Wednesday, September 16, 2015


For many people a lack of self-esteem, having no "security blanket" to protect them, can impede their progress in life.

It's an important source of intense emotion, a strength that gives us the confidence we need to get ahead.

There are many causes that can lead to low self-esteem, but ultimately the main reason stems from how we see ourselves; Who we believe we are.

Our biggest enemy is the criticizing voice within us, which is brought on by our own negative thinking. 

It seems as if this voice is always looking for every opportunity to attack and condemn us for all our wrong doings. 

This "enemy within" compare us to others by pointing out their performances and abilities, and goes on highlighting and exaggerating our shortcomings.

That is what causes us to undermine our value; We believe that were not good enough.

How we view ourselves comes from our way of thinking, which is often greatly influenced by what others have said or done to us in the past,  and we accepted it as truth.  

How can we feel good if we are constantly criticizing ourselves for everything that we do? 

Maybe we need to keep our attention 
on the other voice that's inside us, the one that supports, trusts and accepts us for who we are. 

We should be happy for being who we are, in spite of our flaws and imperfections.

In order to build our self confidence we must first be able to love and accept ourselves. 

We must be able to recognize all of our accomplishments and victories in life.

We must focus on what's right and good in us; There's no shortage, but we must see it in order to believe it. 

Believe that you have the right to love yourself by accepting your blessed existence; See yourself just as God sees you - a perfect being! 

The highest form of self worth is being able to share the love we have  for ourselves with others.