Friday, August 28, 2015


Sometimes our longing for love may cause a lack of response from our partners. They shut down in frustration, blaming themselves for not being able to make us happy. 

At times, when we attempt to talk about it, it only makes the challenge more difficult. 

We may feel that we're not receiving the love and care that we once had, and begin questioning if we made the right choice in our partner. 

When we feel that were not "important enough", we may begin to question our self worth and or become angry at our partners for not appreciating us.

These feelings and thoughts begin to fester within us and the pain becomes unbearable. The more time goes by without reaching a resolve, the angrier and more defeated we become. 

Our partners in turn, do not understand why we are so sad ..

We may begin to consider separation or even divorce ... but is it the best solution? 

Can we look at ourselves in the mirror and say: I've done everything I can to improve my relationship? 

Instead of allowing these feelings to destroy everything we've built so far, why not think about what WE can ACTIVELY do in order to change our situation?

What if instead of keeping myself busy thinking about how unhappy I am because my needs are not being met, I will focus first on sorting out the problem and only then decide whether to divorce or not?

What will happen if I put myself a goal to become my partners lover instead of just the person I'm sharing a home with?

What if we choose to make LOVING the biggest part of our daily lives?

What if I'll focus on what I really want, will I discover parts about myself that I wasn't aware existed?  

Decide right now to stop complaining, and begin to think creatively what can you ADD to the relationship in order to make it better. 

There's a lot more we can do if only we allow ourselves to think outside the
box ...