Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Let's be honest, have you ever felt like a victim? Of someone, of something .. Victim of circumstance ... Maybe just a little? I can tell you that I have. I used to blame my father for saying all those "nice words" to me... And yes, I blamed a few other significant people in my life, for doing what "they have done to me." I later learned that blaming is useless, it doesn't take you anywhere; the exact opposite is true, it actually keeps you stuck in place. We all go through experiences, some are within our control, and some are not. We don't have the governing power with controlling everything that occurs in our lives. That's why it is so easy for us to say; "what can I do, she made me, he did it... they did it to me.. It's all because".. Some of us can find ourselves saying, I couldn't control myself he brought out the devil in me ... Is that true? Can someone make us do something that we don't allow or agreed to? We can never ever be held responsible for anyone other than ourselves. As human beings we are all part of multiple social systems, such as the family or the workplace. Consciously and / or unconsciously those who are in close contact with us, can directly influence us to the core. That is how we form our beliefs and values - in a sense, it becomes imprinted on us, down to our DNA. However, we can never blame anyone for doing something to us, (excluding acts of crime, although some would argue otherwise). We can never judge or know why people act the way that they do. We cannot control anyone - only ourselves! We can however, affect others in a positive way, by exemplifying the behavior we would like to see in them. It's so much easier for us, to look the other way, and point a finger. It's much harder for us to face ourselves, to look within. Honestly, if we want to be free, to taste the true sweetness of freedom, we must cut the cords, to any attachment from any sort, to any ill feelings, towards anyone and everything. This heaviness that we've been holding hostage within, isn't good for our health. Literally. We are both the prisoner and the warden. And the key ...THE KEY IS IN OUR HEANDS.