlightened) to the next place.

It is difficult to become spiritually uplifted or enlightened, without ever experiencing some disturbance.

Difficulties are what  invariably shape us - it is going through the challenges that makes us better in every sense of the word.

In order for us to realize our essence and become creators, we must have crises and difficulties in our lives - that's how we create something from nothing.

When all is well and calm, and we sit quietly, lets face it, there's no real creativity involved.

How long can you go on a vacation for? 

You're not here to rest, you are here to keep moving ~