Monday, September 28, 2015


There are times we find ourselves in deep sadness or in what may seem as an uncontrollable lope of raging anger. 

There's something comforting about staying in these feelings; Somehow it gives us a false sense of security as if we have control over our lives. But is it really true? 

The questions we should keep asking ourselves at any given moment are: "Is this making me feel good? Is this how I want to live my life?"

"How are these thoughts in my head affecting me on a daily basis? Are they bringing any benefit to me or anybody around me? Am I getting ahead in life, or am I stuck in place?"

If it doesn't make you feel joy in your heart, if it doesn't contribute to your growth, then why do it? Is there an alternative? 

In order for us to create change and become the masters in our lives, we need to stay open and receptive to new knowledge; Instead of clinging to our old view dogma, we must consider other ways of seeing and understanding reality. 

Change is not about negotiating the level of discomfort we are willing to undergo. It is about realizing that it is the golden path to true happiness and inner peace. 

It is about finding a way to empower ourselves to discover the real and true person we are. 

What's shaping our thinking pattern and how can we change it?

It may seem like our reality is fixed but it isn't. It is our conditioning: everything we were exposed to. 

We gather information, form conclusions and go on to live our lives. 

"Master your mind, master your life: Just because you happen to have a thought doesn't make it true."

Our power lies in the way we relate/react to our circumstances: We must remember that we are the ones responsible for creating the content in our lives depending on the meaning we attach to all occurrences. 

1) Firstly, we must be willing to let go of what is holding us back. 

2) we must seek the information we need and be willing to make the necessary changes on our way to achieving our goals. 

3) we must create a vision to be able to live our dreams – identify our passion, erase the “tape” and create updated software, one that will serve us best. Stop entertaining disparaging thoughts and repeating that dialogue in our heads over and over.  

Why must we modify and create change? Because that's what we came here to do; Not to relieve recycled undesirable thoughts and emotions that are causing us nothing but misery.

Once we attain the necessary clarity and awareness we need, we'll gain the freedom to reshape our thought pattern and finally achieve inner peace. 

As if by magic, we will live purposefully; Improve and build long lasting, supportive and loving relationships, because that's what truly matters in life. 

We will be able to overcome challenges and and even resolve deep seeded issues that are stoping us from becoming who we want to be. 

We will finally stop dreaming and begin creating and manifesting the life we want to live by discovering our talents and harness them to better our lives.

Once we realize that the power to alter and change life as we know it, resides in the thoughts that are occupying our minds, we will be more equipped to intentionally CHOOSE what we rather experience in life