Saturday, November 22, 2014


Our empathy for the feelings of others is one of our most important social and human qualities.

Empathy allows us to take a "peek" within, to realize we all have our faults, our good days and bad days, our inability to see the "whole picture", our strong need to survive and come out on top. 

It gives us the opportunity to give love, not only to ourselves, but to also provide it whole heartedly to others.

Empathy improves our communication skills, enabling us to experience joyful, loving relationship where sharing and unity are what we value most. 

This is emphasized less and less by the ever-growing individualism in this world.

We can't help but want to want, want to achieve, want to grow, want for ourselves only. 

That's how we were born. The body comes first - with burning needs and desires to satiate oneself only.

It is later on in life, when we finally shed "a few layers" when we arrive at the understanding, that we can only be at peak performance, when we care NOT for ourselves only, but also for the best interest of those around us.

A personal evolution is necessary because we have strayed too far from ourselves, only spiritual wisdom makes us understand.

We must face our own "demons", look at our deepest and most darkest fears, in order to allow personal evolution to take place - it naturally becomes available to us by the challenges and hurdles we experience throughout our lives journey. 

Spiritual wisdom comes with a price - there are no free meals. We must earn our "bread" - according to our own design ✨