Sunday, November 9, 2014


How can I become more skillful in managing my stress levels and live my life in a more productive way?

What is stress? Is it real?

Stress is a response to the stream of energy going around me.

One person's stress can be another persons idea of fun - for example, bungee jumping - some may see it as a thrill and some are terrified by the mere thought...

Stress is an internal representation of my external environment. 

It doesn't become real until I give it the platform to thrive in.

How can I avoid or even be able to eliminate stress from my life?

I can begin to observe my thoughts and feelings and see how they are affecting me.

Energy flows where my attention goes...

Nothing can ever bother me unless I allow it to ..

I need to work with my energy from the inside out, and not the other way around.


Instead of trying to change the external circumstances, which sometimes I have no control over, I can change the way I think and feel about them. 

Once I gain more control of my emotional world, I can meet life's demands effortlessly.

The more I work on myself from the inside, the more I transcend in the face of any challenge. 

I don't need to resist.

I need to become more aware.

I will take responsibility and overcome stress with my ability to create my own reality. 

I will use my G-d given gifts of creativity, insight, and intuition. 

I will not succumb to external forces with my old thinking patterns, and create tension in my body. 

I will live in magic and enjoyment because I am a part of the energetic flow around me ~