Thursday, September 10, 2015


We've all been hurt, wounded, at some point in our lives. Invariably, what causes the most "trouble" for us are the issues from our past, from our younger years, that were not properly dealt with.

We don't stay young forever, we grow up real fast and sometimes, under certain conditions, on our own.

The only way we can make it easier on ourselves is when we muster the courage to open ourselves up to be healed, so we can be whole again.

It's a conscious effort we have to make everyday, to forgive and love ourselves.

The things that have been burdening us lay very heavy on our hearts.
If we never pay attention to that sweet, innocent hurt child in us, we can never grew emotionally, we can not change our lives. 

If we continuously punish that little boy/girl subconsciously and or consciously, we will keep creating havoc in all that we do. 

How can we place value on our lives if we never felt loved, shown by example how to love or taught what love really is? 

It's no surprise when a series of situations "appear" on our doorstep that we're unequipped to handle. 

Instead of hating ourselves for all of our past mistakes; things we've said or done, because of what we've  gone through, why not love the child in us and nurture him back to health?

Find a baby picture of yourself. Look at the picture of that sweet, innocent child and ask yourself, Isn't he lovable? Doesn't he deserve to be loved and cared for? 

Of course he is! He deserves to be loved unconditionally and nurtured and cared for, protected and safe. 

It is your job to fulfill the needs of your inner child. Once you can look at that picture and see yourself, you can begin to see the truth. 

Now is the time to start the healing process. You can finally get rid of all those skeletons in your closet and be much more emotionally available to all of those who need and love you! 

Only you can do this work. No one can do it for you, nobody can wipe away all of your pain. You need to do it yourself or with the help of a professional. Non the less, it must be done. Otherwise, you're missing out on all the beauty in life! 

You must get yourself off of the hook. You must do this or you will never truly be free. 

Free yourself from any and all feelings of guilt; It's time to forgive yourself and others. 

Stop the "blame game" just take responsibility. Realize that whatever actions you took in the past, at that time, you've done the best that you could with what you knew and had.

It's ok! Those were times that you weren't fully aware of what you were doing. 

Perhaps, instead of beating yourself up, you need to pat yourself on the back! Look at the odds that were stacked against you! 

You defied the odds! You should be proud of yourself! Even if you've  made mistakes along the way, you're only human you know! 

Who doesn't do things that in retrospect they feel badly about? Cut yourself some slack! 

We were not meant to be perfect. Otherwise, what would be left for us to do here? 

We're suppose to take an imperfect situation and make it as perfect as we possibly can. Not more or less! 

It's time to grow up and take charge and put the past behind you once and for all... NO MORE FACES AND VOICES IN YOUR HEAD! Tell them to leave you alone and be gone!!!! 

It's time to LIVE!

It's time to make a new life for yourself and be that example that wasn't shown to you. 

Be a good friend to the people that want your friendship. Give of yourself emotionally! Take those risks. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you love that little boy/girl.

Be content just being YOU! Then watch your life really change. You will sleep soundly at last. You deserve to be free and loved. Loved for who you are!