Friday, September 25, 2015


We were born to build, to create, not to sit around cross-legged, waiting for life to be submitted to us on a silver platter. 

Most of us were not fortunate to be born as princes's in some magical kingdom.

We came here to create Light from darkness, to create wholeness from the incomplete, whether it's our intimate relationships, work related or anything else. Every moment we get to choose; either way ...

We must internalize that because we are part of creation, the "children" of the Creator who created all that exists, we also have the ability to bring about a sustainable reality as we envision it to be. 

We are not puppets on strings, we're are not mindless robots. Although sometimes it may seems to be the case. 

We need to wake up to the realization that each of us is a powerful creator.

It may sound unreal, perhaps a bit farfetched. However, once we take the time to ponder on it a bit, we will find out that it is as real as it gets. 

In retrospect, we can see all of our achievements in life, who created them? That's right, we did!

Truth be said, it isn't easy adapting to this way of thinking, given the reality we live (what appears to us as reality), but it is not an  impossibility. 

With a great desire to make a positive change in our lives, as well as do our best to better the lives of others, anything can happen, but it depends only upon us.

We can breath life into  what we dream about! 

All we need is to acquire the necessary knowledge, have a vivid imagination and an open mind, as well as develop our curiosity and enthusiasm to reveal more; mainly discovering who we truly are and anything can be achievable! 

Do not be afraid; Dare to be boundless, believe that all the help you need is provided for you from up above; You are truly capable of anything your mind can conceive. 

How far will you go to succeed?