Saturday, August 8, 2015


All of life is energy vibrating in different frequencies. "Raise your vibrational frequency."

We live in energetic fields that hold wide-ranging vibrations. 

Everything around us is rapidly moving energy - nothing stays still. 

When a molecule - a unit of energy - is moving faster, the higher and lighter vibration it holds. Conversely, the slower it is, the heavier and denser the frequency becomes. 

What seems solid is actually in a denser frequency, because it's moving in a slower rate which makes it appear solid. 

Everything we're able to witness in this physical world, seems like solid objects. 

In reality, what we cannot see is the movement in these objects - this energy that never ceases to stay still.

The same goes for the human body - we are also made of molecules that hold varied energetic frequencies. 

Our state of mind -consciousness - which is responsible for how we FEEL at any given time, determines how fast or slow the energy moves in our bodies. 

Why is it important to fully understand the above? 

Our emotional world plays a critical part in our everyday lives. 

Anger, hate, resentment, sadness etc, hold low vibrational energy which can be detrimental to our very existence. 

That is why it's critical that we pay attention to our level of awareness and make sure to raise our frequency to a higher level in order to FEEL better. 

How do we do it? 

By focusing our energy on LOVE! By concentrating on all the positives in our lives and constantly reinforcing them.

Why do this? 

Because the quality of our lives is not contingent on how we feel, but more importantly on making a conscious effort choosing to be ok, in spite of the challenges put before us.