Saturday, October 17, 2015


Why is it so valuable to learn how to be powerful communicators? 

We tend to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, and enjoy compatible relationships. 

The problem is that most of us do not invest enough thought before we begin interacting with others. 

We do no take full responsibility for the words that come out of our mouths, and then wonder why we don't get the results we hope to achieve.  

Our relationships end up suffering because others are not receiving our messages in a positive way. 

We do not fully realize  that communication is a delicate matter; The words we use can make or break our relationships - both business and personal.

That is why becoming more efficient with our communication is so critical: It enhances our efforts towards creating more harmonious relationships. 

When we become accustomed to using our best voice, (even under pressure), we have the ability to communicate information, ideas, and feelings more accurately; thereby increasing our effectiveness as leaders of our family or business.

Not only that, but we also minimize misunderstanding which makes us feel frustrated, anxious, and ultimately ends up hurting ourselves and others.

Communication is not only about the words we choose; Identifying non-verbal cues, which are also an essential part of human connection, can reduce the distance between different cultures, gender, age, etc. 

Imagine how the recipient will receive  what you are saying when you select the most appropriate words and tone of voice for each interaction?

Speaking coherently can increase our ability to make our point clearly, with tact and diplomacy.

Here are a some ways  to insure cultivating and supporting an open, clear line of communication: 

1) Keeping in mind our intention; What is it that we are trying to achieve, specifically. 

2) Having enough courtesy for other people's feelings will maintain our  communication friendly, open, and honest. 

3) Keeping others' viewpoint in mind, will make us more empathetic to their needs.

Good luck!