Sunday, December 27, 2015


The Future Depends On How You Live In the NOW

You can have the intention to be happy in the future, but let's be honest for a moment; You cannot be there until you get there. 

If you want to create happiness for yourself and others, go for it! 

Don't be afraid to aim high, in fact, why not reach for the stars and enjoy the ride to the top??

If you ever catch yourself saying, 'but' or 'because', it may be an attached belief system that no longer serves you. In short, don't believe everything you say to yourself! 

Accept that throughout life's journey, everyone experiences some bumps on the road, and it's ok; That's what builds character. 

Think about it; When all is "quiet" nothing happens, stagnation, right? However, notice what happens when we go through difficulty, suddenly change is made possible. A lot of good comes out of It; struggle contributes to our growth and expansion of the mind. 

So instead of giving up or losing hope, you must stay on track faithfully, and pave the way to your unique path. 

You never know, good can show up in unexpected times and places...

* The more you treat others with kindness, love, and compassion, spreading goodness in every direction you go, the closer you'll get to the Light of God. 

* surround yourself with people who love you simply for being you, but who also never stop challenging you in order to bring out your best. 

Thank you for visiting, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. 

Love & Blessings
Yours Estee ❤️