Friday, November 14, 2014


Is being "right" all that important?

Problems generally arise when I think that the person in front of me is right, meaning that I am wrong.

Is that true? Can I achieve unity with another person with this way of thought?

Probably not.

This kind of thought process is a condition of fractions and division - it has no real meaning and does not reflect the true reality.

When one reaches a state of learning the righteousness of each person, he doesn't become bothered by others - he does not take anything personally.

Everyone is right - from where I see things, I'm right - I see something that others do not, but that still does not mean they are not right from where they see and experience reality.

What does it means to see "eye to eye"?

Each person sees things in a way that is unique to him/her, therefore, everyone's right.

Just as there is no one person that contains the whole universe, because each person has only one corner of the universe.

When can I see the truth? 

Only when I'm connected to Oneness.

Only when I can see the truth through my eyes, and through the eyes of others.

Everyone has their point, that's true justice - to see that there is enough Light for everyone - there is no lack, no sense of separation ~