Monday, November 3, 2014


A conscious person transcends beyond his own boundaries, (the confines of his body) connects back to his soul, and says, I am a part of creation. 

I was not created to be in this XYZ situation. He stops recycling old and stuck emotions, and finds the way out.

He overpowers his inclination to be in response, knowing, he creates it all. 

He knows that at any moment in time, his life is dependent solely on him and the way in which he chooses to manage his life.

A Creator/conscious person, wakes up in the morning and says, today I will have a good day. 

Such a person, is able to see the big picture, just a little beyond the end of his nose ..

Meaning, he is not just aware and concerned of himself, but he also worries about other people's well fair. 

A true Creator, stands bravely facing the challenge - even if it is a disease, God forbid, or the failure of a close relationship - he does not blame anyone, or complains about anything.

He is consciously aware of himself, of the power within him - his very essence as a Creator, and uses his abilities to empower himself and those around him.

This is not about a metaphorical entity, or some fairy tale, it is a depiction of an enlightened soul. 

That soul is in you and me, and everyone else.

What could be more empowering, than knowing that you - with the use of YOUR two hands, are the one creating the reality of your life???