Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Would you like to heighten or increase your self awareness? 

How would it feel to have a better perception of yourself and the world around you? 

It won't cost more than a few minutes of your time.

Here's an exercise you can do in order to get to know yourself a little better...

In the evening, give yourself a few minutes, to think back and reflect upon your day. 

Take out a pen and a sheet of paper and divide the paper into two columns: the good occurrences that you had throughout the day, and the less desirable ones. 

Pick one to three incidents/experiences/feelings that you like to work on or resolve, and think about what you could have done (something that was in your control) that would possibly influence or change the situation to a more favorable outcome.

For example: you had a terrible fight with your spouse right before you left for work. Things got out of hand, you lost control and insulted your wife/mate. In retrospect, you wish you hadn't said or done that.

The purpose of this exercise is not to "turn back time", unfortunately we don't have the ability to do that.
What's done is done. 

We cannot undue the past, even if it happened a split second ago..

However, what we will gain, through introspection, is a wealth of knowledge about our environment, but mainly about ourselves.

Further more, this can also provide the insight as to whether or not we have hurt someone.

More importantly, it will give us the opportunity to remedy or correct things. 

We could all use a bit of fine tuning or "tweaking", now and then. We can always improve ourselves and become better bosses, parents, spouses, friends, etc.

You'll be the judge, and decide if it's worth looking into.